Five Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Couples? (and Giveaway)

Welcome to this week’s poll. As always I’ll choose one commenter from here and Facebook for a $5 giftcard, just as a thank you for participating. The results will run tomorrow on the Lady Scribes blog.

Now…what’s a “Guilty Pleasures” couple? It’s a couple from a favorite series you really would love to see together, even if it’s just for a little while–you know, a guilty pleasure!

Here are a few possibilities, or suggest a couple of your own!

— Rachel and Kisten. Hey, it’s paranormal. Al could have Kist hidden away somewhere in the Ever-After, just waiting for the right moment to spring him on his itchy witch. THAT would put a crimp in the Rachel-Trent bombshell I’m expecting to drop in the new book.

–DJ and Jean Lafitte. DJ and Alex are sexy together, but they’re polar opposites in personality. I’ve always said that if Alex had a true rival, it was not Jake or Rene or Rand. It’s the undead pirate, mais oui? What do you think?

–Sookie and Eric. I mean, I know Sam’s a safe choice. I know Eric is trouble on legs. I should just be grateful she didn’t end up with boring old Bill. Alcide turned out to be an asshat. Sookie treated Quinn so badly he should never look her way again. But Eric’s her perfect foil.

–Dresden and Murphy. Harry, Harry, Harry. Karin, Karin, Karin. Just do it already. Then you can angst and second-guess yourselves to death for four or five books.

–Neville and Hermione. I liked Ginny for Harry, but Ron and Hermione are a divorce waiting to happen. She is WAY too smart for him. Neville’s the quiet, strong one with a surprising amount of smarts. A slow bloomer, to be sure, but I think he’s a much better match for our favorite little witch.

How about you? Fancy Cat or Bones straying elsewhere? Kate or Curran? Who do you want to see together for at least a “happily for now?”

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21 thoughts on “Five Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Couples? (and Giveaway)

  1. I’ll go with Dresden and Murphy although I don’t think it’d last long term.

  2. Oh yes, for Harry and Murphy. I prefer them rather than Harry and Susan. Cat & Bones also Kate with Curran also my favorite. Another are Elena and Raphael (but well, they are already have their HEA)

  3. DJ and Jean definitively^^ or jane yellowrock and derek lee ( really a better choice than leo or rick or bruiser)

  4. Neville and Luna forever! I’d also like to see Rachel and Ivy from The Hollows get together, honestly…they make each other better people and I really want to see more non-het relationships treated as normal in mainstream books.

  5. Mine was always Tybalt and Toby from Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye series, and now that it happened in the series I am left without a guilty pleasure couple!

  6. Hmm now to think of all those love triangles with the wrong ending. Of course I can’t think of any. But I want Secret McQueen to end up with a vampire instead of a werewolf. I want Acheron with a much more kick ass heroine than he ended up with. What would have happened if Bella did not choose Edward but the werewolf. And I want JD Robb’s Roarke choose me 😉

  7. Cassie & Pritkin! But I agree with some above also; DJ & Jean Lafitte; Mercy & Sam; Stephanie & Ranger; Jane & Eli. Glad Toby & Tybalt are together also. 🙂

  8. Hmm, it’s never crossed my mind about Neville and Hermione being together. Though I still say Ron was the man for her!!! I vote for Sookie and Eric.

  9. I have to agree with Veronica, a true guilty pleasure couple would be Vishous and Butch O’Neal. Most of my other couples have ended up with who I wanted or hopefully about to(Rachel and Trent).