Throwback Thursday: DJ Meets Rand

RiverRoadOnly one tour stop today and it’s a spotlight, but you can enter for the giveaway at Mommabear’s Book Blog.

And then I’ll leave you with a look at the first meeting between DJ and everyone’s favorite elf (not), Rand, from RIVER ROAD:

DJ has just arrived for brunch with Eugenie, who’s brought along her new boyfriend and their neighbor...

Eugenie looked great, her short spiky auburn hair edged with conservative blond tips and her face wearing a minimum of makeup. Must be Mr. Natural’s influence. I gave her a hug and turned to meet Quince, who was sitting across from her.

Okay, I could see the attraction. He had thick, honey-blond hair pulled back in a ponytail not unlike my own, and a green gemstone stud in one ear. He reached out a grasped my hand, shaking it firmly. “It’s great to meet you. Eugenie talks about you all the time.”

“She talks a lot about you too, Quince.” The man had no idea.

He smiled and his blue-green eyes were almost enthralling. “Most people call me Rand, but Eugenie likes my real name better than my nickname.”

After a half hour of small talk, I wasn’t sure I liked Quince Randolph. He was drop-dead gorgeous, no question about that. But there was something off about him I couldn’t quite pinpoint. He stared too hard when he talked to you, made my eye contact than a normal person. I tried to dig into his head a little but came up blank, which was weird, except I’d done a heavy grounding ritual this morning.

“You know, I just noticed something.” Eugenie had a funny look on her face. “You guys have the same hair and eye colo. I’d never realized it till I saw you sitting there across from each other.”

“Maybe we’re very distantly related.” Rand smiled.

“I doubt it,” I said, frowning. “I don’t have much family. And if we were related, I’d be pissed off that you have better cheekbones.”

And of course, it’s all downhill from there. Admittedly, at that stage, I had no idea they’d end up in their current predicament!

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11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: DJ Meets Rand

  1. Kind of fun to see something from River Road. One of my favorite Cliff Nielsen covers. I’ve grown to not like Rand much. LOL. Change that to not like him at all.

    • I can’t decide between River Road and Pirate’s Alley on which cover is my favorite. I wasn’t wild about the Elysian Fields cover, gotta be honest. Yeah, at first I thought I could save Rand but he just keeps doing things that are so awful. πŸ™‚

    • LOL–you had his number from the beginning! He does some good things but he always has an ulterior motive. So does Jean, but in Jean it’s charming. πŸ™‚

  2. I hope Rand gets his butt kicked-I do not like him. Also hoping DJ does find some long lost relatives through Rand. πŸ™‚

  3. Poor Eugenie! She will be dealing with Rand forever even if she doesn’t want too! Hope DJ can be her best bud through the next mess. And DJ needs to find a way to break her bond with Rand too!