Naps, Checkups, Art, and Project Runway

shine-loresAbout a week left on the PIRATE’S ALLEY tour, so a few stops left to enter for those prizes, you guys.

Today, I am at author Marsha A. Moore’s blog talking about how one of you, my cherished readers, kind of unknowingly saved my sanity a year or so ago. Or at least pulled my mule out of the ditch, to use a nice Southern phrase–LOL. (Yep, Roger, I’m talking about you.)

There are several of you who’ve done SO MUCH to bolster my spirits in what has been a rough two years between the day job chaos, the stalker, the two Rainbow Bridge visits and my own inability to ask for help (or deadline extensions) when I need it. So I hope you’ll head over and find out how art has come to play a role in my staying-sane process–AND enter to win the tour prizes, of course!

There is also an official tour stop and PIRATE’S ALLEY review at Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock–thanks for the review! Yep, you can enter for the tour prizes there too. One entry at each tour stop.

After three consecutive 18-hour workdays on the day job, I am off today, so what am I doing for fun? Well, I have a doctor’s appointment at 8 a.m., which sounded like a good idea when I made the appointment six months ago. Now, not so much.

Then I’m going to take a nap and then watch some useless video like a Project Runway marathon. There’s something about bitchy fashion designers that makes me laugh.

And then I’m going to write. Yes! And I’m going to work on an actual book–not a story about a capital campaign or magazine obituaries.

And that makes it a good day. Oh yeah, and it’s my birthday.

I’m old. I shall eat barbecue, drink a glass of moscato (or two), and buy myself some dahlias.

Have a good one!

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Author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and suspense. As Suzanne Johnson, she is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series (Royal Street; River Road: Elysian Fields, Pirate's Alley, Belle Chasse, Frenchmen Street (March 2018). Writing as Susannah Sandlin, she is the author of the Penton Legacy series (Redemption; Absolution; Omega; Storm Force; Allegiance; ILLUMINATION); The Collectors series (Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Deadly, Calm, and Cold); and the Wilds of the Bayou series (Wild Man's Curse; Black Diamond).

10 thoughts on “Naps, Checkups, Art, and Project Runway

  1. Happy Birthday. On my birthday my daughter takes me to Portillo’s for ribs and chocolate cake.

    • Roger, I think that is a great place to celebrate your birthday. I love Portillo’s chocolate cake!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    No matter what we do on our birthday as long as it something we love it’s good as we are all different^^ so really indulge in whatever makes you happy and if by miracle postman works quicker than it show on internet you will perhaps even gert more teeats ( or they will arrive later but it’s not important when teh essential is that you like it)

    You really deserve the treat and time for you as well as our support so *HUGS*
    best wishes!!
    Joyeux Anniversaire!

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! The BBQ sounds delicious and Project Runaway is so fun to watch, so enjoy your day! Also, Big Congrats on being a double finalist!

  4. Happy birthday, Suzanne! Hope you really enjoy your day of (relative) relaxation.

  5. Happy Birthday! I have to tell you I read and love ALL your books ,series under all your aka’s. Stay sane and keep writing and doing the art! It’s great!