Scene-snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy Father’s Day! I lost my father in 2001, way too early, but he was a great one. I was thinking about fathers as they appear in my books, and there aren’t many. Aidan Murphy of Redemption was a father in his human life. Matthias Ludlam of the Penton series is like the Worst. Father. Ever. DJ’s father(s) in the Sentinels series…well, they had their pros and cons.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work on revisions for Pirate’s Alley, so how about a scene snippet? In this one, DJ and Alex are having dinner and talking about the first official Interspecies Council meeting that’s set for the next night. The council will be rendering judgment concerning things that happened at the end of Elysian Fields. You know, those things.

            “As for who will be testifying…” Alex finished his port and took a sip of mine. “Pretty much everybody you’d expect, including the Axeman himself. Rene Delachaise didn’t get called; guess he was too far removed. Neither did Jake. But the big question mark is Jean Lafitte. Have you heard from your buddy the pirate?”

            Alex said Jean’s name without his usual sarcasm. Le Capitaine had earned some respect from the man he called “le petit chien,” not only because he’d saved me but because he’d saved Alex’s cousin Jake, a rogue werewolf loup-garou with control issues. He’d been living in the Beyond and working for Jean for more than a month now.

            He might have gained a little respect for Jean, but Alex would never like the man. I, however, liked him a lot. Probably too much.

            “I haven’t heard from Jean since the week after he was killed.” The week after I killed him, and part of my soul died alongside him. I’d never before used my magic to hurt anyone I cared for, and I would never forgive the people who’d forced me to do it. “He was recovering quickly. I’m pretty sure he’ll be there tomorrow; he’ll want to have his say.”

            Alex was quiet for a few moments, and I thought the subject of Jean was over. Until he said, “Well, unfortunately, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to hear his side of it.”

            I frowned at him and pushed his half-eaten pot de creme aside. Even I had reached my chocolate limit. “Why is that?”

            “I talked to Zrakovi this afternoon,” Alex said, giving me a undecipherable look. “I’m going back on Sentinel duty for the next few weeks while you handle a special assignment.”

            I reached for my water glass, knocking my spoon off the table with a clatter. A waiter was there to whisk it away so quickly I wondered if he were a vampire. Probably not, but could never be sure these days.

            “What kind of special assignment?”

            Alex pulled out his wallet and laid a credit card on the table. He was picking up the tab without a negotiation, and I let him. Because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what he was about to say.

            “You’re going to be babysitting Jean Lafitte and making sure he doesn’t try to take revenge on anyone for what happened last month.”

            Alex gave me a grim smile and held his glass of port up in salute. “Good luck with that, Jolie.”
Good luck with that, indeed!

YIKES! I FORGOT! I had an interview over at author Rachel Brimble’s blog on Saturday, with a giveaway. Since it didn’t get promo’d anywhere, you probably have a high chance of winning if you want to hop over and leave a comment.  As for me, I was taking my first day off since Thanksgiving–the very first. I felt guilty…but not that guilty. One of the things I did was go to a farmer’s market in the state capital of Montgomery, about 45 minutes away. And look what I found?! I wonder if Mirren’s been out growing peaches at night for Penton Farm?

Penton Farms 6-14-14


Now, weekly winners. I’m finally off deadline and slowly crawling my way out of my mailing backlog. Be patient! If you see your name, email me with the relevant info:

LIZ and BARB P, you won Jean Lafitte soap! LOL. It’s black, and has a nice manly scent 🙂

JANIE M, BONNIE G, BETHANY C–you won Penton swag packs in honor of Allegiance’s release. Let me know if you’ve read any of the series–I’ll include your choice of the four books in your packet.

BARBARA E won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and chose Allegiance! Choice of print or digital or audio.

Come back tomorrow for new links on the Allegiance blog tour–and, of course, a new Reader’s Choice contest!


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11 thoughts on “Scene-snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Oh, good. I do like the Scene Snippet Sunday’s. And from Pirate’s Alley, double good. DJ’s going to babysit Jean, yeah good luck with that is right. This is going to be a lot of fun. Thanks.

    • It was a great little farmer’s market. I got just-picked tomatoes (the ones in the store have no flavor), a ginormous bag of peaches, green beans, new potatoes that I have on the stove right now cooking in crab boil (a Louisiana tradition), and fig preserves. I passed on the goat cheese but might have to go back in a couple of weeks and get some. The weekly farmer’s market in my town (there’s one that’s open all the time but in the weekly markets, the farmers actually bring and sell what they’ve grown) is on a weekday while I’m at work so I never get to go.

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to reading Allegiance! I loved the scene from Pirate’s Alley, that’s another one I’m looking forward to reading.

  3. Alex can be so devious^^;; babysitting jean… i think the only way she could manage to make him avoid thinking about vengeance, revenge will be to put him on a very special lucracious bunisses…..and still she wopukld need to be the cherry on top of it .

    after all he needs to show you don’t play with him or his… “question d’honneur”^^

    • oh and don’t feel guilty^^ a day off was more than deserved and see it could lead to some great book material inspiration^^

      peaches…. to have some goodone i need to wait thursday that teh day when we have our market ( oki we have 3 a day but thursday is teh one with fresh product from farmers and from other but better quality than the shops)

  4. What Fun!!! I can’t wait to try JL’s soap (or maybe the hubby or son depending on the smell) LOL!

  5. Ooh, love the scene! I can’t imagine what babysitting a wayward pirate would be like, probably more trouble than it’s worth. By the way, if you ever make your way up to Birmingham on a Saturday, there is a wonderful farmer’s market at the Pepper Place. You have to get there early but totally worth it!