Weekly Poll: Make Me Cry for a GC

Crying babyYep, it’s time for the weekly poll! You’ll be entered for a $5 gift card to Amazon or other retailer of choice (or equivalent in msde from Book Depo) for participating. Also, on Sunday I will be announcing three weeks’ worth of winners because, yes, I’m that far behind. I swear, Pirate’s Alley almost killed me.

Speaking of pirates, let’s talk about books that make us cry (yeah, kind of a non-sequitur). Now, I’m not much of a crying kinda girl as a general rule. I think the first and maybe only time a paranormal book has made me sniffle outside of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, whichCrying baby has happened on multiple occasions, is one of the early Mercy Thompson books when something so horrendous happens to her, and Adam’s response, and Mercy’s coyote’s fear, and…sniffle.

Anyway, so I sure don’t generally tear up at my own books when I’m writing them. Well, okay, I had a sniffle during an emotional scene in Redemption. I frequently make myself laugh, which is just so pathetic that if I had a lick of sense I wouldn’t admit it.

Yet, there I was, writing Pirate’s Alley, and darn if two different scenes didn’t bring me to tears. One of them at the hands of Alex Warin, and the other at the hands of Jean Lafitte. Alex, in the last scene of the book, and Jean, when he finally, finally, FINALLY tells DJ how he feels about her, and why. Damn that pirate and that shifter. I hadn’t planned either one of those scenes to turn out the way they did.

So cripes. Either those scenes were REALLY emotional or I could’ve just been exhausted. LOL.

But it made me start thinking about emotional scenes in books. So that’s this week’s question: What’s a scene you recall that really made an emotional impact on you–maybe you didn’t actually cry but wanted to. Might be in a recent book or something you read a while back, like my Mercy Thompson scene, that hit you so profoundly that it stuck with you?

I’ll compile answers and feature some of them tomorrow on the Lady Scribes blog.

So…make me cry!

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Make Me Cry for a GC

  1. the one that really had me cry rivers and be a total wreck so that my mother had to take the book from me so i could try to breath properly again was ” a mermaid’s kiss” it’s really emotional but the final confrontation and teh angst ( it does have a hea^^ but you seriously doubt it for a moment) i couldn’t breath among the tears really that worse

    the mercy thompson one… yes that’s also one that emotioanlly impacted me and i did cry but i don’t know it was as strong and at the same time totally different than the mermaid’s kiss one….perhaps because with mercy it’s suffering not lost it’s as profound but different ( hard to explain sorry)

    i can’t wait to read those scene escpecially Jean’s i’m sure i will cry too^^

  2. There is a death scene in Limits of Power, by Elizabeth Moon, that had me hiding in the bathroom, sobbing. It was one of my favorite minor characters, and his death was perfect for who and what the character was, but it broke my heart. If he had to go (and I guess he did), this was the perfect death scene, but still…

    • I hate it when that happens….I’m trying to remember if I cried when Kisten died in the Hollows series. It was sort of like that–right for the story, but oh, how sad I was..and am. Don’t remember if I cried, though. I remember my mouth hanging open, then re-reading the section three or four times, hoping I’d misunderstood, then getting angry. There’s still a tiny shred of hope deep in my dinosaur brain that says, “Bring him back, Kim.”

      • It was hard to cry with Kisten. For awhile I thought I’d missed a book, because of the way she started the next one. I did cry when Rachel found out what happened, though.

  3. In the Harry Potter book, the death of free elf, Dobby, made me so sad and tearful. It was so unexpected, just like death can be.

  4. I HAVE written a scene that made me cry–shocked myself, even! But the last time I remember actually crying a river from a book I was reading was when I read New Moon. I was Bella and Edward was saying all those things to me and then he left. I bawled! Yeah, I’m a wimp.

    • You know, I wasn’t a huge Twilight fan because the writing wasn’t very strong and that bothered me, but it’s a great example of rich characters and emotions. I mean, I read them all back to back because I had to know what happened. 🙂

  5. I cried during that Mercy Thompson scene too. But the last book I read that made me cry was Forever Odd by Dean Koontz. It’s pretty emotional, especially the ending.

  6. I cried when Kisten died. Through the entire book, I was waiting to read Rachel was dreaming or spelled in the ever after. Was a painful book to read. New Moon made me sob. 🙁

  7. Kristan Higgin’s Catch of the Day made me BAWL. The heroine’s old dog dies in his sleep & I lost it.

    • OMG, I didn’t think about pets. “Marley and Me” made me sob. And laugh a lot, but definitely sob. I couldn’t read Catch of the Day, not with two 15-year-old dogs snoring downstairs.

  8. I’ve never read a book that made me cry but I have to say that Dobby’s death in the Harry Potter series came the closest.

  9. There was a book I read when I was in high school where the heroine had a brother who had died in a car accident prior to the book, but his ghost had been hanging out in their basement. There is a scene toward the end of the book where something happens and she realizes his ghost will truly be gone when she gets home and she’ll never see him again, and I sobbed buckets of tears.

  10. There’s this scene in Outpost by Ann Aguirre where people are trying to make Deuce, the lead character conform to their rules, and one character tells her: ‘Don’t let them take your spark, girl.’

    That made me cry.
    I also cry at sad scenes and happy endings. Yeah… I’m a crypiggy

    • i do cry at happy ending too sometimes^^;; ( i mean i saw the spot they did during the big sport even in the USA with the puppy and the horses and i was crying like mad even if it’s just terribly cute^^) really over emotial sometimes but i tried to think about bigger tears crisis for this one^^

  11. I don’t really cry much when it comes to books, internally yes but not externally…
    But Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was an exception.

  12. Most recently, the ending of Allegiant had me a sobbing snotty mess. I got a bit teary-eyed with Horde by Ann Aguirre. And of course I cried at least once during each of the last 4 Harry Potters (mostly during character deaths, as you can imagine). THE SCENE IN THE FOREST at the end of Deathly Hallows. SERIOUSLY if you don’t cry at that I think you should get your tear ducts examined.

  13. Maybe I’m just easy, but I have cried for a lot of books! Definitely Kisten and Dobby (also Hedwig and Snape). Any Kristan Higgins book has at least one scene where I bawl like a baby and cannot stop until the HEA.

    I will say most of the ones that stuck with me have been in the Mercy Thompson series! I love her writing so much. Here’s trying to get my point across without spoilers…Peter – sob. The scene you mentioned (while that is one of the worst things to happen to her, it is my favorite book of the series). Stefan’s sheep. After Kyle finds out everything. I could probably go on & on.

  14. I don’t really cry when reading books, but J K Rowling has this knack of making me blub like a baby every single time I read the Harry Potter books!! Even re reading them makes me tear up again!