TBR-Toppling Ten-Book Giveaway, Merman Edition

Hey, babe. Rene Delachaise here.

DJ, she say I have to give away some books today because Suzanne can’t bring herself to do it. I mean, why da hell you need so many books anyway? Don’t get me wrong; I like me a book every once in a while. That old man and sea book was okay. That Ahab dude mighta caught his whale if he’d had a shorter book. Well, and the whole pegleg thing sucked.

Anyway, I figure if I’m gonna give away books, I am gonna give away a LOT of books. Ten is a good number, right? If you live outside da U.S., I’ll send ’em in two or three boxes so Suzanne don’t come lookin’ for me to give her postage money.

I got no idea what this stuff is, so here ya go.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment saying which of these books you’d read first. Or if you’d rather go swimmin’ with me. I can do stuff underwater that’ll make your toes curl, babe.

foxBOOK 1:
IMMORTALLY EMBRACED, by Angie Fox (St. Martin’s, author-signed mass-market paperback)
I think this might be mushy stuff, but at least the dude on the cover has some ink. I like ink. The blurb:  Even during a truce, Dr. Petra Robichaud has her hands full as the M*A*S*H surgeon to an army of warring gods—especially when Medusa herself turns up pregnant. Petra has no idea what to expect when a gorgon’s expecting, but she won’t let it turn her to stone. As the healer-hero of an ancient prophesy, it’s Petra’s job to keep the peace. But as the lover to a warrior demi-god, she knows how impossible some jobs can be… Commander Galen is sexy, strong, and sworn to lead his team to hell and back. But when he announces to Petra that he can no longer risk her life for his love, the doctor is on her own…Until a mysterious new entity—in the form of a hot-blooded male—enters the picture. Can he be trusted? Can he be resisted? Meanwhile, an oracle delivers another prophesy that places Petra back on the frontlines with the man she may be bound to for eternity—in love, or in war…

smithBOOK 2:
NIGHT WORLD, NO. 1 by LJ Smith (Simon Pulse, trade paperback)
Hey, there are three books here—some series that came out before the author wrote the Vampire Diaries. I watch that sometimes although real vampires ain’t nearly that nice. Contains Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness and Spellbinder. The blurb:  Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters — they live among us without our knowledge. Night World is their secret society, a secret society with very strict rules. And falling in love breaks all the laws of the Night World. In Secret Vampire, Poppy thought the summer would last forever. Then she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now Poppy’s only hope for survival is James, her friend and secret love. A vampire in the Night World, James can make Poppy immortal. But first they both must risk everything to go against the laws of Night World. Fugitives from Night World, three vampire sisters leave their isolated home to live among humans in Daughters of Darkness. Their brother, Ash, is sent to bring the girls back, but he falls in love with their beautiful friend. Two witch cousins fight over their high school crush. It’s a battle between black magic and white magic in Spellbinder.

smith2BOOK 3:
NIGHT WORLD, NO. 2, by LJ Smith (Simon Pulse, trade paperback)
Three more books, babe. I mean, what’s the fascination with vamps? Mers, we’re much sexier and we can do it in the sun, ya know? This one has “Dark Angel” and “The Chosen” and “Soul Mate.” The blurb:  In Dark Angel, Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel. Only visible to Gillian, Angel will fulfill her heart’s every desire. But when Angel starts making strange and sinister requests, Gillian must question who he truly is and where he came from. Armed with a wooden stake, martial arts, and the will to resist a vampire’s mind control, Rashel struggles to avenge her mother’s death in The Chosen. Then she meets Quinn, her soulmate, who is part of the world she has vowed to destroy.Hannah receives notes warning her of incredible danger in Soulmate. But if death is her destiny, is the Lord of the Night World’s love strong enough to save her?

palmerBOOK 4:
OATH OF OFFICE, by Michael Palmer (St. Martin’s, hardcover).
Now, dis is more like it. A guy book. I’m just sayin’… The blurb:  When Dr. John Meacham goes on a shooting spree the office, his business partner, staff, and two patients are killed in the bloodbath. Then Meacham turns the gun on himself. The blame falls on Dr. Lou Welcome. Welcome worked with Meacham years before as a counselor after John’s medical license had been revoked for drug addiction. Lou knew that John was an excellent doctor and deserved to be practicing medicine and fought hard for his license to be restored. After hearing the news of the violent outburst, Lou is in shock like everyone else, but mostly he’s incredulous. And when he begins to look into it further, the terrifying evidence he finds takes him down a path to an unspeakable conspiracy that seems to lead directly to the White House and those in the highest positions of power.

williamsBOOK 5:
MILES FROM ORDINARY, by Carol Lynch Williams (St. Martins, trade paperback)
Ai-yi-yi. Teenage human girls. The blurb:  Thirteen-year-old Lacey wakes to a beautiful summer morning excited to begin her new job at the library, just as her mother is supposed to start work at the grocery store. Lacey hopes that her mother’s ghosts have finally been laid to rest; after all, she seems so much better these days, and they really do need the money. But as the hours tick by and memories come flooding back, a day full of hope spins terrifyingly out of control…. “No one can get inside the head and heart of a 13-year-old girl better than Carol Lynch Williams, and I mean no one,” said James S. Jacobs, Professor of Children’s Literature at Brigham Young University, of her breakout novel, The Chosen One. Now, with Miles from Ordinary, this award-winning YA author brings us an equally gripping story of a girl who loves her mother, but must face the truth of what life with that mother means for both of them. Miles from Ordinary was recently named to The American Libray Associations 2012 list of Best Fiction for Young Adults. The Chosen One was named one of 2012’s Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults by the ALA.

scotchBOOK 6:
THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, by Allison Winn Scotch (Putnam, ARC)
I dunno, babe. “Who are we without our memories?” Kinda gives me the heebies, ya know? The blurb:  One of only two survivors of a plane crash, Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of the horrific experience-or who she is, or was. Now she must piece together both body and mind, with the help of family and friends, who have their own agendas. She filters through photos, art, music, and stories, hoping something will jog her memory, and soon, in tiny bits and pieces, Nell starts remembering. . . . It isn’t long before she learns to question the stories presented by her mother, her sister and business partner, and her husband. In the end, she will discover that forgiving betrayals small and large will be the only true path to healing herself-and to finding happiness.

blockBOOK 7:
DANGEROUS ANGELS, by Francesca Lia Block (HarperCollins, trade)
“A sensualist’s paradise.” Well, hell, now we are talking. Except there are five books in this collection with names like “Weetzie Bat” and “Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys,” so I ain’t so sure. Goat Guys gotta be bad news. The blurb:  The Weetzie Bat series, by acclaimed author Francesca Lia Block, was listed among NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. This collection brings together the five luminous novels of the series: Weetzie Bat, Witch Baby, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, Missing Angel Juan, and Baby Be-Bop. Spinning a saga of interwoven lives and beating hearts, these postmodern fairy tales take us to a Los Angeles brimming with magical realism: a place where life is a mystery, pain can lead to poetry, strangers become intertwined souls, and everyone is searching for the most beautiful and dangerous angel of all: love. The Weetzie Bat books broke new ground with their stylized, lyrical prose and unflinching look at the inner life of teens. The New York Times declared Dangerous Angels was “transcendent.” And the Village Voice proclaimed “Ms. Block writes for the young adult in all of us.”

katsuBOOK 8:
THE TAKER, by Alma Katsu (Gallery, hardcover)
Suzanne says this one’s awesome, but then she has some questionable tastes, you know? She puts up with that freaking elf that’s making DJ’s life miserable. The blurb:  On the midnight shift at a hospital in rural St. Andrew, Maine, Dr. Luke Findley is expecting a quiet evening–until a mysterious woman, Lanore McIlvrae, arrives in his ER, escorted by police. Lanore is a murder suspect, and Luke is inexplicably drawn to her. As Lanny tells him her story, an impassioned account of love and betrayal that transcends time and mortality, she changes his life forever. At the turn of the nineteenth century, Lanny was consumed as a child by her love for the son of St. Andrew’s founder, and she will do anything to be with him forever, but the price she pays is steep–an immortal bond that chains her to a terrible fate.

reesBOOK 9:
THE DEMI-MONDE: WINTER, by Rod Frees (Morrow, ARC)
First book in some series but it ain’t got the final cover on it. Sounds kinda cool. The blurb:  The Demi-Monde:
1. A subclass of society whose members embrace a decadent lifestyle and evince loose morals.
2. A shadow world where the norms of civilized behavior have been abandoned.
3. A massive multiple-player simulation technology that re-creates in a wholly realistic cyber-milieu the threat-ambiance and no-warning aspects of a hi-intensity, deep-density, urban Asymmetric Warfare Environment.
4. Hell.
Welcome to the Demi-Monde, the ultimate in virtual reality—a military training ground and vivid, simulated world of cruelty and chaos run by psychopaths, madmen and fanatics. If you die here, you die in the Real World . . . In the year 2018, the Demi-Monde is the most sophisticated, complex and unpredictable computer simulation ever created, devised specifically to train soldiers for the nightmarish reality of urban warfare. A virtual world of eternal civil conflict, its thirty million inhabitants—“Dupes”—are ruled by cyber-duplicates of some of history’s cruelest tyrants: the fanatical Nazi butcher Reinhard Heydrich; Stalin’s arch executioner Lavrentii Beria; the torture-loving Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada; the Reign of Terror’s bloodthirsty mastermind Maximilien Robespierre. But something has gone horribly wrong inside the Demi-Monde, and the U.S. president’s daughter, Norma, has been lured into this terrifying shadow world, only to be trapped there. Her last hope of rescue is Ella Thomas, an eighteen-year-old jazz singer and very reluctant heroine. But when Ella infiltrates the Demi-Monde and begins her hunt for Norma, she soon discovers the walls containing the evils of this simulated environment are dissolving—and the Real World is in far more danger than anyone knows. With the help of resistors determined to understand their world, Ella must race to save Norma and stop an apocalypse . . . but the clock is ticking. Blending fact and fantasy, history and religion, military and existential themes, epic adventure and dark wit, dystopia and steampunk in a wholly original and driving narrative stream, The Demi-Monde: Winter is inventive fiction at its finest.

youvanoffBOOK 10:
THE REPLACEMENT, by Brenna Yovanoff (Razorbill, ARC)
Man, this cover has creeped me out. I need to go for a swim, babe. Do what you gotta do. The blurb: Mackie Doyle is The Replacement—left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. He has been raised among us. But he is not one of us. Now, he must face the dark creatures of the slag heaps from which he came and find his rightful place—in our world or theirs.

So, which one most floats your merman, or if you’ve read one of them, what did you think? Leave your answer in a comment, and whoever’s taking over the blog next Sunday will announce winners!

36 thoughts on “TBR-Toppling Ten-Book Giveaway, Merman Edition

  1. I would start with Angie Fox’s Monster M.A.S.H. story Immortally Embraced.

  2. I’d like to read Immortally Embraced first then go for that swim 😉

  3. I’d pick up Dangerous Angels first I think.
    Voodoo Bride wants Rene to know she would rather go swimming with him though.

  4. I really enjoyed Immortally Embraced. Love Rene’s thought son the books! Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  5. IMMORTALLY EMBRACED, by Angie Fox or I could so go with the swimming plan!

  6. That swim sounds terribly tempting…but since i am spoken for I would read Immortally Embraced first of the pile.

  7. Give me Rene any day! 🙂
    All books on this list would come in last place to Rene!! Adore that merman!! (Thanks for the giveaway though)

  8. Immortaly Embraced sounds really good so I wiuld read this first but several are a close second.

  9. What a fantastic selection of books! I would start with Immortally Embraced. Of course, I’d love some swimming lessons with Rene!!!

  10. immortally embraced , definitively but a swim with Rene is also terribly tempting that’s for sure

  11. Oh Miles from Ordinary sounds good although I would rather swim with Rene.

  12. I would read the Angie Fox book first. She is a hoot! We love Rene…what you see is what you get! (I’m just sayin’)!!!!

  13. Immortally Embraced looks most exciting to me. I’ve enjoyed the other Angie Fox books I’ve read.

  14. THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff –like you this cover totally freaks me out but it’s been on my wishlist for ages.

  15. Hello Steampunky goodness … I’d pick THE DEMI-MONDE: WINTER as the first book to read. We can go swimming once I’m done with it (sorry, Rene).

  16. I would go for underwater but ti is cold. So I guess I shall settle for The Taker as my first choice.