Scene-Snippet Sunday-Pirate’s Alley (and Weekly Winners)


This will probably be my last Pirate’s Alley scene snippet because yes, indeed, the release day is finally in sight and “will they love it or hate it” jitters are setting in. A couple of early reviewers who’ve already read it have called me evil.

Between now and release day, I’ll be doing some “Advance Easter Eggs”–some background info that will (I hope) enrich your reading of the book when it comes along. So stay tuned for that to start one day this week.

I’ve been running snippets from the book for a while now, so forgive me if this is a repeat!


Waking up with Alex wrapped around me like a big warm blanket should’ve been the perfect morning-after finale to a night—well, make that an early morning—of great makeup sex. As he’d noted, despite our lack of sleep, we had nervous energy to wear off and we’d almost argued, so makeup sex was appropriate.

            But I awoke with thoughts first of Rand, which was libido-killing enough, followed by thoughts of Jean Lafitte, from whom I tried to keep my libido at a safe distance. It finally occurred to me that since elves found misery in cold weather, a historically undead pirate bent on revenge might see a snowstorm as an opportunity.

            I reached for the nightstand, grabbed my phone, and punched speed-dial number four. I’m not sure if it was practical or pathetic that the Elders had dropped off my phone list and my top four programmed numbers were now Alex (cell), Eugenie (cell), Rene (cell), and Jean Lafitte (hotel suite). Maybe I’d get the pirate a cell phone for his 231st birthday. Or not.

            “Bonjour, Jolie. Where are you?”

            Lying in a nice, warm bed with a man who isn’t dead. “At Alex’s. How’d you know it was me?”

            Said living man grumbled a couple of four-letter expletives in a bad French accent, turned over, and jammed a pillow over his head.

            “The telephone”—Jean still stumbled over the newfangled word a bit—“has a square on it where names of people magically appear when they call me. Did the wizards invent this magical square? It is quite clever.”

            The wizards could take credit for many innovations, overnight delivery service via transport from the wizards’ central supply house, for example. Caller ID was not among them, however. Many of the older wizards still thought cell phones were the work of demons. Real demons.

            “Nope, that’s a human miracle. When did you get back, and what are your plans for the day?”

            “I arrived shortly after sunrise so that I might avail myself of the hotel’s . . . what odd words do they use . . . ah. Breakfast buffet. One can eat as much as one wishes, for as long as one wishes, all for the same amount of money. It is a quite interesting experiment, although I do not feel it is practical for the building of wealth.”

            I tried to envision Jean Lafitte lining up at the trough of a hotel all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, stuffing down muffins and omelets and pancakes. I failed. “They make up for it by charging more for the rooms. And your plans for today?”

            He paused, which raised my warning flags up the mast of life’s sailing ship. “I thought I might explore the city. One does not often see Nouvelle Orleans under snowfall. I imagine it is quite beautiful.”

            Sightseeing? Something smelled rotten in the state of the historical undead. “I’d enjoy that too.” I’d hate every second of it and might well freeze to death. “Can I go with you?”

            Another pause. Damn it. He was up to something.


Because, of course, Jean is ALWAYS up to something!

I’m going back to announcing winners weekly instead of monthly. That way, if my website has another meltdown, at least I won’t lose a whole six month’s worth of comments again. Grrr.

BONNIE G won the five-book TBR-Toppling Giveaway this week. I’ll have another one this week, so stay tuned!

MARIE-CLAUDE won this week’s Readers Choice contest, and chose the new Holly Black book, The Darkest Part of the Forest.

Congrats to the winners–please email me with your snail-mail address and we’ll get things on their way:

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  1. Jean is always up to something. Sure he wants more than seeing the city under snowfall….
    Congrats to the book winners.

  2. ^^ Jean is irresistible definitively too clever as well^^
    i’m glad we will get more background info i do think it makes the reading experience even more special
    Congrats to the winners