ARC Giveaway, Weekly Winners, and Strip Malls

Great combination of topics, right?

Let’s talk about strip centers, aka, a group of unrelated stores that share a long strip of a building. They’re ubiquitous in American suburbia; do other countries have their versions of strip centers? I don’t know the answer to that question. They’re pretty much a visual blight on the backside of architecture.

They’re also convenient for consumers and cheap to build, thus the proliferation of them, I guess.

In the Sentinels of New Orleans series, beginning with River Road, DJ decides that having pretes come to her house is probably not the wisest ideas (as I recall, Jean Lafitte was the worst offender), so she rented an office space in Riverside Market, a strip mall that backs up to the Mississippi River wharves on Tchoupitoulas Street.

Pronounce it slowly: “chop-ah-TOO-lus.”

It’s not far from DJ’s house in uptown, and I passed it every day going to and from work when I lived in NOLA because Tchoupitoulas hugs the waterfront and tends to have less traffic and fewer red lights.

And it had Riverside Market. In River Road, after stealing a Corvette, Jean mows down the entrance sign. DJ’s office is near Walgreen’s and Stein Mart. In a city that is photographed as much as New Orleans, it was surprisingly hard to find photos of Riverside Market because, despite its upscale name, is a strip mall. But here it is. If you look straight down the length of the parking lot, DJ’s office is in that little corner. I’m not sure what’s really there now; when I lived there it was an optical shop, but there tends to be a lot of turnover in those types of centers so I’m sure something else is there now.


Anyway, I don’t think DJ ever makes it to her office in PIRATE’S ALLEY, being somewhat tied up in the political mess and the NOLA blizzard. She does, however, make a trip to Walgreen’s (the larger store in the photo nearest the camera).

Now, on to the good stuff. Did you win a book this week?

Read on, and if you see your name, email me at with the pertinent mailing info. Note that last week’s winner of the five-book TBR giveaway never contacted me, so I’m giving that one away again. You snooze, you lose, right? I honestly don’t have time and do too many giveaways to try and track people down, so always check on Sunday to see if you won.

Congrats to:

PJ, who won this week’s odd little assortment of TBR books. These are all print, so I’ll need a snail-mail address.

Many thanks to Juliette Cross for being here this week; her giveaway will be chosen at the end of her book tour and winners notified by email.

SANDYG won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and picked Dragons at Crumbling Castle.

And GALENA won the print ARC of PIRATE’S ALLEY!! Snail-mail on this one.

Come back tomorrow for a new Readers Choice giveaway!


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4 thoughts on “ARC Giveaway, Weekly Winners, and Strip Malls

  1. I can just picture Jean racing through this parking lot in his stolen Corvette! Congrats to the winners!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay I was really hoping I might win the Pirate’s Alley ARC!!! This just made my Monday a whole lot better 🙂