Blending Fantasy and Romance with Paula Millhouse and #Giveaway

Where’s 30 Books in 30 Days? It’s here…just read on! Today, please join me in extending a warm welcome to my friend and fellow author, Paula Millhouse. Paula is dropping by today to celebrate the release of Chalvaren Rising. Chalvaren Rising is being published today (Woot!) by Boroughs Publishing Group and is the second book in Paula’s Kingdom of Chalvaren series.

Paula Millhouse is the author of fantasy romance books including Chalvaren Rising, its prequel, Dragonstone, and Three Wishes. Dragonstone also appears in the anthology, A Gift of Fantasy. These stories are published by Boroughs Publishing Group. She is also the author of a romantic suspense series, The Wishes Chronicles, including Careful…, and All Your Wishes… When not following her muse on quests for happily ever afters, Paula works in the field of medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner by day, and micro-gardens in her potager with her husband and their pack and pride of furry babies. Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, where Spanish moss whispers tales in breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, as a child Paula soaked in the sunshine and heritage of cobblestones, pirate lore, and stories steeped in savory mysteries of the south. She’s a PRO member of Romance Writers of America, and the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Writers specialty chapter. She lives in the mountains now, but she honors her southern heritage as a storyteller by sharing her adventures in fiction with readers. You can learn more about Paula by visiting her website, at Boroughs Publishing Group and by following her on Twitter.

Chalvaren Rising_FINALABOUT CHALVAREN RISING: The Dragonstone has returned. With the love of Kort, Chalvaren’s warrior-prince heir, Mia Ansgar will seize her birthright and become the great dragon-riding wizardess prophesied to free that elven kingdom from her embittered sorceress kin. TO ASCEND TRIUMPHANT Twenty-five years ago, Theo Ansgar abandoned the Kingdom of Chalvaren for a hiding place on another world. Some called him traitor. Some, thief. Now his fully grown daughter Mia must return to the land of her birth…and their war.  It was the elf prince Kort Elias who brought her back. Theirs was an instant connection, an inescapable union of body, soul and sorcery, reminding Mia of what she truly is, and what she must become. There is also Magnus, destined to be more potent than any wyrm Chalvaren has ever seen, a three-day-old dragonlet Mia must nurture and then ride. And then there is the Dragonstone, an artifact of power nonpareil. Joined, they can tip the scales of battle against the wraith-possessed forces of darkness, of Mia’s own embittered kin. Redemption will be offered, the protected will become the protector, and an ancient prophecy will come to fruition, but only righteous love can conquer all.

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And now, let’s hear from Paula…

Blending Fantasy and Romance
By Paula Millhouse

In the Kingdom of Chalvaren Romances, I explore the relationship between genres: How can we blend High Fantasy and Romance into a story that leaves the reader breathless where magic and suspense collide in an imaginary world?

I grew up in Savannah, Georgia, surrounded by fantasy tales steeped in southern and paula_Millhouseworldwide tradition. One question I wanted to explore was why wasn’t more heart-rending romance woven into the fantasy genre? Hey, all those elves and hobbits and dragons had to come from somewhere, right?

Now, with the release of my new novel, Chalvaren Rising, I get a chance to explore weaving the strengths of both worlds into one. I wanted to find out what would happen if I designed a world where fantasy lovers get their quest, but also give their girlfriends a healthy dose of grown-up romance along the way. Worlds are better when you include the element of love.

Building on my childhood imagination, I created a world where sentient dragons defend their keepers, and the elves of Chalvaren willingly risk everything to save their future kingdom. It’s a family story with a strong cast of characters aided by a taste of magic which rounds out the adventure.

Villains exist in Chalvaren, and darkness looms, but the theme that love is worth fighting for is demonstrated when Mia and Kort’s passion will not wait. And, their love for their dragons, their protectors, drives the story line in an intimate way.

Share Chalvaren Rising with your friends. It’s a fairy tale meant to entertain your heart, with characters meant to endure throughout time.

Thanks, Paula. Congrats on the release of Chalvaren Rising! If you’d like to read an excerpt, click on the “Workshops” Tab above.

How do you feel about blending fantasy and romance? Leave a comment to be entered for your chance to win at least one book from my TBR pile.

54 thoughts on “Blending Fantasy and Romance with Paula Millhouse and #Giveaway

  1. I’m not a romance reader so while I have no problem with characters in fantasy books having relationships I wouldn’t enjoy a book where the romance was the primary feature of the story.

    • I don’t like straight romance either, Sandy. If there’s not a fantasy element straight away and right in my face, I lose interest.

  2. Fantasy and romance blend well, even better if it’s urban fantasy and romance.

    • Right, Roger. I’ve read some pretty amazing urban fantasy books – like, um, our Hosts series for example. Suzanne just has that flair for combining the genres too, right?

      One seems better with the other.

  3. i do love when romance blend with fantasy i prefer it that way to pure fantasy thats two genre that fit wonderfully together ( but then Roger is right urban fantasy is even better^^)

    • Ah, yes, Miki.
      That dark gritty setting of Urban Fantasy works for me too. It was fun to take that concept to a different dimension with the Kingdom of Chalvaren. My Antagonist Isa adds lots of dark and gritty to my world building.

  4. Love blending romance and fantasy! Will definitely have to check out this book.

    • Thanks, Liz. Hope you love the series. The two genres compliment each other perfectly, I think. Danger. Love is worth fighting for. Castles and wizards. Who wins in the end? Yeah, that’s my perfect mix. Oh, and the Dragons – did I mention the Dragons???

  5. Personally I have to have both romance and fantasy/paranormal in a book I’m reading. I’m really not into YA novels now.

    • Me too, Vicki – nothing like a little adult romance to round out a story, I say. And I just love a fantasy touch to things.

  6. Generally I like it when these two genres get thrown into the mix though it depends on which one the emphasis is – personally I prefer 70% fantasy and 30% romance, sort of like fantasy being the main dish and romance the dessert that rounds things off.

  7. Since I enjoy reading both fantasy and romance, I find that blending the two genres together is even more interesting.

    • Right, Book Lady, and that was the challenge when I constructed this world. Blending them into a story that leave the Readers rooting for more.

  8. Hey Everybody! Thanks for opening up this discussion. Great comments here. I agree – I like a little more Fantasy than Romance, but I want that Romance to be smart, and right for the characters.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  9. I’m not a fantasy reader, but I definitely like romance blended into anything. Love makes the world go round, and I’m just a big sucker for a happily ever after. Congrats on the new book!

    • Thanks so much, Marilyn. We may have to convert you to Fantasy Romance, because here, in the Kingdoms of Chalvaren love definitely makes the world go round.

      I like a HEA where the characters have to work a little to achieve it – Mia and Kort and Magnus certainly have their fantasy work cut out for them.

  10. I love fantasy and romance. I always enjoy some romance thrown into whatever I’m reading, including fantasy.

  11. I love both genres so I love when they’re blended, as long as it’s well balanced 🙂

  12. I think Fantasy and Romance blend remarkable well. Have always loved the creative world building and epic stories in Fantasy, romance in the story makes it feel richer what with the exploration of relationships.

  13. I know, me too – love the world building. I just always felt like there was something missing from our great fantasy stories – so I wrote the book I wanted to read myself.

  14. Congrats on the release of Chalvaren Rising! I love to read a book that doesn’t have just one genre. I love a story with a good mix of paranormal,fantasy,suspense and a good dose of romance. This series seems to have all the ingredients I love . I’ll add it to my TBR list. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Anca. Hope you enjoy them. I mean, what could go wrong when you mix Elves, Dragons, Magic and a little hot romance, right?

  15. an exemple of a perfect blend of the two in my opinion in the Hob Bargain by Patricia briggs ( but i’m sure they are others and yes i prefer when the fantsy is a little less present than teh fantasy and it must but adapted to teh character and teh story not put in it just to be there)

    • I’m so glad you like the cover, Stacey!
      Every time I see it the damn thing takes my breath away. My publisher did that. Their covers are amazing, and I’m glad Magnus’s story is among them.
      Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy reading Chalvaren Rising as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  16. I think it’s great to blend romance and fantasy, and SciFi romance is great as well. It adds to the story as long as it’s done well. 😀

  17. Thanks for chatting, Everyone!
    Good luck with the giveaway, and thanks for hosting me, Suzanne Johnson!
    Here’s to Fantasy Romance and Chalvaren Rising.
    And Dragons!

  18. i’m a fans of romance so would be perfect if fantasy blend with romance 🙂

  19. Both genres make for interesting reading so as long as the fantasy is well realised, this can be a good way of introducing romance readers to fantasy. There are many modern women who don’t think romance is cool, but if they are like me the fantasy angle hooks them and reels them in!

    By the way I tried to apply for the newsletter contest but the link wants to open a new program on my computer and my computer doesn’t have that program installed.

  20. I enjoy reading all genres (with the exclusion of erotica). Have just discovered your books and can’t wait to get started reading and collecting them!

  21. I always enjoy a little romance with whatever genre I’m reading whether it’s urban fantasy, paranormal, mystery thriller – whatever. If I need more romance, I go straight to the historical romances grew up with – Jude Deveraux, Mary Balogh, Johanna Lindsey, Kathleen Woodiwiss – or check out some of my new favorite authors such as Sabrina Jeffries.

  22. I’m not a fan of pure romance, but fantasy is one of my favourites genres and mixing a little romance in with it always works out good 🙂