#Vampire Counseling? Will Ludlam on The Character Couch (and #Win!)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting author Tracy Tappan here on the blog. And YOU, dear readers, had the chance to vote one of my Penton couples onto The Character Couch, where Tracy’s character Regan, a family and marriage counselor, will help them work out some issues. Edging out Mirren, any counselor’s dreamboat, were Will and Randa.

If you’ve read Omega (or any of the Penton books), you know Will and Randa have issues! But you might be surprised at how their counseling session went.

Today, you can hop over to Tracy’s website, The Character Couch, and read to win! Tracy is offering the first four commenters a $10 Amazon gift card (your comment has to reflect that you read the post), and you can win some swag during the month for a comment even if you’re not among the first four.

At the end of the month, I’ll choose one commenter for a $25 Amazon GC (or Book Depo equivalent).

It’s a really fun read–I swear, Tracy NAILED Will and Randa, so it’s like reading a really fun short story set in the Penton world. Go to it!

Come back tomorrow for Reader’s Choice and last week’s winners.

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3 thoughts on “#Vampire Counseling? Will Ludlam on The Character Couch (and #Win!)

  1. wonderful! i couldn’t comment she it requires facebook bute that what i would have said:
    hum i don’t thinkl Will would come back if something major doesn’t happen… he isn’t secure enough to come speaking about himself… now for Randa^^ she should definitively speak with her father, i didn’t know she ressembled her mother but knowing that i understand her a lot better

    ^^ and she did catch will attention with the white flash^^

    thank you for this great moment

  2. I enjoyed reading it Susannah, I would love to see such a therapist, a female Albert Einstein and I want to know what she gave them to drink!

  3. I don’t participate with Facebook, but I loved the session with Will and Randa. Definitely need to get Will back there for his session. Hope there is a part 2.