Changes Ahoy! New Site, New Series, New Stuff

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Night Owl, 11×18

There’s been a lot percolating behind the scenes lately, so I thought I’d toss it all out in one fell swoop today!

THE WEBSITE. As some of you know, this site has been through a mess this year, changing web hosts, permanently losing several months’ worth of posts, having a massive slowdown in service, dumping my WordPress theme in favor of a bare-bones design in an attempt to speed things up…it has been a long and expensive mess. [A tip of my hat to VA Stephen, who has handled everything with amazing calm.] However, a new website is in the works. I’ve seen the design, which I love, and although I don’t have a “go live” date on it yet, I’m guessing it will be in the next week or two. Hopefully, things will transition without any major hiccups and those of  you who subscribe via email will continue to get it as you always have without having to sign up again. The URL will not change. One thing that will change: the new blog posts won’t feed directly onto the home page anymore, so if you’re accustomed to reaching the blog via the home page, you’ll have to click a tab at the top that will say PRETERNATURA BLOG or something to that effect.

THE CONTEST. If you look at the tabs (which are also in transition), you’ll see a new contest tab. That means, in addition to my regular giveaways, there will be a monthly contest for you to enter. The April contest is for a signed copy of your choice of books from the Sentinels series EXCEPT Pirate’s Alley, which a) I don’t have yet and b) my publisher prefers I sell copies of that one right now rather than give them away–LOL. (Sorry!) If you already have signed copies of the first three books, go ahead and enter and we’ll work out a different prize if you win. I’m guessing the first monthly contest won’t go live until April 1, so I’ll post a reminder. The contests will change each month, though, so you never know what I’ll come up with.

THE BLOG TOUR. I will be doing a one-month blog tour for PIRATE’S ALLEY and, as always, you’ll be able to enter at each stop to give you a better shot at winning one of the tour prizes, which include different increments of Amazon gift cards. It is international, however, and if someone outside the US wins, I will substitute an equal-equivalent order from Book Depository. I’ll be posting links each weekday between April 20-May 19. There will also be some non-tour stops with prizes of their own. Again, I’ll post those on each day’s blog post. Hope you’ll follow along–I try not to recycle blog material so everything should be new except the spotlight stops.

THE NEWSLETTER. Yes, I’m going to try again. I got buried last year–due more to day job than to books–but want to revive it. It’ll be handled a bit differently, but rest assured that if you subscribed to the old one, you will get the new one. It will come out on the 15th of each month. Should you decide you don’t want to receive it, no problems–there will be an easy opt-out link on the April 15 edition. There will be special giveaways for newsletter readers, though!

THE PROJECTS. We all know that PIRATE’S ALLEY comes out on April 21–it’s almost here! I don’t have a release date on Sentinels #5, BELLE CHASSE, but I would be surprised if it arrived earlier than spring of 2016 even though it was written and turned in several months ago. There will be much to keep you busy in the meantime, however!

      * THE WARDENS. I am SO excited about this new project! Montlake Romance, the publisher of the Penton and Collectors series, will be publishing a new Susannah Sandlin romantic suspense series, tentatively called The Wardens. It will involve the lives, loves–and dangers–of a Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement team (aka game wardens) working deep in the beautiful wilds of far South Louisiana. I describe it as “NCIS Meets Swamp People.” LOL. The first book has a working title of WILD MAN’S BLUFF; I’ll let you know of a release date as soon as I have one. It’s likely going to be late this year or early next year. It’s like the love child of Sentinels and Penton, minus the paranormal.

      * SECRET PROJECT #1. I can’t reveal too many details yet, but I’m working with four other authors on an anthology of paranormal “noir” novellas that will come out in September or October. Think horns and faeries for my contribution. Sorry to be so sketchy, but we’ll all make a joint announcement when we have things like a title and a firm release date.

     * SECRET PROJECT #2. This is another collaboration, an urban fantasy mega-novella that I’m working on with another paranormal fantasy author. “Mega-novella” means it’s on the long side of the novella spectrum or short side of the “novel” spectrum, depending on how you look at it. There will be wizards and rednecks and powerful talismans. We haven’t talked about a release date and don’t have a title yet, but we’re cranking on it already, so I’m confident it will be ready for release this year. We’ll make an announcement as soon as we have enough firm info.

      * PENTON #5 or PENTON WARS #1. As yet untitled, but I can’t just leave poor Krys hanging, can I? This will be Nik’s story and it will either put the Penton saga to rest or start a new spinoff series. Too early to tell yet since it isn’t yet written, but I do have it on my calendar for a late fall release. I have to decide if it’s time to end the series and put the world away, or if it still has life in it.

      * PIRATESHIP DOWN. This poor novella has been put on the back burner so many times it should be scorched! It will be set in the Sentinels world and will anchor a collection of all the Sentinels shorts that I’ve written in the three years since the series began. If I can’t get it written, I will release the collection without it.

Whew! So….a lot going on. I’m going to try my best not to burn out and end up sick like I did at the end of last year; a lot will depend on the day job, especially as it rounds into the uber-busy late summer and fall. As I always say…stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Changes Ahoy! New Site, New Series, New Stuff

  1. Wonderful news. So exciting. A lot of things to take in all at once. The result, much more for us fans to read and enjoy. Thanks for keeping us informed. Love the “secret projects”, anthology and collaboration.

  2. Lots of good news and things to look forwards too ,i do appreciate that you keep us informed as well BUT i still say your health come first so if we need to be more patient we will don’t worry

  3. This is wonderful. Looking forward so very much to the “Wardens”. Have long since had my Pirate’s Alley on order. And mustn’t leave out the Sentinels!
    The secret projects sound fascinating and eagerly awaiting their arrival!

  4. Yay! Lots of exciting things in the works. Looking forward to reading all of them. I’m already lamenting a whole year until Belle Chase!

  5. What an exciting year! I am looking forward to all of your new releases. Thanks for sharing the extremely busy schedule.