Scene-Snippet Sunday, Project News, and Weekly Winner

stagHappy Sunday! Last week was a whirlwind of guest blogs on the PIRATE’S ALLEY online tour, and those giveaways (even the non-tour ones) are still in play so if you missed some spots, be sure and scroll back through the past few days’ posts to get the URLs. A lot coming up this next week as well, so look for the links here each day.

Ye Olde Day Jobbe is in full deadline mode this and next week, including weekends, so I have some special guests lined up and could go missing for a day or two. My magazine goes to the printer on May 12 so I should be able to catch my breath after that.

There’s a lot going on in the background this year! I’m working on WILD MAN’S BLUFF, the first book in my new Wardens series. I’m also at work on a standalone novella for an anthology called DARK SECRETS: A PARANORMAL NOIR ANTHOLOGY. It will contain all-new novellas from Rachel Caine, Cynthia Eden, Megan Hart, Jeffe Kennedy, Mina Khan and myself. We’re working toward a fall release and should have a cover reveal soon! I love all of these authors, so I’m excited to be a part of this project. Here’s the blurb for my novella:

CURSE OF THE HUNTER by Suzanne Johnson

Falkner, the youngest son of Hearne, the Faerie King of the Hunt, has been cursed by Queen Maeve and exiled to the human world for 100 years of celibacy—and he’s on year 99 and counting. With an iron will, he runs a club for exiled fae and the only spot in which faerie magic can be used: a spot in a New Orleans back alley called The Hunt Club. One more month, and Falk can resume his place in fae society. There’s only one problem: Queen Maeve doesn’t want him back. In order to end his celibacy and extend his curse for another century, she sends temptation his way in the form of Liandra, a young noblewoman with a grudge of her own. She doesn’t want Falk cursed for another hundred years; she wants him dead.

Faerie intrigue! And no, this will not be tied into my Sentinels world, as I’m doing a test run to see if The Hunt Club has its own series potential. We shall see.

In the meantime, how about a little tiny snippet from BELLE CHASSE? When will it come out? I have no idea. My guess would be April-June 2016 because even though the book was turned in four months ago, I haven’t yet received any editorial feedback. Ultimately it’s out of my hands.

In this snippet, it’s Christmas Eve and DJ has gotten a note via transport from her cousin Audrey to go to a certain hotel room in Old Orleans to get a holiday surprise. She has no idea what it is, so Jake decides he better go with her….

 The Dauphine Express was the name of a hotel and bar a few doors from the transport, which lay in the middle of Dauphine Street. Jake looked at the note again. “This is it, the Dauphine Inn Express.”

            It lay on a quiet block—at least it was quiet for Old Orleans, a mind-boggling mirror version of the modern city, with working artifacts from different eras. A few places had electricity, and they were always crowded with a variety of species. Goblins took up space at most of the bars serving modern alcohol smuggled in by Rene and Jean, from which they earned an enviable income. At least on this block, there weren’t hookers of every species offering their services from open doorways and windows.

            One would never know it was Christmas Eve, either. Not a bit of mistletoe in sight.

            Jake started toward the hotel but stopped when he realized I wasn’t following. I need to send him back to Barataria, unless… “Is this an open transport?”

            I knelt and touched a finger to the interlocking circle and triangle etched into the brick of the street. It had an odd vibe to it. It was open, but what the hell had it been powered with?

            “It’s an old wizard transport that Christof adapted to work with faery magic, so it’s a secretly open transport we can use. If you tried to use wizard’s magic on it, it wouldn’t work,” Jake said. “Of course, now that I’ve told you it’s here, I’ll have to kill you—unless you promise not to tell.”

            I’d heard a lot of that today. Since he didn’t need me to get him back to his fiancée in Barataria, I’d let Jake be chivalrous and escort me to the mystery room. I couldn’t imagine what Audrey had done, and half expected to see Lennox or Zrakovi, backed by a cadre of enforcers, when I knocked on the door.

            What I didn’t expect to see was Alex, wearing nothing but a tight pair of black boxer briefs and a red velvet bow around his neck. I swear I almost swooned. I definitely drooled.

            “Oh my God. I’m scarred for life. I’ll never be able to unsee that.” Jake slapped his hands over his eyes, turned, and fled back down the hallway. I wasn’t going anywhere except inside.

Heh. See, Alex isn’t so bad.

NOW…the winner of last week’s READER’S CHOICE giveaway was NATALIE, who chose An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. Please email me at with choice of print or digital and your address!


See you tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice giveaway!

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6 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday, Project News, and Weekly Winner

  1. oh but… is it really Alex? with faeries and wizards around you better be extra prudent and putting him like that would sakre the escort ( jake who can’t sniff if it’s really alex)….

  2. I’m with Jake. Cover my eyes and flee. LOL. Thanks for the snippet, I think.

  3. I like the sound of the new book! Have you checked with your editor if he/she even received your book? That is a long time with no feed back … or perhaps it is perfect and does not need editing and is of to the printer?