Behind the Scenes of Pirate’s Alley: Dressing the Elves

The first two Sentinels books were fashion deserts. I mean, think about it. DJ’s favorite clothing? Jeans and sweaters or tanks. Oh, she might toss on a little black dress (or, in ELYSIAN FIELDS, a little red dress) for a special occasion but it’s a rare exception.

Alex wears black. Period. If he dresses up, he might add some dark brown. Jake’s a jeans and sweatshirt guy. Rene’s even worse: jeans and tanks…or nothing at all. Jean Lafitte’s wardrobe is limited, although he trots out some suitably historical costume now and then. Etienne, the vampire regent, is such as stick-in-the-mud, that he wears business suits. Bleh.

But the elves and the fae are much more interesting, fashion-wise. Mace Banyon, the elven Synod leader, is a bit metrosexual. In my mental movie, he’s played by a mid-age Jeremy Irons.


In PIRATE’S ALLEY, in the first Interspecies Council meeting, he wears something like this:


Actually, in the book, it’s a heather gray suit, a gray silk shirt, and a dark gray trenchcoat. Mr. monochromatic.

Rand has been more fun. Here’s my movie version of Rand, albeit sans clothing—Travis Fimmel from his Calvin Klein-model days. Pretty, eh?

travis fimmel

Rand, with his coloring, would look prettier than ever in pastels, so I’ve been trying to dress him for winter. He usually wears some variation of some winter white slacks:

rand slacks

And a pastel sweater—he’s fond of pale aqua:

rand sweater

And of course he must have a suitable coat, in a darker pastel, although in cold weather he’ll add a matching scarf and gloves and boots, and maybe some faux fur on his collar.

rand coatRand boots

And certainly, in winter precipitation, he’d wear a hat, but not one that would give him hat-hair:

rand hat

Next up: faeries. What do you expect my faeries to wear?

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Pirate’s Alley: Dressing the Elves

  1. what do i expect faeries to wears? hum more ” etheral” clothes if you get what i’m thinking but i’m sure you will surprise me^^ for example i did not imagine Rand like that…… i still want to punch him though^^

    • LOL. You know what he does in Pirate’s Alley, so I know you really DO want to punch him. He is awfully pretty, though that can’t fix his attitude.

  2. Lol I never thought about DJ’s clothes, she is just dressed practical, and I like that in a heroine. Didn’t she dress up for a date with Jean Lafitte once? I remember she was horrified at what he made her wear when she was with him in his realm/timezone.