Scene-Snippet Sunday and Bloggy News

PA-ARCLook! I had heard the rumors, and yesterday it was confirmed when Tynga’s Reviews posted this week’s Stacking the Shelves photo: the ARCs of PIRATE’S ALLEY have been sent to reviewers. Not that I’ve seen one, mind you, or have any idea where they’ve been sent (apologies to Tynga’s for totally stealing their photo). BUT if you are a reviewer, have not received an ARC, and would like one, please email me at I will pass your info on to the publicist at Tor Books. I know there are digital and print ARCs, but am guessing digital ARCs are more plentiful, as publishers are doing fewer printed ARCs these days.

They also usually collect requests for reviewers to receive final copies once they’re available (probably by mid-March).

Now….blog. Holy cannoli, Batman. What a week. This website came up with an “account suspended” page on…Wednesday, I think. Which happened to be the day my account with my former webhost ended. Strange thing was, I paid my new webhost an extra fee for them to handle the account transfer…which they apparently never did. So I thought I was on my spiffy new host and I was still with the unspiffy old host since last September 29. After more $$$ I couldn’t afford and several more glitches, I am now with the new host and (fingers crossed) the trains seem to be running and on time.

HOWEVER, all posts between September 29 and January 8 are gone, eaten or held hostage by the old host. To replace them would require reposting, which would screw up all kinds of things, so new year, new start, right?

Bad news is, a lot of you entered drawings for giveaways in December and I have lost all the entries. So my apologies for that. I think I’m caught up on everything prior to December, but if you won a giveaway prior to December 1 and never received it, let me know.

For today, let’s just relax with a snippet from Pirate’s Alley. I might have run it before but…no way for me to check!

In this scene, DJ and Jean have been fighting in the Realm of Vampyre and everyone has fled. She needs to get back to New Orleans, and Jean is unconscious after being stabbed by a vampire. She’s trying to figure out how to get him to the transport….

I’d waited long enough. I was getting the crawling creeps, and everyone who needed killing or arresting had fl ed the scene. My magic might not power up that transport, but Charlie’s would. I just had to drag a hefty unconscious pirate a couple dozen yards and never mind my bloody shoulder and bruised ribs. No problem.

I studied the pirate in question. He’d ditched his fancy waistcoat, his hair had come loose from its ponytail, and his light-colored pants were a mess of grass stains and dirt and blood. Then again, he had more money than God; unlike me, he could replace his wardrobe.

It would be easier to drag him by his boots, but somehow I doubted he’d appreciate his head bouncing along the ground. He had almost a foot of height and probably sixty or seventy pounds of weight on me, but I had determination on my side and a strong streak of stubborn.

Kneeling behind his head, I hooked my hands under his arms and heaved. His head lolled against my chest; pity he wasn’t conscious to enjoy it.

I got to my feet after a couple of tries and pulled him a dozen steps toward the transport before needing to rest. My shoulder throbbed, and my breath wheezed like I had a vampire pressing on my esophagus.

Okay, time to do it again. I leaned over and screamed as something grabbed my wrists and flipped me a complete one-eighty. I landed hard on my back and my failing breath was knocked out of me by an elephant landing on my chest.

“Drusilla? Forgive me, Jolie. I thought you were that blackguard Etienne.”

Drawing in a deep, gasping lungful of air, I flipped my lids open to find a familiar pair of dark- blue eyes an inch or two above mine, narrowed in concern. An elephant hadn’t landed on top of me, but a pirate had. And he seemed disinclined to move.

“I’m not Etienne.” I was fast developing a reputation for my witty repartee under pressure.

“Non.” His gaze dropped to my lips and I thought for a second he was going to kiss me. How would I respond if he did?

How, indeed, DJ? AND, I’m pleased to say, book five, BELLE CHASSE, is done and with my editor, which means it’s time to turn to new projects. I have several kicking around in my head, so we’ll see which one I land on first. Penton#5 perhaps???

13 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Bloggy News

  1. New project, Penton 5, [Nik’s story?], would be a wonderful choice …. or Pirateship Down. Great snippet, thanks.

  2. Loved the snippet. And yes, DJ should kiss Jean at least once. I’m sure it would rock her world. Can’t wait for the new story! Sorry about the blog mess. Hopefully, it is all resolved now.

    • Ah that almost-kiss. It will have to happen eventually, won’t it? 🙂

      I was ready to put the smackdown on somebody last week over the blog mess. OMG, I’ve reverted back to my wrestling-fan days…..

  3. Thank goodness I’m at home and not at work but my screams of happiness reall would have scared the patrons. Now I just need to figure out how to get my mitts on the ARC and how to read over your editor’s shoulder and I will be a happy camper 🙂

  4. ^^ it’s a completely new snippet and whoah yes you are a tease here ^^

    don’t worry we understand internet gremlims so i’m sure no one would be angry for you about those and you are already really generous so one month out it’s nothing

  5. first, I know how you feel and I am so sorry for your blog being all crazy. I swear I cried at first when wordpress suspended my blog for almost a week, hence the move and new site. LOL BUT THANK YOU for all the snippets, and I am so excited for Pirate’s Alley, and you know I love anything you touch, so I would totally get all pumped for more Penton… Besides I know Miren and Will miss me hahahahahaha!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about all your blog woes; I know it was terribly frustrating. I loved your tease and can’t wait for more. Yes, please! I’d love to have Penton #5 next.