Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

How long has it been since we had a scene-snippet? Too long! Today, I have a snip from the very beginning of Allegiance, the prologue, with our favorite guy to hate, Matthias-the-Evil-Vampire-Dad. I like the rhythm of the language in this section. In fact, the “Bookmark of the Month” feature from the new newsletter will be bookmarks built around favorite phrases from my books.

Allegiance takes place three months after the end of Omega, and during that time, ole Matthias has been locked up in his own silver-lined cell beneath his house. The one he held Mirren prisoner in at the beginning of Absolution. His execution is scheduled for the day after this scene takes place, and he’s not dealing well with his impending beheading…..


Movement from above. Unfamiliar voices. The dreams always began this way.

            A shaft of light would pierce the darkness. Heavy boots would descend the steps. The gleam of a sharpened sword would rivet his attention until his gaze rose to the face of the man who bore it. The Slayer, Mirren Kincaid. The man who’d come to kill him.

            In the dream, Matthias Ludlam always met his final moments not with brave defiance but with humiliation, pleading for mercy from the man whose life he’d tried to destroy.

            Each day at dusk, as Matthias came out of another daysleep, the dream would reach the same end. Kincaid would smile, and the blade would fall.

            He had spent the past three months thinking of little else. Tonight, finally, could be the night the dream became real. The muffled thumps that drifted down from above were real enough, sounding as if an army were marching heavy jackboots across Matthias’s kitchen at the top of the stairs. His meticulous marking of time on the wall of his cell told him he still had one day before his execution, and he felt absurdly resentful that they’d even rob him of an extra day in which to brood about his fate.

            His sluggish vampire heart sped up at the sound of keys rattling in the locked door at the top of the stairs. Every two weeks, always on a Wednesday, a silent brute of a vampire guard would accompany a human in and allow Matthias to feed—enough to keep him conscious and aware of his surroundings, but never enough to satisfy. Never enough to kill the gnawing hunger that burned his gut and further frayed his nerves.

            But today was not Wednesday, nor was it his week to feed.

Hm…what’s up with ole Matthias? May he rest in pieces.
Now, did you win a book this week? If you see your name, you know the drill: please email me at to claim your prize. Also, if you didn’t check, scroll back through the last three blog posts here; I announced about three weeks’ worth of winners earlier in the week.
ROGER won the $5 Amazon (or B&N) gift card for participating in this week’s poll–and had the poll’s only Book Girlfriends!
VERONICA R won her choice of either book in the Cowboy and the Vampire series. Digital is better if you’re okay with a Kindle, but we can do print if you need it.
BETHANY C won this week’s Reader’s Choice, and selected The Pilgrims.
I don’t say this nearly enough, but THANK YOU to all of you for reading this blog and taking time to comment! Come back tomorrow for a HUGE Reader’s Choice selection. I think there’s about thirty of them!
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4 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Congrats to all the winners. Yes, it has been awhile for a snippet. Now I shouldn’t read anything into the prologue but it makes me wonder if Matthias ends up in pieces or not. Teaser, teaser.

  2. Congrats to the winners… yes it was long since we got a snippet but at teh same time it makes us savour them even more;)
    thank you for sharing so much with us!