That Darn Reality – Teri Anne Stanley’s Deadly Chemistry (and a #Giveaway)

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Now, please join me in welcoming my friend and fellow author, Teri Anne Stanley, to Preternatura today. I met Teri Anne online three or four years ago (has it been that long? I think so!), and then last year at RT had the pleasure to meet her in person. Her debut novel, Deadly Chemistry, came out this week with Entangled and is the first book in her Sex, Lies and Science Geeks series.

Teri Anne Stanley has been writing stories since she could hold a crayon, though learning to read was a huge turning point in her growth as a writer. Teri’s first stories involved her favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters, followed by her favorite teen idols. She has also written a recipe column and scientific articles (guess which was more interesting!). Now she writes fun, sexy romance filled with chaos and havoc, populated by strong, smart women and hunky heroes.  Teri’s career has included sex therapy for rats, making posing suits for female body builders, and helping amputee amphibians recover to their full potential. She currently supplements her writing income as a neuroscience research assistant. Living with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley enjoy boating and relaxing at their weekend estate, located in the thriving metropolis of Sugar Tit, Kentucky, between Beaver Lick and Rabbit Hash. You can learn more about Teri by visiting her website, on Facebook or by following her on Twitter.

(Suzanne says: you think she’s joking, but I suspect not. I have relatives in Bug Tussle, Alabama. True story.)


ABOUT DEADLY CHEMISTRY: Former undercover cop Mike Gibson has been lying low, working as a maintenance man to put his troubled younger brother through college. But when a beautiful scientist enlists Mike’s help to repair the damage done to her lab by a group of vandals, Mike finds that his, and his brother’s pasts, are about to be brought to light. Laura Kane was happy having a secret crush on the hot maintenance man at Tucker University, but when the drug she was studying is stolen, Laura has a chance to get to know Mike in person. The problem is, he seems to know more about what’s going on than any maintenance man should. But then the drug turns up in the wrong hands, and Mike and Laura have to decide if their own chemistry will help, or hinder, the race to save innocent lives.

And now, let’s hear from Teri Anne…

Genre Differences
By Teri Anne Stanley

Suz, I just want to THANK YOU for letting me spread some Deadly Chemistry around your website today.

So, I’m Teri Anne Stanley, and I’ve been a Suzanne Johnson/Susannah Sandlin fan since before there were books to fangirl over—I glommed onto the Preternatura blog and haven’t let go—although I don’t have as much time to websurf these days since I HAVE A BOOK OUT, OMIGOD, and am working on several others—and have about four hundred more in my “someday” file.

I thought I’d share something I learned while writing my Sex, Lies, and Science Geeks series—that is Deadly Chemistry and it came out this week (Oh, look! A link to the website with a sample chapter and buy links.).
I love to read paranormal romance, and have been known to get sucked into an urban fantasy series or six, but as a writer, I’m terrified of all that world-building. So I decided I’d write romantic suspense. And contemporary romance. No world building there, right?


Yeah. And the contemporary world requires some adhesion to reality. Who Teri-anne-stanleyknew? I thought I’d just invent a college town and populate it with quirky secondary characters and a sexy hero and heroine and that would be that. Hopefully I’d remember to keep the street where my heroine lives consistent all the way through.

But then my editor was like, “How many people live in Tucker?” Uh…some? “How many stoplights does it have?” Uh…one? Maybe two? And a bunch of stop signs? “Would there really be only one cop who is chief, detective, and all round Johnny on the spot guy?” Uh…maybe? I know, maybe he’s actually three different people in one body, so he never has to sleep, and…Yeah. If it’s contemporary, you don’t get to make up mythical beings to explain things that don’t make sense (well, I mean you do make stuff up, it’s fiction, right? But you have to make up feasible stuff).


This writing thing is HARD! But dang, it’s fun. I live for those times when I read back over something I wrote, and I can go, “Holy schneikes! Did I write that? I want to go there and meet those people!”

I’m still not the world’s greatest setting-ologist or anything, but I’m pretty sure I can find my way in and out of Tucker, Kentucky. You just turn left at the second stop light. Or wait…there’s only one, so…

Well, anyway, check out Deadly Chemistry! It’s $.99 until June 29th!

If you would like to purchase a copy of Deadly Chemistry, click on the link below:

Thanks, Teri Anne! Congrats on the release of Deadly Chemistry. And seriously, 99 cents? Just ordered mine!

Leave a comment if you would like to be entered to win a book or two or three from my TBR pile, which has grown alarmingly in recent weeks. I think my floor might be sagging. Just tell us…the funniest town name you’ve heard! I’ve already thrown out Bug Tussle.

24 thoughts on “That Darn Reality – Teri Anne Stanley’s Deadly Chemistry (and a #Giveaway)

  1. Thanks for letting me visit–and yeah–I’m not kidding about the geography. There are both a Big Bone Baptist Church and a Beaverlick Church of God, too. Big Bone Lick State Park is the birthplace of American paleontology. Before he could read, my middle son called it “Big Bone Lipstick Park.”

  2. I never realized how much world building goes into a real world type of setting.

  3. i didn’t imagine that a storey set in comptemporary genre would require such a setting building work… i guess i imagined teh author would pick some real place and just change some elements?in paranormal i thought that part require more work but it sound like no matter the genre the setting is alsways essential and needing a lot of work/ research

    funny city name? can’t think of one right now but i found several villages in france having funny name i will try to find a few to share^^

  4. We have a Bugtussel (one word) in Oklahoma! Since I work in the Auto Travel dept of AAA Oklahoma, I’m always looking at maps and finding unusual town names. Bat Cave, NC is a favorite, as is Greasy Corner, AR. We also have Nowhere, OK. So many towns that I want to know the “rest of the story” about how they were named.

  5. There’s a Humansville, Missouri. I don’t know that it’s really funny, just interesting.

    • Don’t forget Blue Ball, PA; Intercourse, PA; Bird in Hand, PA; French Lick, IN.

  6. I grew up in a village that translated to English is called ‘The Lord’s Pants’.

  7. Some funny town names I have heard are Cuckoo, VA, Roach, FL, and Lizard Lick, NC.

  8. This book sounds so good. Ive never heard of it and have added it to my list. As for names, Im in Ireland and we do have funny names!!!! Heres a few
    Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Co. Galway
    Newtwopothouse, Mallow, Co.Cork
    Nobber, Co .Meath
    Cockhill Road, Co. Meath
    Thats to name but a few!!! We have some really weird names here 😉

  9. Thanks for the great post! Yes, agreed, contemporary realistic fiction holds the tenet that it is is realistic–and that towns are more than just a setting, but an integral part of the book in many ways. I mean, there’s a reason books are set in Florida, and not Alaska–and vice versa. Congrats on seeing your story through.

    There’s tons of silly sounding towns but each time we drive out the Virginia Beach I want to detour to see what the heck Mt. Trashmore is all about. There are signs noting its exit and everything. Quite the destination, is all I can assume!

  10. Ooh! I actually know about Mt. Trashmore! I think. Without wiki-ing it, I’m pretty sure it’s a former landfill that was transformed into a park.

    I went to Miami University (in Ohio!) and there is a Rumpke landfill just south of Oxford–which we call Mt. Rumpke. There is actually a band called the Rumpke Mountain Boys. So I have a thing for places made out of landfills–whatever!

  11. Dunmovin, California. A lot of fun reading the other posts and the different cities across the country and the world.

  12. I do know their is a Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu in New Zealand, lol
    Another is Disappointment, Kentucky.. Wouldn’t you love to visit there lol

  13. We went through Athol Idaho with my mom and step dad when my sister and I were teenagers. We had a lot of fun with it and continued to use the word Athol over and over again, knowing we were getting away with saying a fake swear word. We called eachother Athol and died laughing, but my mom was not amused. I still find it funny 🙂