Special PIRATE’S ALLEY Preview, Special Giveaway, Special Winners

pirate's alleyIt’s all special today. Sorry for the late posting. Apparently, my Internet provider believes that when it rains, my services do not need to work, so I’ve been cut off from civilization for the morning.

Okay, “special” stuff’s a’doing today in honor of it being the official start of PIRATE’S ALLEY release week! Read on to find where I’ve hidden a special excerpt and how to win a signed copy of the new book.

First, a few reminders:

* The official PIRATE’S ALLEY blog tour starts tomorrow. Official tour prizes are Amazon Gift Cards, but there are also some “unofficial” appearances planned for the next month that will have their own giveaways. So check in here every weekday for the day’s links. You can enter for the giveaways at each official tour stop, even if it’s just a spotlight stop and doesn’t have a guest post or review.

* I have a monthly giveaway now. Click the Contest tab above to win a signed copy of your choice of any of my books except PIRATE’S ALLEY. If you win and already have the books, I’ll substitute a swag pack.

* The giveaway at Fresh Fiction is still going on, if you haven’t yet entered. Gorgeous handmade earrings and a book.

* REVIEWS! OMG, you guys don’t know how important these are. Amazon won’t let you post reviews until the book is actually released, so anytime after Tuesday, please leave a review–even if you hated it. Sigh. I hope you don’t :-). Goodreads reviews are also welcome.

* The newsletter is back! If you missed last week’s edition, you missed out on entering for a cool giveaway. I’ll be doing newsletters on the 15th of every month. They’re short, they won’t clog up your mailbox, and will cover news for my books as both Suzanne Johnson and Susannah Sandlin. So if you didn’t receive Wednesday’s newsletter, click on the “Newsletter” tab above and sign up for the next one!

* If you missed reading “PIRATE ON A ROADTRIP,” a four part original story featuring Jean Lafitte, you can still scroll back through past posts to find it or click here for part one, here for part two, here for part three, and here for part four. I will leave the story up for another few days, then will pull it down to add to the story collection I’ll be releasing this fall.

* Congratulations to AURIAN, who won last week’s Reader’s Choice contest. She chose the new book from Jocelyn Drake! Come back tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice giveaway.

* Okay, I have posted the first two ENTIRE chapters of PIRATE’S ALLEY, which you can find by clicking on the “Workshops” tab above. To win a signed copy of Pirate’s Alley, which I already have in my hot little hands, tell me what DJ picked out for Alex’s Christmas present (the gag gift, not the real one). Leave a comment here. I’ll announce the winner on release day, on Tuesday; open internationally.

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24 thoughts on “Special PIRATE’S ALLEY Preview, Special Giveaway, Special Winners

  1. I wasn’t sure if I was to post the answer here, now it’s out. As Seen on TV, The Perfect Bacon Bowl. D.J. plans to get it later for her own use. LOL Exciting week coming up. Yes, the wait is over…..

  2. It’s a Perfect Bacon bowl. There is a point. After all, who doesn’t love bacon?

  3. The Perfect Bacon Bowl -gag gift to Alex which will end up in DJ’s hands. 🙂 Sounds yummy!

    Thank you for both chapters! I pre-ordered a copy of Pirate’s Alley which means shipping will delay my reading of the story. I might have to get the book from the library before my copy arrives! I’m too excited to wait another week!!! 🙂

  4. Lol as everyone says Perfect Bacon Bowl, it has to be right 😉 And I won, yeah! Can I substitute the book for Pirate’s Alley? Waiting for the paperback will be so long!

  5. Perfect Bacon Bowl (“Everything Tastes Better in a Bowl of Bacon!”)
    i think i will start getting gag gift for my brother now….but i’m not sure i could be as good as DJ in this^^

  6. oooh… bacon bowl 🙂 I think I’d like to try that at least once in real life. Congrats on the upcoming release!!

  7. Perfect Bacon Bowl.. As they said above it was a little disappointing sadly. But a great gift for him. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read.

  8. I almost can’t say it! It’s a horrible gift imo:
    The Perfect Bacon Bowl


  9. The Perfect Bacon Bowl. And now after reading that excerpt, I REALLY gotta read this series! I love snarky heroines with complicated lives.