Scene Snippet Sunday: Allegiance (Penton 4) and Weekly Winners

It’s scene-snippet time! Today, I have a snippet from Allegiance (Penton #4), which will be out on June 10. Thanks to everyone who’s preordered. Publishers (and authors) really appreciate that!

A little setup. Allegiance takes place over a ten-day period that falls three months after the events of Omega. Cage Reynolds has been in London for most of that three months, but at Aidan’s request is returning to Penton. He hopes to stay permanently, if he can get things resolved with Melissa Calvert. Of course, Mel’s the one who picks him up at the airport in Atlanta, and this scene snippet takes place on their 3 a.m. drive back to Penton….

They’d moved out of suburban traffic, and the interstate highway stretched before them like a gray ribbon illuminated by the sedan’s headlights. The dark outlines of pine forests buffeted each side of the highway, deserted at 2:30 a.m. except for the occasional big-rig truck hightailing it toward Montgomery and points west.

The headlights’ high beams caught a flash of white in the woods to their right, and then a second flash.

Cage leaned forward. “What the hell was that?”

Mel hit a switch on the driver’s-side door, and all the locks clicked shut. “Open the glove box. Mirren sent you a present.”

Cage opened the compartment cautiously—the big Scotsman distrusted him on a number of levels. One, Mirren had been a Scottish Gallowglass warrior living in Ireland when he was turned vampire four centuries earlier, and he considered Englishmen high on the satanic scale. Two, Cage had been the newest, and thus least trusted, of Aidan’s lieutenants in Penton. And three, Cage had been, in Mirren’s colorful phraseology, a “f*****ng brain-shrinker.” Never mind that he hadn’t shrunk a brain professionally in decades.

On the other hand, Mirren Kincaid would be any psychiatrist’s dream study—except Cage figured there was a high probability at any given moment that the oversized oaf would wield his circa-1600 sword and start lopping off heads, starting with the brain-shrinker’s.

So he stuck his fingers in the compartment with a delicate touch lest something cut, latch onto, or bite them. Instead, they brushed across the cold, polished steel of a shape he recognized: a Colt .45 semiautomatic, both Mirren’s and Aidan’s weapon of choice. He approved; the gun was big and heavy, and it fit well in a man’s hand.

Not comforting that he needed a weapon for a ninety-minute automobile ride, however. “So, what exactly did I see in the woods out there?”


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