Into the Home Stretch–and Winners!

newsletter giveawayHowdy. I’m sure you’ve forgotten me by now. It’s been a “writing cave” week, with the first Wild Wardens series due to my publisher on Wednesday. Gotta say, I’m loving this book as it lets me get immersed in a new corner of Louisiana. So, since it’s Sunday, there’s a new scene snippet!

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Now.. how about a scene snippet from the current work-in-progress, WILD MAN’S BLUFF? In this scene, Celestine Savoie, our heroine, has arrived home from running errands. She’s living in the little bayou cabin inherited from her great-aunt, who was murdered about a week earlier…..

The twenty-mile drive south from Houma led Cele toward a blackening sky, with cloud-to-ground lightning already streaking in the distance.

A prickly sensation crossed her shoulder blades when she finally pulled into the long drive leading to the cabin. Nothing appeared out of place at the back of the house, so her unsettled feeling could probably be blamed on the weather. The sky had turned an ugly charcoal gray; even ordinary thunderstorms could be fierce here at the bottom of the world.

At least it would cool things down for a few hours. Cele had spent her cheap AC unit money on the overpriced tactical knife.

She gathered her bags and papers, pushed the truck door shut with her hip and made it to the protective overhang of the porch in time to escape the first raindrops. They fell in big, fat plops, slowly at first and, within seconds, so hard that visibility dropped to two feet, max.

A faint odor of cigarette smoke hung in the thick, humid air. Intent on looking for any signs of movement in the swamp or the sign of a smoker in a boat, Cele rounded the corner of the porch to the front of the house and didn’t stop until something wispy brushed past her nose and cheek.

She let out an eep and froze a breathless second before backing up. A human skull hung from a frayed rope tied onto a hook in the porch ceiling, the dirty, worn strands of fiber woven through the eye sockets. It hung low enough for her to look the thing right in the eyes, if it had eyes. About half of its yellow teeth had been broken off. It swung toward her, propelled by the wind from the storm.

A tingle of adrenaline raced up her back and across her scalp. She did a slow one-eighty, looking for anything else out of place, and dropped her bags with a clatter when her gaze came to rest on the front door.


Ruh-roh. I think Cele’s in trouble.

See you tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice and I’ll be giving away lots of TBR books this week–gotta pare down that growing mountain!

5 thoughts on “Into the Home Stretch–and Winners!

  1. A human skull on this return, a tongue on an earlier return, just maybe Cele shouldn’t go home. LOL! This is going to be fun.

  2. ^^ i do wonder what body part will be next ^^;;
    i do want to read this!

    and don’t worry we could not forget about you at all^^ *hugs*

  3. Poor Cele needs to move to a new house, preferably one without body parts attached to it! Looking forward to the whole story!