Days of Whine and Winners

whining girl on a white backgroundYeah, I’m whiny today after taking Thursday and Friday off from the day job to work on my taxes–and then having to do day-job work all day on both my “days off.” I have so much unused leave time accrued (eight weeks’ worth and counting) that I’m starting to lose days–we can only accrue 8 weeks’ worth before they begin taking it away, and yet when you’re the only person in your division who does what you do, when do you take time off? Never, apparently.

Then, on Friday, my 13-year-old car’s engine overheated in rush hour traffic. Luckily, I knew what to do. Here’s your automotive lesson for today. If your engine overheats, turn your car’s heater on as hot as it will go, with the vents open, and the fan on high. The fan will pull hot air off the engine and cool it down enough for you to drive a while longer without bursting into flames. It works.

Of course, no mechanics do business on weekends, so I’ll be at the auto service place at 7 a.m. tomorrow. The irony of it is that as soon as I finished my taxes, I was going to see if I could afford a new car before I had to pour a lot of money into my rust-bucket. But I couldn’t do my taxes because of work stuff, and now the rust-bucket is down for the count. Sigh.

Okay, I’ll stop whining.

Did you win a book this week? If you see your name, please email me [ ] with your mailing info and, if appropriate, preferred format:

LIL won this week’s five-book TBR giveaway–these are all print books, so I’ll need a snail-mail address.

TIMITRA won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and chose Kristen Callihan’s Soulbound. Your choice of formats!
Stay tuned this week for a new Reader’s Choice, a TBR giveaway, another behind-the-scenes view of Pirate’s Alley, and a special guest on Thursday, author Kylie Chan, who’ll be here with a giveaway!
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6 thoughts on “Days of Whine and Winners

  1. Isn’t it funny how things like that always happen on a weekend, when you must wait to Monday to get anything done. Always happens to me that way. Looking forward to the behind-the-scenes of Pirate’s Alley. I have two or three of Kylie Chan’s books, so I will enjoy that also. Must go shovel snow now!!!!!!

  2. that’s the curse of friday’s night and weekend… things happen at the worst time
    …and it’s not fair you could not get your days off really free… totally unfair!
    i will be waitin,g for the behind teh scenes ^^ ( a,d the giveaway of course^^)


  3. Oh, that sounds like a pretty rough Thursday and Friday deserving of whine and wine. Hope that things are much better soon.

  4. Good luck with car. I was in a similar situation last July with my 14 year old Sienna. I finally got my new car and I’m loving it! Congrats to the winners.

  5. Hi Suzanne! I feel your pain! It sounds like my life! I love the title but could we make that WHINE & WINE? Big hug!