30 Books in 30 Days: Saturday Edition

Oops, got busy and almost forgot the blog today! It was fun reading about everyone’s childhood toys yesterday, particularly the similarities despite age and geographic differences. In honor of that post, here’s one of my favorite photos of my dogs Shane and Tanker. I lost both of them at age 15 this past year, about six months apart, and miss them terribly, but this photo still makes me laugh. Needless to say, the pink and white bear, which they stole out of my room while I was at work, did not survive.

tug lo-res

So, book time!

In honor of the upcoming fun at  Authors After Dark, I’m doing a 30-Books-in-30-Days giveaway. Okay, really it’s so I can pare down my TBR pile. Open internationally, and the book is a mystery–I can only tell you it will be either UF, SF, Fantasy, YA paranormal, or PNR. If you win, you can give me a couple of genres and I’ll match them if I can but I”m a lot heavier on some genres than others. (I don’t have a lot of adult UF, in other words because there just isn’t much coming out anymore.)

All you have to do to enter is answer a question, and it’s an easy one today. How are/did you spend your Saturday? I did the weekly grocery shopping for my 90-y-o parental unit, had sushi for lunch (yum), and now am working. What a surprise.

How about you? Let me live vicariously!

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25 thoughts on “30 Books in 30 Days: Saturday Edition

  1. We went to the library, my boyfriend cleaned out the shed and the we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Making burgers on the grill for dinner.

  2. Went to the Farmers Market and walked around Fairy Lake…..absolutely gorgeous weather day.

  3. I got up early so I could get a walk in before it got too hot, otherwise it would be out of the question here in Central Florida. Came home, jumped in the pool to cool off and still had plenty of day to read and relax on the computer. I’m reading Laura Bickle’s Dark Alchemy and it’s very good!

  4. Spent the morning in the garage, sanding a bed frame I’m making for my daughter. Bookcases under the bed on three sides, 81″ X 77″ for a king size mattress. Sanding and more sanding, etc… Then a trip to Sam’s Club to buy her a new TV, 50″. Sound bar, Blue-ray player, etc. Then a stop at Golden Corral for lunch. She bought the lunch. LOL

  5. Picked up a couple things at the store and went out to the Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Hoping to just relax and read or watch tv the rest of the day.

  6. I stripped two of my dogs, went swimming with all of them, read some (hope to read more before the day is done!), watched 2 supernatural episodes while stripping my dogs, am fixing to go walk our local bridge (and listen to an audible while doing so)… and plan to write a couple of reviews when I get home.

  7. I had a lazy day 🙂 put on a pot of coffee, started season 2 of Bitten on Netflix, and sorted through some clothes that have been bagged in my closet for about season year. Nice, quiet, uneventful day; can’t complain.

  8. I spent almost the whole day studying for the buttload of exams we have this week, then I went out to eat ice cream with my family!

  9. Worked a 10 hour shift and had dinner with a friend. Listening to some relaxing piano music now.

  10. Ii don’t think you’ll want to live vicariously through my Saturday because all I did was work,work,work! I work at Walgreens as head photo.So besides working the photo dept, I had to do the jobs my “fellow” employees neglected to do which was their responsibily. Stock the cooler (fill the beer,water, iced teas/coffee etc) WORK two giant carts of food out to the floor,plus giving breaks and lunches to the front check out, oh and I had to go in the freezer to stock ice and frzn food (-9°) Whew! and I’m an old lady! It was Not a great day.OK I will quit whining now..thanks for letting me vent.

  11. I had to work on a project from home – first one since my maternity leave is almost up – only to realize that I am so far behind my schedule for this one. And I took my daughter to see the Minion movie. Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm were awesome though the movie itself was not my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. First came the weekly grocery run with my Mom and then I spent the rest of the day being just plain lazy (and sticking my nose into a cozy mystery).

  13. Coffee, pet the cat, feed the cat, clean up kitchen after husband made big mess making salad, put away produce from farmer’s market, go outside to sit in lawn chair and read, watch birds and bunnies on the lawn, eat some Chinese food for dinner, watch husband nod off in recliner, play with cat, feed cat, play computer game, then read some more. Good day. 🙂

  14. im on vacation in thailand. so i spent it shopping and riding an elephant 😀

  15. Nothing exciting! I went grocery shopping in the morning, out to lunch at a favorite local restaurant, and did laundry in the afternoon. In the evening I relaxed by reading a good book.

  16. oups i’m late to answer this time
    i spend it napping because the level of pollution was too high and made me sick

  17. I went to my aunt’s house and hung out in the pool with family in town from Costa Rica, then had dinner at a gastropub. That is likely the most exciting Saturday of the year for me, so thanks for asking.