Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Ah, I do love a three-day weekend. If you missed Friday’s post, there was a scene snippet from Pirate’s Alley, and here’s another! I’m in the heart of revisions on this one right now, so I’m just pulling a snippet from the scene I’m working on. In it, DJ is visiting Jean Lafitte at his suite at the Hotel Monteleone, where they plan to have lunch and then walk around in the French Quarter to look at the heavy snowfall that arrived the night before. Except DJ hates cold weather, Jean’s insisting on this outdoor jaunt, and she knows he’s up to something…

    Jean must have heard me because he flung open the door to his suite and greeted me before I had a chance to knock.

            He too wore layers. He’d added what looked like a long, fitted suede jacket over his usual white linen tunic. I fingered the lapel; it was thick but soft. “This is spiffy. Did you buy it or tan it?”

            “It was given to me in trade by an Acadian who wished to purchase a pirogue. In those days we did not experience such winters, so I had little use for it.”

            I couldn’t help myself. “And what year might that have been?”

            He pursed his lips and shrugged. “I do not recall, but believe it was before the war.”

            That would be the War of 1812. “It’s held up very well.” Of course, so had he.

            “Merci. And I must say you look…” He appeared to struggle for a word I wouldn’t find offensive. Captain Lafitte and I had very different ideas about the proper attire for a woman, modern or otherwise. “…warm.”

            “Exactly. And I’m hungry.” I eyed the room-service cart buried under silver-covered dishes. “You didn’t order snails, did you?”

            “Mais non. I inquired, knowing how anxious you were to sample these delicacies, but the weather delayed the ship filled with escargot for the hotel.”

            I started to explain that a shipment of escargot differed from a ship of escargot, but why bother. Thank God for blizzards. “That’s a real pity.”


Just a light moment before the REAL fun starts!

Now….did you win a book this week? If so, please contact me at or via the contact tab at the top of the page. And  you’re the only once, since most of the giveaways this week were part of book tours. But JOANNE B won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway and chosen Virna DePaul’s Awakened. Let me know if you prefer ebook or print.

Stay tuned for a new Reader’s Choice tomorrow! Later, gators. I hear a pirate calling my name.

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