New Releases March 21—March 27 and Readers Choice Contest

It’s almost impossible to believe that this week’s list of new releases is the last full week of March. March has already given us quite a selection of new books. This week, we add twenty more to the total.

What do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too.

dodgeAngel (Manhattan Ten #4), by Lola Dodge, (March 24, Samhain)
Angelina Márquez’s perfect memory recall makes her ideally suited to manage the Manhattan Ten superhero crew. A recruiting trip to UCLA does nothing to cure her insomnia. Intel indicates someone in the L.A. Pack may be harboring anti-super sentiment. She’s sent to retrieve a panther shifter being detained at LAX. Tequani was looking forward to visiting his hero brother, but when civilization unexpectedly brings out his claws, he’s court-ordered to stick with Angel while his paws are on U.S. soil. Angel’s talents and beauty fill the vacant places in his soul. Angel can’t seem to stop Quan from burning himself into her mind, right down to the exact dimensions of his abdominals. But when they fall into a trap, survival means pooling every one of their talents. A move that could balance their souls, or throw their hearts into dangerous chaos. (ebook only)

kangCatalyst (Control #2), by Lydia Kang, (March 24, Kathy Dawson Books)
In the past year Zel lost her father, the boy she loves, her safety, and any future she might have imagined for herself. Now she, her sister, and the band of genetic outcasts they’ve come to call their family are forced on the run when their safe house is attacked by men with neural guns. But on the way to a rumored haven in Chicago, Zel hears something, a whisper from Cy, the boy who traded himself for her sister’s safety. And when she veers off plan in order to search for him, what she finds is not what she expected. There’s more to their genetic mutations than they ever imagined, aspects that make them wonder if they might be accepted by the outside world after all.

fineClaimed (Servants of Fate #2), by Sarah Fine, (March 24, 47North)
Galena Margolis, a scientist with a tragic past, is determined to develop the vaccine that could save millions. When Galena’s test subjects meet with foul play, it’s clear that someone is still determined to stop her, and that Galena herself is a target. As the Ferry empire forges a plan to keep her safe, Declan Ferry, the politics-hating black sheep of the family, steps forward to protect her. It becomes terrifyingly clear that someone threatens to destroy not only Galena’s lifesaving work but also the very fabric of fate. Galena and Declan work to uncover the traitor. They also forge a special bond that could save both Galena and those she’s sworn to help. Can Galena find room for a passion that could make her stronger than ever? Even if she and Declan can find their way together, will it be enough to keep the future from coming apart at the seams?

bickleDark Alchemy, by Laura Bickle, (March 24, Harper Voyager Impulse)
Geologist Petra Dee arrives in Wyoming looking for clues to her father’s disappearance years before. What she finds instead is Temperance, a dying Western town with a gold rush past and a meth-infested present. But under the town’s dust and quiet, an old power is shifting. When bodies start turning up, desiccated and twisted skeletons that Petra can’t scientifically explain, her investigations land her in the middle of a covert war between the town’s most powerful interests. Petra’s father wasn’t the only one searching for the alchemical secrets of Temperance, and those still looking are now ready to kill. Armed with nothing but shaky alliances, a pair of antique guns, and a relic she doesn’t understand, the only thing Petra knows for sure is that she and her coyote sidekick are going to have to move fast, or die next. (ebook only)

kim_klavanGuardians (Wasteland #3), by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, (March 24, HarperTeen)
No one dares leave the District, the towering structure of glass and steel that is their protection against the unruly bands of Outsiders that roam Mundreel and the deadly rain that carries the disease that kills all over the age of nineteen. This skyscraper stands amid the urban devastation, the city rumored to have once been called “Montreal.” Esther and her allies have created a haven on the rooftop, a garden that flourishes, and a home for her new baby, hidden from all but the very few who know her secret. But as Gideon’s power grows and factions form, an unlikely leader learns to control every action of the District’s people. As the ultimate darkness is born from greed, Esther must find a way to save the citizens from themselves.

greenHalf Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy #2), by Sally Green, (March 24, Viking Juvenile)
In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, seventeen-year-old Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world’s most powerful and violent witch. Nathan is hunted from all sides: nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted. Now, Nathan has come into his own unique magical Gift, and he’s on the run, but the Hunters are close behind, and they will stop at nothing until they have captured Nathan and destroyed his father.

gregoryHarrison Squared, by Daryl Gregory, (March 24, Tor)
Harrison Harrison, H2 to his mom, is a teenager who’s been terrified of the water since he was a toddler in California, when a huge sea creature capsized their boat, and his father vanished. One of the “sensitives” who are attuned to the supernatural world, Harrison and his mother have just moved to the worst place for a boy like him: Dunnsmouth, a Lovecraftian town on rocks above the Atlantic, where strange things go on by night, monsters lurk under the waves, and creepy teachers run the local high school. On Harrison’s first day at school, his mother, a marine biologist, disappears at sea. Harrison must attempt to solve the mystery of her accident, which puts him in conflict with a strange church, a knife-¬wielding killer, and the Deep Ones, fish¬-human hybrids that live in the bay. It will take all his resources, and an unusual host of allies, to defeat the danger and find his mother.

philipIcefall (Rebel Angels #4), by Gillian Philip, (March 24, Tor)
Death stalks Seth MacGregor’s clan in their otherworld exile. Kate NicNiven is close to ultimate victory, and she is determined that nothing will keep her from it. Not even the thing that took her soul: the horror that lurks in the sea caves. But Kate still needs Seth’s son Rory, and his power over the Veil. And she’ll go to any lengths to get him. Seth’s own soul is rotting from the wound inflicted by Kate, and survival for his loved ones seems all he can hope for. But might a mortal threat to his brother’s daughter force him to return to his own world to challenge Kate? And will Rory go with him? Because Rory suspects there’s a darkness trapped in the Veil, a darkness that wants to get out. But only one Sithe knows how near it is to getting its way: Seth’s bound lover, the witch Finn. Nobody gets forever. But some are willing to try. (U.S. Release)

careyIn the Time of Dragon Moon (Wilde Island Chronicles #3), by Janet Lee Carey, (March 24, Kathy Dawson Books)
On the southernmost tip of Wilde Island, far from the Dragonswood sanctuary and the Pendragon Castle, live the native Euit people. Uma, who is half Euit and half English, and not fully accepted by her tribe, wants to become a healer like her Euit father. The mad English queen in the north, desperate for another child, kidnaps Uma and her father and demands that he cure her barrenness. After her father dies, Uma must ensure that the queen is with child by the time of the Dragon Moon, or be burned at the stake. Uma reaches out to her only possible ally: the king’s nephew Jackrun, a fiery dragonrider with dragon, fairy, and human blood. Together, they must navigate through a sea of secrets, unveil a dark plot spawned long ago in Dragonswood, and find a way to accept all the elements, Euit, English, dragon, and fairy, that make them who they are.

blackwoodJinx’s Fire (Jinx #3), by Sage Blackwood, (March 24, Katherine Tegen Books)
The young wizard Jinx concludes his suspenseful and dryly humorous adventures in the magical forest of the Urwald. The forest is under attack and its magic is fading. Can Jinx summon enough of his magic, the bright fire within him, to rescue Simon, defeat the Bonemaster, unite the Urwald, and fight off the invaders? He is the Urwald’s only hope.

thompsonMedicine for the Dead (Children of the Drought #2), by Arianne “Tex” Thompson, (March 24, Solaris)
Two years ago, the crow-god Marhuk sent his grandson to Sixes. Two nights ago, a stranger picked up his gun and shot him. Two hours ago, the funeral party set out for the holy city of Atali’Krah, braving the wastelands to bring home the body of Dulei Marhuk. One more corpse should hardly make a difference. But the blighted landscape has been ravaged by drought, twisted by violence, and warped by magic, and no-one is immune. Vuchak struggles to keep the party safe from monsters, marauders, and his own troubled mind. Weisei is being eaten alive by a strange illness. Fearful, guilt-wracked Elim hopes he’s only imagining the sounds coming from Dulei’s coffin. As their supplies dwindle and tensions mount, the desert exacts a terrible price from its pilgrims, one that will be paid with the blood of the living, and the peace of the dead.

smithOrbs III: Redemption (Orbs #3), by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, (March 24, Simon & Schuster/Simon 451)
With their numbers diminishing and the alien armies growing, Sophie’s biosphere decides to join forces with the team from NTC’s submarine. They discover strange, alien poles at each of the world’s seven highest summits: alien technology that the survivors believe may hold the key to shutting down the alien ships. The satellite also reveals an encrypted set of coordinates that reveal SOS messages from US Military bases around the world, all activated on invasion day, except for one: Offutt Air Force Base. The biosphere must deal with sabotage from within and a strange nanotechnology that has infected several of the survivors. Sophie and team must decide whether a new discovery at Offutt is worth abandoning the biosphere. The more the team learns, the more they realize the planet may be beyond saving and that salvation may require leaving the planet forever. (ebook only)

harperThe Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire (Half Moon Hollow #3), by Molly Harper, (March 24, Pocket Books)
Gigi starts her first job (at Vampire Headquarters), gets over her first love, and may even fall for her first vampire. Gigi is no longer an innocent teen. All grown up and looking for love, her family and friends worry she’ll go for the sexy, alluring vampire instead of a nice, safe human. But sexy and alluring, with a penchant for biting, could be just what Gigi wants.

fisherThe Door in the Moon (Obsidian Mirror #3), by Catherine Fisher, (March 24, Dial)
It’s Midsummer Eve, and as Wintercombe Abbey is under siege by the Shee and their heartless faery queen, Jake and Sarah are snatched by a gang of time-traveling thieves and thrust into the chaos of the Reign of Terror. Meanwhile Janus, the tyrant of a dystopian future, is reaching back through the magical, inscrutable obsidian mirror to secure his power. They endure loyalty and loss, bravery and betrayal, triumph and terror; but the hard-won victory of the final pages is clearly only a brief respite before they must put aside differences and distrust to unite against their formidable enemies.

simmonsThe Fifth Heart, by Dan Simmons, (March 24, Little, Brown and Co)
In 1893, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James come to America together to solve the mystery of the 1885 death of Clover Adams, wife of the historian Henry Adams, member of the Adams family that has given the U.S. two Presidents. The suspected foul play may involve matters of national importance. Holmes is currently on his Great Hiatus, his three-year absence after Reichenbach Falls during which time the people of London believe him to be deceased. Holmes has faked his own death because the great detective has come to the conclusion that he is a fictional character. This leads to complications for James, for if his fellow investigator is a work of fiction, what does that make him? What can the storyteller do to fight against the sinister power, possibly named Moriarty, that may or may not be controlling them from the shadows?

mckenzieThe Haunting of Sunshine Girl, by Paige McKenzie and Alyssa B. Sheinmel, (March 24, Weinstein Books)
Sunshine Griffith and her mother Kat move from sunny Austin, Texas, to the rain-drenched town of Ridgemont, Washington. Though Sunshine is adopted, she and her mother have always been close, sharing a special bond. From the moment they arrive, Sunshine feels her world darken with an eeriness she cannot place. Even if Kat doesn’t recognize it, Sunshine knows that something about their new house is just creepy. Sunshine is followed around the house by an icy breeze, phantom wind slams her bedroom door shut, and eventually, the laughter Sunshine hears on her first night evolves into sobs. She can hardly believe it, but as the spirits haunting her house become more frightening, and it becomes clear that Kat is in danger, Sunshine must accept what she is, pass the test before her, and save her mother from a fate worse than death.

fergusonThe Lost Boys Symphony, by Mark Andrew Ferguson, (March 24, Little, Brown & Co.)
After Henry’s girlfriend Val leaves him and transfers to another school, his grief begins to manifest itself in bizarre and horrifying ways. Either he’s hallucinating, or the strength of his heartbreak over Val has unhinged reality itself. On the George Washington Bridge, a powerful hallucination knocks him out cold. When he awakens, he finds himself kidnapped by two strangers, one old, one middle-aged, who claim to be future versions of Henry himself. Val is the love of your life, they tell him. We’ve lost her, but you don’t have to. Henry’s best friend Gabe is on the verge of breakdown of his own. Gabe is consumed by a potent mix of guilt and sadness. When he is approached by an enigmatic stranger claiming to be an older version of his lost friend, Gabe begins to fear for his own sanity. With no one else to turn to, he reaches out to the only person who can possibly help him make sense of it all: Val.

wellesThe Moon Tells Secrets, by Savanna Welles, (March 24, St. Martin’s Griffin)
Raine is at her wits’ end. Her eleven-year-old son, Davey, whom she has raised by herself, has the power to shapeshift into any animal, a “gift” from his dead father. As Raine struggles to control his abilities that are so clearly out of her realm, a darker threat moves closer, a skinwalker bent on killing Raine and Davey. But even if the skinwalker doesn’t succeed, someone closer to Raine will become just as vicious. Cade, still grieving the brutal murder of his wife, finds solace in Raine’s companionship. But as the savage details of her death mirror the powers Davey is soon to have, Raine will have to fight to protect her son.

barronThe Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life, by T.A. Barron, (March 24, Philomel)
A small volume of homilies, spun from a 2013 speech and perfect for a graduate’s gift. Settled in his Crystal Cave, the old magician delivers observations and instructions gathered around “Seven Most Magical Words”, Gratitude, Courage, Knowledge, Belief, Wonder, Generosity and Hope, capped and completed by an eighth, Love. Threading in avuncular references to “my good friend Buddha,” “[t]hat fellow Albert Einstein” and other luminaries, he urges listeners to turn off their electronic devices, care for the planet, allow others their beliefs, and just generally “celebrate the wonder of it all.” Most importantly, don’t pass up love, because without it you “won’t feel agony, but you will also never experience ecstasy.”

davisWerewolves: A Hunter’s Guide, by Graeme Davis, (March 24, Osprey)
Fear the full moon; for on that day of lunacy the terrible wrath of the werewolves is unleashed. For thousands of years, from ancient Greek chronicles to modern news reports, from the depths of the darkest forests to dimly lit city streets, these dread beasts have stalked us in the realms of shadow and nightmare. Now, they are awakening. This book is the only thing standing between humanity and an overwhelming horde of snarling, ferocious lycanthropes. It reveals the secret societies devoted to studying their condition, providing information on where werewolves live, and what they do to survive. It illustrates the startling variety of werewolf subspecies, as diverse as humanity itself, collecting reports of skinwalkers, hengeyokai, and other shapeshifters from across the world.

The small print: This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info.

Now….go forth and tell me what you want to read!

40 thoughts on “New Releases March 21—March 27 and Readers Choice Contest

  1. I’ve been wanting to read one of Laura Bickle’s books for a while, so I think I’d like Dark Alchemy. Thanks!

  2. I see 3 or 4 books that look pretty intriguing – Angel, Claimed, The Moon Tells Secrets, and Dark Alchemy.

  3. Ohh, bunch of awesome books 😀 I think I would love to win Dark Alchemy. <3 Thank you so much for the chance, again 🙂 You are awesome.

  4. I also would choose Dark Alchemy by Laura Bickle, would be fun to try something new by her. I have Embers and Sparks in her Anya Kalinczyk series, and Dark Oracle and Rouge Oracle written as Alayna Williams in the Oracle series..

  5. Omg, there are so many interesting books this week, it’s hard to choose 🙂 Half Wild, The Hunter’s guide to Werewolves, Icefall, Guardians and The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire all sound interesting, so any one of them 🙂

  6. I think I’ll go with Claimed by Sarah Fine or The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper, both are awsome books.

  7. i would pick either the moon tells secrets or teh first half moon hollow by molly harper or the first in the wild island chronicles

    thank you a lot !

  8. I have to get the first in the Servants of Fate series…this is the first time I’ve EVER seen a character with my name!!!

  9. Oh my, Dan Simmons AND Sherlock Holmes. I do believe I have gone to heaven and I didn’t have to die to get there!

  10. Haunting of Sunshine Girl!

    thank you so very much 🙂

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  11. I think Catalyst by Lydia Kang sounds interesting. I have not read the first book ywt, though. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  12. I would like to enter for the new Molly Harper book, The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire.

  13. I’d love to read The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire since I’ve read the other books in the series. 🙂

  14. I’d love to win Dark Alchemy, by Laura Bickle. I’ve really enjoyed her previous work.

  15. My pick this week is The Fifth Heart, by Dan Simmons. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  16. I’d like the 1st book in the Wilde Island Chronicles series by Janet Lee Carey please

  17. Hi Suzanne! I’m going to have to go with Molly Harper’s book! As always, thanks for the awesome contest!!!

  18. I think I would pick either In the Time of Dragon Moon or the first book Control by Lydia Kang