Pirate’s Alley Scene-Snippet Sunday, Winners, and More Winners

Jean Lafitte Nature Preserve, Barataria, Louisiana

Jean Lafitte Nature Preserve, Barataria, Louisiana

In two months, PIRATE’S ALLEY will finally be out! Good grief, it’s seemed like forever since I turned the book in to my publisher…back in January 2014 to be exact. And now here I’m working on the proposal for books 6 and 7 to end the series. Or at least end the current story arc in the Sentinels world. It’s a vast world and I want to be able to come at it again from another direction one of these days. Rene would like to have his own book, babe. He keeps tellin’ me dat. Yeah, you right.

Next, behind with your Penton Legacy reading? I learned on Twitter today that OMEGA and ALLEGIANCE are on sale for $1.99 each for Kindle. This is the first time ALLEGIANCE has been on sale. I’m not sure when it started or how long that price will be good; my publisher usually lets me know but, really, saw this on Twitter. (Thanks to Carmel at Rabid Reads for finding and Tweeting it!)

On Wednesday night 2/25, I’ll be participating in my friend CJ Ellisson’s Facebook release party for BLOOD LEGACY, the fourth book in her VV Inn series. My time slot is 8:00-8:30 CST (9-9:30 EST) and I’ll be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card at the end of the half hour. Here’s the link to attend.

So, today I have another snippet from PIRATE’S ALLEY. It will probably be the last one I run, although I’ll put the first chapter up in March leading up to release day. After all, I’ve run so many snippets you’ve almost read the book!

In this scene, DJ awakens in…strange circumstances.

Holy crap. What had happened?
I sat up and took in several observations at once, none of which made sense and all of which sent my heart rate jackrabbiting so hard I could feel my blood pressure zooming into the ozone.
First, I was lying beneath a heavy bedspread woven in a rich blue-and-cream print. The bed was an elaborate confection made to look like an antique half-tester, and a brass chandelier hung overhead.
I recognized the Monteleone. I recognized Jean Lafitte’s bedroom in the posh Eudora Welty Suite in the Monteleone. I didn’t have a clue as to how I got here.
Second, I wore only a bra and pan ties. My clothes were thrown across a chair in the corner. I had no recollection of removing them.
Third, the pillow next to mine still held the clear indentation of a head, and there was water running behind the closed bathroom door.
What in God’s name had I done?
Had Jean hauled me back to the hotel like a sack of pommes de terres? How had he explained an unconscious blonde to the hotel management? At least my dark blue underwear matched. Had he taken advantage of me? No, it wasn’t his style. Which meant I’d consented.
Alex was going to kill me if I didn’t kill myself first.
The bathroom doorknob rattled and I dove under the covers, even though I realized it was like closing the barn door after the half- naked cows had escaped.
From my hiding spot, I heard the door open and footsteps cross from tile to carpet before stopping with a rustle of fabric.
“Hey, babe. You finally back from the dead? Whatcha doin’ under there?”
I poked my head out. “Rene?”

Hm…wonder what THAT story was?

Okay, we haz winners! If you see your name here, please email me at suzannej3523@gmail.com with your mailing info/format preference.

SARAH K won the Feb. 9 week Readers Choice contest and chose the first book in Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series. Let me know if you prefer print or digital and snail mail addy if print.

ERIN F won a copy of Viola Carr’s fab new steampunk, THE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE. This is a print copy so snail mail address, please.

BOOKLADY won this week’s TBR toppler. These are all print books!

I also have an unclaimed TBR cleanout win from a couple of weeks ago, so I made another drawing for that and the winner is ROGER! If you’ve forgotten what was in that bunch, the link is here.

See you guys tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice list!

4 thoughts on “Pirate’s Alley Scene-Snippet Sunday, Winners, and More Winners

  1. Always enjoy the snippets. DJ has been in a lot of vary interesting situations in these snippets. Pirate’s Alley is going to be a very interesting read, hard to wait, soon now. Won some books, thanks, looks like my daughter Sandy and her after school book club will enjoy some prizes.

  2. Oh Rene own book *_* i want!!! i vote for it!
    ^^ yes Pirate’s alley has been long awaited but the wait is worth it ^^

    congrats to the winners ( Yay Roger!^^)

  3. Poor DJ! Waking up in Jean’s bed without Jean was probably terrifying and disappointing at the same time!

    Congrats to the winners!

  4. Loved the snippet! Pirate’s Alley is on the top of my wishlist. Thanks so much for the TBR books. I will email my shipping address to you this evening.