See the Updated Sentinels Trailer and New Tour Spots

Happy Tuesday!

There are a couple of spots on the PIRATE’S ALLEY tour today, and remember that you can enter for the tour prizes (which includes a $50 Amazon GC or equivalent order from Book Depository if you’re outside the U.S.) from each spot.

There’s a review up at Bambi Unbridled, where reviewer Jen has been reading the whole series (thank you!) and posting reviews.

And there’s a review also up at Addicted 2 Heroines today. Hope you can check both sites out!

And now, for a trip down memory lane, the nice folks at Book Candy Studio revamped (heh) the Sentinels of New Orleans trailer to include PIRATE’S ALLEY–there are a few other new little touches as well. I don’t remember the kitty in the cemetery in the first one.

7 thoughts on “See the Updated Sentinels Trailer and New Tour Spots

  1. I am so in love with this series. It has really brought New Orleans and the surrounding area to life for me, and has made me start planning some sightseeing adventures. I tend to read mostly (steamy) romance novels, so it speaks to the exceptional quality of your writing that I stay riveted to thr story without the need for superfluous sex scenes. Kudos. I will be nominating this series for my book club next month!

  2. Book Candy Studio did good. New favorite quote “Order the Complete Set”.

  3. Awesome book trailer! Need to see DJ setting something on fire with her wand. Now the long wait for Belle Chasse!

  4. Liz, Jean we will all agree is a privater not a pirate.
    Charlie is a staff not a wand. Somehow I think we should not make him mad. The wait as it turns out is always well worth it. Suzanne has given us a wonderful world to talk about and share.

  5. Haha–Charlie doesn’t mind as long as he gets to burn something. DJ didn’t get in any good burning in PIRATE’S ALLEY. We need to remedy that!

    In the meantime, we have Jean Lafitte vs Jack Sparrow coming up on Friday. Sparrow makes Jean an interesting offer of trade for The Black Pearl. DJ is not amused. Rene is very amused. And that’s all I’m sayin’ 🙂