Lafitte, Jack Sparrow, More Lafitte

rabid reads and hidee thursdayBecause it’s all about the pirate, right? Lots going on today in the PIRATE’S ALLEY world. Four piratical stops, to be exact.

First, I’m over at READING REALITY today, talking about why we are so fascinated with pirates. Not just “our” pirate, either. But historical pirates in general. This is an official tour stop so you can enter for the tour prizes. There’s also a great review!

Then, yes, as promised, DJ, Jean and Rene are getting into trouble over at DARK FAERIE TALES as they meet up with Captain Jack Sparrow. Sort of. This is an unofficial stop and has its very own giveaway, so be sure to pop over!

Finally, you can enter for the official tour prizes at GIZMO’S REVIEWS today, where there’s a great review. I always feel stalkerish commenting on reviews but I do urge you to head on over and weigh in and fill in the handy-dandy Rafflecopter form.

No prizes here, but this interview in the International Thriller Writers magazine, THE BIG THRILL, might give you a clue as to some of the things I’m considering in the future for the Sentinels world!

Everyone’s asking about when BELLE CHASSE will come out. It has been written, it was turned in to the publisher at the end of December, and….I have no idea. My guess would be spring 2016.

In the meantime, I’m plotting some mischief for next week, so have a great weekend!

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