The Long Winter of My Discontent

With apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, of course.

What does that have to do with the Allegiance blog tour, you might ask? I’m with the fabulous Buffy Kennedy at Buffy’s Ramblings today, reflecting on why, perhaps, two of the last books I’ve written have been so very, very dark. Those of you surprised at the darkness in Allegiance (and in Pirate’s Alley, if any of you beta read the book) might find it interesting. I don’t reach any conclusions, really. It’s sort of a chicken and egg situation, but was something I’ve been giving a lot of brain cells toward.

Thanks to everyone who gave me some ideas for blog direction yesterday! I want to keep things lively and fun around here, so I’m retooling and hope to kick off some new things next week.

In the meantime, LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP finally comes out in print and audio next week! In other news, I just a couple of weeks ago turned in the second Collectors book, DEADLY, CALM, AND COLD. It’s a very different kind of book for me, so I’ll be sharing some about it in the months to come; it’s scheduled to release in December (and it will NOT be a serial).  PIRATE’S ALLEY is currently in revisions, which means my editor and I spent a looooong conversation talking about things like Jean Lafitte’s motives and Alex’s psyche and those cur-raaaazy faeries. Next month, I turn my focus toward writing Sentinels #5, BELLE CHASSE (pronounced Belle Shahss if one is being technically correct but most New Orleanians now pronounce it Belle Chase; it’s a town on the border of Plaquemines Parish just east of New Orleans). And I haven’t forgotten about PIRATESHIP DOWN, the story collection, which I’ll be turning to as soon as Belle Chasse is drafted.

That’s it for today! Later, Gators!

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  1. this schedule looks more than promising really and for today i will go check today guest’s post without waiting as i can be really curious