Difficult Choices with Sabrina Benulis and Giveaway

First, a quick note. I’d signed up to be one of the blogs doing a reveal of the new Ilona Andrews book today, but unfortunately the publisher isn’t sending them until mid-morning and they have to be posted at 1 p.m. CDT……when I should be somewhere near the Alabama-Mississippi state line, headed for New Orleans. I don’t have enough confidence in my posting abilities to try and do a post by phone while sitting on the side of the interstate as 18-wheelers whiz past, so I’ve scheduled another little announcement-type post to go live midday. And I shall say no more 🙂

Now….Today, please join me in welcoming author Sabrina Benulis to the site.  Sabrina is stopping by today as part of her virtual book tour celebrating the release of her latest book, CovenantCovenant is being released today, April 1,  is published by Harper Voyager, and is the second book in Sabrina’s The Books of Raziel series.

Sabrina Benulis graduated with a master’s in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University. She currently resides in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband, Mike, and her spoiled cockatiel, Caesar. COVENANT is the follow-up to ARCHON, her first novel.  You can learn more about Sabrina by visiting her website, on facebook or by following her on twitter.

Covenant pbABOUT COVENANT:  The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues-a mesmerizing work of the paranormal in which a young woman discovers that she is caught in a labyrinth of intrigue where angels, demons, and all the creatures between Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to possess her. A year ago, Angela Mathers, a talented artist with a tortured soul, enrolled at the Westwood Academy and encountered the angels who haunted her dreams. Then she discovered the dark truth … she is the Archon, a being of supreme power who will determine the fate of the universe. But with such power comes great danger, and for every force seeking to aid Angela there is another burning to stop her. After a scheming demon kidnaps the Book of Raziel, Angela must find her way through a nightmarish game and enter the Door to Hell to rescue her only friend before it is too late. The perilous fate of both Heaven and Hell rests on her success.

And now, let’s hear from Sabrina…

Friends Over Lovers?

            It’s such a hotly debated topic, and everyone has an opinion with a solid reason behind it. When the going gets tough and heaven forbid you have to choose between two important people in your life for some terrible reason, who do you choose and why? Your best friend, perhaps? Or the lover who would do anything for you?

            Angela Mathers is eventually faced with this same choice in my novel Covenant. When her best friend Sophia is kidnapped by a demon and taken hostage in the murky depths of Hell, Angela races after her against the odds. But on the journey she also runs once again into a man–actually a half-Jinn–she finds it hard to resist. He won’t stop her from saving Sophia, but he’s confused about Angela’s feelings, and certainly jealous, and eventually the question emerges: “Angela, do you care about her in the same way you care about me?” and more tempting still (which makes sense since she’s in Hell after all), “Why can’t we just be together happily?”

            What a dilemma. Besides, love is such a many-faceted thing, and it’sBenulis Sabrina ap1 never right when someone has to choose between one person and another. More than once, Angela is tempted to forget her mission and dream in the arms of her former lover yet again. That would be the easy way out, of course.

            Here’s a common scenario I’m sure anyone can commiserate with: sometimes you’ll have friends throughout your life who choose their lovers over spending time with you. Eventually, inevitably, the two of you drift apart. Sure, you don’t mind that they love their partners and want to spend time with them. But when the excuses roll in every time you just want to talk, it’s only a matter of time until your and your friend’s relationship dies.

            Yet on the other side of the spectrum, you might meet people who walk all over their significant others, casting them aside as soon as someone perhaps more attractive comes along. In that case, partners are toys and nothing more, and seeing that might make you just as mad.

            But what about the in-between circumstances? I’m referring to instances when it seems difficult to make either person one hundred percent happy and satisfied.

            So what would you do if you were faced with an unfair decision? Would it be your lover over your friend, or vice versa?

            And what in the world would you do if neither choice felt fair?

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Thanks, Sabrina! What say you, guys? I’ve definitely been on that “no longer have time for you” friend thing, and it hurts. Yet I’m not sure what I’d choose. I mean ideally, your lover is also your best friend, right? Just a different kind of friend.  I’m looking forward to reading the comments here.  So think about it.  What would you do?

As part of Sabrina’s virtual book tour, she is giving away three print copies of Archon, Book 1 in The Books of Raziel series.  The tour giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.  If you would like to be entered for your chance to win a copy of Archon, leave a comment and then enter below!

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13 thoughts on “Difficult Choices with Sabrina Benulis and Giveaway

  1. i don’t know really ta the moment no lover on sight so friend without a doubt and ido hope i would be able to keep those frioendship no matter what but if my soulmate is on teh other side of teh equation…. it become impossible to choose

  2. Since my boyfriend and were friends first I’d choose him over a friend. Fortunately I’ve known most of my friends for years and we’ve managed to balance time for each other with relationships.

    • Hello Sandy 🙂 It’s always great when you have friends who understand what it means to balance time with you and their significant other huh? Such a blessing.

  3. I think most have done this in a relationship.. My friends have done it too but if your friendship is strong enough It’s not a problem

  4. Your lover should be your best friend. But some of my best friends know despite our busy schedules, I still think of them, even if getting together sometimes appears impossible.

    • Hi, Liz! yeah, that’s what stinks about getting older. So many more things to worry about. Usually I get to see my friends every other month–if I’m lucky, once a month! Especially now that some of them have families, etc.

  5. That’s a tough choice. I guess it would depend on the relationship. Me and my hubby are the best of friends and although I love my best friend the love for my hubby is deeper and stronger so I’d always chose him.

  6. This is a very tough question. I would chose my friend but he/she has to be worth fighting for. Of course, with a lover, he could be my new BFF. It would definitely be based on what circumstances that I’m facing at that moment.