Listening to the Voices (Muses) in Our Heads with V.S. Nelson and Win a Book

Today, please join me in welcoming author V.S. Nelson to Preternatura.  V is stopping by today to talk about her upcoming release, Eternal Tuat.  Eternal Tuat (pronounced To’et) is scheduled to be available on May 1 and is the fourth book in her Sekmet’s Guardians series.

With a love for history, Native American author V.S. Nelson, instructed elementary, high school and college in the U.S. and abroad before launching her second writing career.  V has been a story-teller all her life, always creating stories about people discovering the courage to make a difference. This drove her into writing her paranormal series centering on strong relationships and led her to coin the term: Ancient Legends, New Worlds.  She is well known for her “time management and sprint style writing,” producing well over five thousand words daily – consecutively.  V is available for speaking engagements, appearances and is more than willing to share her methodology with others in a variety of workshops. A member of three RWA chapters she sits on several committees and judges writing contests across the states.  You can learn more about V by visiting her website, her blog, on facebook or by following her on twitter.


ABOUT ETERNAL TUAT:  Bagsu, his name alone strikes fear in the Guardian Nation.  What can cause one twin, destined to take his father’s place as a priest turn evil and lead a crusade to dominate the human race while the other fights to save mankind? Finally, secrets are revealed when Bagsu leads us back in time to the land of New Tuat. Experience first hand what really happened to Bagsu and Gabriel long before they became immortal, when twin brothers were the best of friends.  I’m sure you will find it quite interesting considering it is the first of the two historicals planned for this series.

And now, let’s hear from V…

Sometimes I Wish They Would Just Shut Up

By V.S. Nelson

Seriously, there are times I wish the voices in my head (or muses) would shut up, especially when they all decide to talk at once or clamor for top position in my time. Sometimes it’s like having a household of children, ages 2-6, tugging on my skirt tail. There never seems to be enough time or words to satisfy everyone. This one wants that, the other wants this… and such is the life of a very active author.

Like most writers, I love the muses who infiltrate my mind with a story I mecan’t refuse to write, but then there are times when it gets to be a bit over whelming.

This past month I’ve been fighting with a coughing bug that I can’t seem to win the battle over, but like the die hard I am, I continue to push myself to my limits while they continue to fight over whose story I am going to work on.

Today was one of those days; Michael wants me to work on his story as does Poseidon as does Susan… while all I wanted was to go back to bed. So this is their punishment, I’m not writing a thing until I get this out of my head. Perhaps they will have a little more respect for me when they read this.

When I finally opened the door to Gabriel, the leader of Sekhmet’s Guardian’s and saw him in all his glory how could I refuse to hear him out. Originally, I thought if I took the time to write his story, he would shut up and go away. To my surprise, it didn’t work. He introduced me to a whole cast of characters and so an eleven book series was born. He’s left no promises if the series will end there. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

While I was finishing up the edits on Eternal Lovers, book one in the above mentioned series, I was asked to write a Valentine’s Day shorty for an anthology about Cupid. I really didn’t think I had the time or know what I would write about until one day when I stepped out of the shower and this story about Cupid hiding out in the circus pops into my head. My response was something like, “you’ve got to be kidding me?” I wrote out the story in one sitting just to be done with it… or so I thought. Little did I know, that little novella would open the door to more characters and another full sized series was born.

Three books in my paranormal series, Sekhmet’s Guardians were published in 2013 totaling around 1500 pages in addition to the novella Cupid and Penelope. Getting ready to meet the 2014 publication dates, I continued to work on three books for the paranormal series and four for the Urban Fantasy, Greek Gods series in addition to three other non-related books whose heroes and heroines managed to find there way to that open door in my mind.

I may complain and beg for a little peace of mind but I often wonder where I would be if they all packed their bags and disappeared. I’m pretty sure I would go through a major empty nest syndrome like any mother whose children have all left home. As much as I complain, I’m also very happy to have them around. They do keep me on my toes and life as I once new it, is never a dull moment.

Thanks, V.  I think that all writers suffer from those voices or muses in our heads, trying to pull us in so many different directions and sometimes, making meeting deadlines more than a challenge.  What do you think?   V will gladly send a copy of Eternal Tuat to one lucky commenter. Please be sure to leave your email address so she may contact you for shipping arrangements.



6 thoughts on “Listening to the Voices (Muses) in Our Heads with V.S. Nelson and Win a Book

  1. Wow! So many characters must be exhausting, but we the readers sure do benefit from all your hard work!

  2. Yikes! I hope you have finally kicked that coughing bug and feel better! I haven’t yet read your series, but am adding them to my TBR right now because they sound right up my alley! 🙂 I am envious of writers and their muses and the ability to write. I often have an idea or two, but they never make it to paper because once I try to write even the idea down, it escapes me! thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I love the the bad twin and good twin concept in the story. Makes a very interesting read.

  4. I really need to read this series! I really hope that you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing!