Not in Real Life with Isabo Kelly and Win a Book

Please join me in welcoming author Isabo Kelly to Preternatura. Isabo is stopping by today to celebrate the release of her latest book, The Darkness of Glengowyn (Fire and Tears). The Darkness of Glengowyn is being released today, April 29th, by Samhain Publishing and is the second book in her Fire and Tears series.

Award winning author Isabo Kelly has a gypsy soul, which she’s indulged wholeheartedly over the years, living in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Germany, Ireland and New York. There’s no telling were she might end up next (though Italy keeps coming up in conversation). After finishing her Ph.D. in Zoology in Ireland, she buckled down to concentrate on writing. She’s published numerous science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance novels, short stories and novellas. Her work has been short-listed for many awards, and reviewers have used words such as fast-paced, passionate, emotion-filled, adventurous, and page-turning to describe her stories. Isabo currently lives in New York City with her brilliant Irish husband, her two sons and her mad dog. You can learn more about Isabo by visiting her website,  on Facebook  and by following her on Twitter.

DarknessOfGlengowyn-The72lgABOUT The Darkness of Glengowyn (Fire and Tears): They’ll risk forever death for one last chance together… Nuala of Glengowyn hasn’t left her home city in over a century, but not by choice. Her skill as a weapons master has made her a prisoner of her people. Held apart, protected in the extreme—until Sorcerers attack the human city of Sinnale. Sent to supply her unique magical arrows to help the humans, she is far from free. The elf king and queen have sent a bodyguard, a fearsome warrior whose reputation has no rival. The only man she has ever wanted. Einar of Glengowyn. Einar is known as a battle-crazed destroyer, so feared among elves he’s called by a single name: Darkness. And he has only one weakness—Nuala. Their union is forbidden, for melding their magics could destroy Nuala’s gifts. Yet as they journey to the war-torn city, no royal decree is a match for two hundred years of pent-up desire. But even if they escape the war zone, their lives still hang in the balance. They must confront their sovereigns and prove love makes them stronger—or face their deaths.

Warning: This book contains a deadly elf hero, a heroine who’s his match, a lot of sexy misbehaving, some hard language, racing through the streets, owls, arrows, evil Sorcerers, wicked minions, and a very dangerous elf king and queen.

And now, let’s hear from Isabo…

Not in real life, please, but hell yes in my fiction!

Thanks for having me at Preternatura, Suzanne!

I’m relatively new to actual series writing. Which is kind of strange since I write fantasy and science fiction romance and just about every story I’ve ever published could easily lead into a series. I love to world-build. So much so that books I intend to be stand alones are usually in complicated enough worlds that they can easily accommodate more books.

Back in the day, I did publish two fantasy romance books that are in the same world—THIEF’S DESIRE and DESTINY’S SEDUCTION. But only recently have I started taking advantage of some of my stand alone titles to expand into more books. I’ve done this with my science fiction romance series, The Naravan Chronicles. And as of today, I’m officially launching the second book in my fantasy romance series Fire and Tears.

The Fire and Tears series, though written in a made up world full of humans, elves, and magic, will really appeal to paranormal romance readers. I’ve always preferred epic fantasy written in a more colloquial, modern voice and so that’s what I do. This series is gritty and dark, full of passion and adventure, set in a war-torn city where survival is constantly in question and capture by the enemy could mean things worse than death. In the midst of this, how do you find love? How can love survive?

Now, most of us would agree we’d rather live in a time of world peace withisabo kelly no wars or death or famine or fighting or… Well, you know, world peace. But secretly, the writer in me (and I’m ashamed to admit this because I really do want world peace) thinks the backdrop of a war is a pretty cool place to tell a story. I know, I know. But think about it, war tests people’s characters in a way that few other things ever will. And what is fiction if not the test of a person’s character amid conflict?

So just like so much about fiction, while I wouldn’t want it to happen in real life, being able to use it in my novels is really fun. In the Fire and Tears series, a group of Sorcerers has invaded the human city Sinnale and, when the series starts, has been occupying a large part of the city for two years. The humans need elf weapons to combat magic, but the neighboring elf city Glengowyn has decided to remain neutral in the “human” fight and so stopped trading in those weapons. Leaving the humans in a world of trouble. Then a group of elves decides to join the war—on the Sorcerers’ side.

Oh the complications!

Originally, I wrote the first book BRIGHTARROW BURNING to be a stand alone (as I am wont to do) and the war placed my hero and heroine on opposite sides of the conflict, thereby raising lots of trust issues (she’s human, he’s an elf, and his brother is one of the traitors!). But almost as soon as I turned that novella in, I realized there was so much room to write in this world, so many potential stories to tell.

So I’ve gone ahead and told two of those stories, both of which are out this year. THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN is out now and the third book, WARRIOR’S DAWN, releases July 29th.

While the series is dark, there is a lot of passion involved. Oh and a pheromone the elves produce during sex that is addictive to humans and can cause some complications even for elf couples. More conflict! Yay!

I hope readers will enjoy this world as much as I do (even if they wouldn’t really want to face Sorcerers on the opposite side of a war!) Happy reading, all!

So a question for everyone: what’s something you love reading about in your fiction but would really, really not want to happen in real life (zombie apocalypse anyone!?)?

You can purchase a copy of The Darkness of Glengowyn by clicking on one of the following:

Thanks, Isabo. What an interesting question. I’m looking forward to reading the responses; mine would be a hurricane because, well, been there done that. If you would like to be entered for a chance to win an e-copy of The Darkness of Glengowyn, leave a comment with your answer to Isabo’s question.

34 thoughts on “Not in Real Life with Isabo Kelly and Win a Book

  1. Isabo, I love your work! Can’t wait to read the new book. I’m like you…I write about some horrible situations sometimes even though I’m a peace loving person, too. I think we write about these things because we love to see love and “good” win in the end. 🙂 That’s my theory anyway! Keep on writing those great books!

    • Hi Denise! Thanks! I think you’re right, when we control the bad in our fiction we get to make sure it all turns out right and the good guys win. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading zombie books but I wouldn’t want to run into one in real life. That goes for most supernatural creatures.

  3. I like seeing environmental degradation in fiction, as an indication of what can go wrong if we mess up too much, but I don’t actually want things to go wrong (though we are kinda watching it happen it seems!).

    • I know, Dave, right! It’s a little scary that we can’t actually leave this planet to live anywhere else and yet we seem determined to make the planet uninhabitable for humans (and everything else but cockroaches and NYC mice and rats). Bit scary that.

  4. Great article! I know what you mean about starting out with a stand alone book that morphs into a series. I had ideas of writing one thing, then when I get started, the characters take control. Or seemingly so 😉

    What have I enjoyed reading about but not want to happen in real life . . . probably psychological thrillers of some kind. Mess with my head in fiction, but don’t do it in real life! I read Dean Koontz’s Intensity years ago. Freaked me out. The story of a young woman staying with her BFF in her family’s home on a college break. The house is broken into and the family killed. She’s spared only because the killer didn’t know the guest room was occupied. She woman tries running away, hiding in the family’s RV (as they’re going camping the next day and the vehicle is in the driveway waiting to go), but what ends up happening is the killer steals the vehicle, with her inside it! He gets in, she’s in back, and the story takes off with them. She tries finding ways to get out of the RV and fails. Kept me on the edge of my seat, but I’d not like being in that situation. I still won’t go into RVs on my own. {cringe}

    Koontz is good for putting his protagonists into situations I don’t like, usually in tight, dark places, and I’m like “Just don’t do it!” But you know they do. A character has a choice of escape routes . . . over open ground or through the cave/dark tunnel. You *know* Koontz is going to put the character into the dark place! Every. Single. Time {sigh}

    Good luck with The Darkness of Glengowyn, and the series.

    • I remember you telling me about that book. I didn’t even have to read it for it to freak me out. Yeah, the psychological stuff is better in fiction too. Thanks for the good luck with the series!

  5. Conflict between good & evil – involving lots of magic (of course good wins in the end) but I’d definitely wouldn’t want to get caught in a mage war

  6. That’s a good one, Linda. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a real life mage war either–especially since I don’t have any magical powers!

  7. I’d say I wouldn’t want to live in an alternate world where things are really rough, such as the magic apocalypse in Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels books.

  8. Definitely the zombie apocalypse or the emergence of supernatural creatures like Godzilla 🙂 Congrats on the new release! I’m definitely running over to check this series out!

    • Godzilla! Great one, Erin. I keep seeing those new Godzilla commercials and thinking that looks a little too spooky for me. 🙂 Thanks on the congrats!

  9. I love reading vampire romance, but I really don’t want to be breakfast for one of them. Great guestpost, thank you, adding your books to my wishlist!

    • Yeah, BN100, I can’t help but think real life vampires wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to meet as their fictional counterparts!

  10. I’ve been stuck in BORING meetings all day (can you say “i-modules for database management?” Shoot me now. Thanks, Isabo, for being here to day, and to everyone for all the comments. Carry on!

  11. Any kind of apocalyptic setting, whether is be war or disease or magic or zombies, creates great dynamics plot and characters, but I don’t want to live through them! Looking forward to reading this story.

  12. having to choose between saving only one of two important persons to me… i really don’t want this kind of responsability in real life.

    I love your idea of books ( elves being a roleplaying gamer they are hard to resist in all they kinds) so far there will be 3 books as i understood but how many are you planning in total?

    • Oh yeah, Miki, that one would be a nightmare! (I can’t watch Sophie’s Choice!) I’m not even sure I can read that story line much because if I think about it too closely I’ll go nuts.

      I’m glad the books sound good to you! (Yay on RPG elves!) I have a fourth book in the works–mostly planning stage at the moment–and hope to write a few more in the series. I’ve got ideas for another two books after the fourth, and I can see writing more in this world. It’s really rich for good stories.

    • Oh that’s a great one, Debrag! I’m with you. I have a friend who loves ghosts and goes out of her way to visit ghosty places. I purposely put up psychic walls so I never even have to sense the bloody things! LOL Nope, no ghosts for me.

  13. Oh definitely zombie apocalypse! I read those a lot and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive one. 🙂

    • Same! You want to think you’d survive, but I’m pretty sure I’m tougher in my head than I would be in real life against a real zombie. This is why I write 🙂

  14. Just wanted to thank everyone who visited with me yesterday. And thanks again for hosting me, Suzanne! I forgot to say, I’m with you on hurricanes! I’ve had to live through three already. I’d like to be done with that. Thanks again! This was great fun.

  15. I really love zombies and dystopias…obviously I wouldn’t want those happening in real life!