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How's that for a catchy title?

First of all, Happy Easter! I’m not around little kids anymore so the whole bunnies and candy thing is a non-factor.

Are you ready for Allegiance (The Penton Vampire Legacy)? It’s out in seven weeks! I just learned that Amazon is running a promotion on Omega so the price is discounted a little, if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet. What happens in Omega (The Penton Vampire Legacy) definitely impacts the events of Allegiance!

So in honor of Cage and Melissa and Mark and their upcoming story (no, it’s NOT a love triangle!), here’s a snippet from the prologue:

Movement from above. Unfamiliar voices. The dreams always began this way.

 A shaft of light would pierce the darkness. Heavy boots would descend the steps. The gleam of a sharpened sword would rivet his attention until his gaze rose to the face of the man who bore it. The Slayer, Mirren Kincaid. The man who’d come to kill him.

In the dream, Matthias Ludlam always met his final moments not with brave defiance but with humiliation, pleading for mercy from the man whose life he’d tried to destroy.

Each day at dusk, as Matthias came out of another daysleep, the dream would reach the same end. Kincaid would smile, and the blade would fall.

He had spent the past three months thinking of little else. Tonight, finally, could be the night the dream became real. The muffled thumps that drifted down from above were real enough, sounding as if an army were marching heavy jackboots across Matthias’s kitchen at the top of the stairs. His meticulous marking of time on the wall of his cell told him he still had one day before his execution, and he felt absurdly resentful that they’d even rob him of an extra day in which to brood about his fate.

His sluggish vampire heart sped up at the sound of keys rattling in the locked door at the top of the stairs. Every two weeks, always on a Wednesday, a silent brute of a vampire guard would accompany a human in and allow Matthias to feed—enough to keep him conscious and aware of his surroundings, but never enough to satisfy. Never enough to kill the gnawing hunger that burned his gut and further frayed his nerves.

But today was not Wednesday, nor was it his week to feed.

The voices were not familiar—but then again, his keepers rarely spoke. Never answered questions. Never responded to taunts or threats or pleas.

The last words he’d heard spoken to him—“Your death sentence has been issued, you son of a bitch”—had come three months ago, delivered by that British turncoat Cage Reynolds. He’d taken Reynolds into his inner circle and paid for it dearly. With a cadre of human soldiers, Reynolds had shoved Matthias down the narrow staircase into the basement of his own Virginia estate. He’d thrown him into the silver-lined cell Matthias had constructed for his own enemies. And Reynolds had pronounced the Tribunal’s sentence for Matthias’s so-called crimes.

Since then, Matthias had spent his nights in darkness, and during daysleep he dreamed.

Oh, how he dreamed. Of killing Reynolds. Of dying at the hand of Kincaid.

A shaft of light penetrated the eternal, damnable darkness of the basement, followed by the click of the overhead light switch. Squinting against the harsh glare, Matthias held his breath, waiting for Kincaid’s heavy boots to come into view. Then the sword. Then the smile.

Hm….wonder who it will be?

Now, did you win a book this week? If you see your name, please email me here: with the appropriate info.

TIFFYFIT won a copy of VS Nelson’s TUAT. I think this is a digital book, so I’ll need your email.

BN100 won a mystery print book from my TBR Ocean for commenting on Roxanne Rhoads’ cover reveal. Do you have a preferred genre? Let me know!

DEBRAG won this week’s Reader’s Choice and picked the new Aunt Dimity novel. Choice of print or digital on this one.

Back tomorrow with another big Reader’s Choice…and some new blog features this week!



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  1. Happy Easter! ^^ at home we still get a little something ( books or dvd and some chocolate or candy) just top show we care ^^

    Mirren is a real source of Nightmarre ^^

    congrats to all winners

  2. Really enjoy the Sunday Snippets, this one is just a little longer than before, just a little more and we could find out who it is. Hope we see Matthias on the receiving end of that sword, now there is some doubt in my mind that he will. Congrats winners, always fun to win a book. Happy Easter.