Five Favorite Scenes–Authors Play Favorites, Too!

First, thanks to everyone who was able to come by the Facebook launch party last night. It was a lot of fun–and totally crazy, as those events seem to be. I had more than 900 FB comments to clear off my iPhone this morning! One…at…a….time.

A request: if and when you read ALLEGIANCE, I would very, very much appreciate it if you leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads, but especially Amazon. It’s important to how the book fits into their promotional equation…plus my editors read them :-). The link is here, and the review doesn’t have to be long at all.

Next, the tour rolls on to author Jill Archer’s blog today, where I’m sharing my five favorite scenes from the book. You can also enter to win the tour-wide prizes–you can enter at every stop and I’ll always post the links here.

I’m anxiously awaiting the end of The Dark Tower reign over my reading time, when I can start reading books again! For those who don’t follow it, since May 2011…yes, three years…I have been doing a “slow read” of Stephen King’s seven-volume Dark Tower series. I read a chapter a week, summarize it, and comment on what’s happening. It takes a surprising amount of time to do, involves reading thousands of pages and writing the same number of words each week as two chapters of a novel. It has been a lot of fun, but has really cut into my reading time. I’m trying to decide which of my favorite series I want to catch up with first! I’m behind with: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dresden, Mercy Thompson, Nightside, Hollows, and Night Huntress. What would you suggest?

That’s it for today! Later, Gators!


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6 thoughts on “Five Favorite Scenes–Authors Play Favorites, Too!

  1. Mercy Thompson, Dresden, Hollows, BDB, Night Huntress, Nightside is my recommended reading order because you can get caught fairly quickly with Mercy and then spend your time on Harry, Rachel and the brothers. Glad your FB was a lot of fun.

  2. Night huntress because the last book was released, then the hollow to be ready for the last book and Mercy is a must^^ then i hope you will get the time to discover kate daniels series^^

  3. I don’t recognize Nightside, who writes that series? But I think you will enjoy Mercy. And I agree with Miki, you need to start reading Ilona Andrews.