And Now, a Musical Interlude

Life is interfering with my blogging this week, but a couple of updates.

If you’re on Facebook, I’m doing a 15-minute “hosting” stint Thursday night from 8:15-8:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time to help author Denise Moncrief celebrate the release of her new book Laurel Heights (romantic suspense). I’ll be giving away print and audio copies of LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP. You can find the event link here.

Let’s see, what else….I think that’s it for now. I’m waiting for a price from a web guru to explore moving the hosting of this website away from the current provider to a new one. I’ve been told WordPress does not play nice with my current host and that is why the site is running so wickedly slow. Hopefully, if it won’t bankrupt me, I can get the speed problem taken care of once and for all!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a couple of the songs I’m listening to these days as I write or as I’m working on the day job. My office is directly across the street from a frat house, where they blare music from loudspeakers after lunch every day. I’m forced under headphones to try and shut them out!

Here’s Reckless Kelly’s “Wicked Twisted Road.” This is one of those songs that will inspire a character at some point.

Here’s an oldie from Rockpile (Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds), that makes me dance in my chair and sing, which means I can’t possibly write to it!

And yet another dance and sing song, by the late Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer (who is not late), from “Drum Hat Buddha”:

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2 thoughts on “And Now, a Musical Interlude

  1. new songs to m so thank you for teh discovery
    Sadly i’m not on facebook as you know so i can’t be there ( and at that time i will be sleeping i think or too droosy to be on a computer) but i wish you a lot of success and to your Denise also for her new release