Review & #Giveaway: Blood and Metal by Nina Croft

Hello, my chickies! Yes, I’m finally back from Authors After Dark although, truth be told, I still haven’t unpacked. Since I’m running out of clean clothes, however, that’s likely to change sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a book with you. On yesterday’s blog, you had a chance to meet author Nina Croft as she shared the supporting cast of her Dark Desires series. I had the good fortune to serve as copyeditor on Break Out, the first in the series, and fell in love with her world and characters. So today, in addition to telling you my thoughts on Blood and Metal, book five in the series, which came out yesterday, I’ll offer up a copy of either the new book or another book in the series. Just leave a comment at the end to enter. Note that these books are only available as ebooks, but are formatted for most devices (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

blood and metalAbout Blood and Metal:  She’s his last chance for redemption…if she doesn’t kill him first. Copilot of the Blood Hunter, Daisy is a newly-turned vampire, and she’s hungry. Really hungry and it’s interfering with her plans for revenge. Unfortunately, the only thing that can distract her from said hunger is sex…which is a problem when she can barely refrain from draining any man dry within moments. But old flame Fergal Cain might just be the sexy-assed solution to her problem. Part human, part cyborg, and with a poison coursing through his system, Fergal’s running out of time to find the scientist who has the cure. Unfortunately for him, the misfit crew of the Blood Hunter put a serious kink in his plans. And if the poison doesn’t kill him, the hot little vamp he can’t resist might do the honors herself…

My thoughts: If you’ve read any of my books, you know I’m a big fan of high drama with a dose of humor, and that combination (well, plus sexy vampire space pirate Rico–rawr) drew me to this series. The books DO work as standalones, although if you read them in order you’ll enjoy the exploration of the lives and loves of all the secondary characters.

In this one, the heroine is Daisy, who started the series as a green-skinned, offbeat plant-woman aboard the pirate spaceship Blood Hunter. Guess it’s no spoiler that she was turned vampire in the course of the series since it’s in the book description :-). Daisy is a funny, smart, misfit vampire, as she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of satisfying her hunger without ripping out throats–which means the crew members of the ship are forced to go on supervised Daisy-feeding duty. Nobody’s idea of fun, since they all have their own love interests.

Daisy is a great heroine. I’m a sucker for misfit, reluctant vampires, and she’s a good one–full of self-deprecating humor. She bemoans her shameful situation–until her former one-night-stand-that-almost-was-more Fergal is taken hostage. His blood tastes like crap, but even with him she has problems…until he suggests tying her up so she can’t rip out his throat. Daisy’s dilemma: Is it wise to have the captive you’re guarding tie you up? Especially when he’s desperate to find the cure to the poison he’s been given by his former employers?

Maybe. Maybe not. But first, there are captive legends to save, prisons to infiltrate, and planets to visit.

Overall, this is a fun romp of a sci-fi paranormal romance, a true genre-bender and a pleasure to read. You’ll love these characters, whether you start at the beginning or not.

Let’s see….to win a copy of Blood and Metal–or another book in the series–tell me: Who’s your favorite sci-fi character? It can be from a book, TV show, or movie. I’m going to be totally predictable and go with Han Solo. What’s not to love?

22 thoughts on “Review & #Giveaway: Blood and Metal by Nina Croft

  1. Thanks for the lovely review! (lol – your copy edits were brilliant – I remember Rico was doing an awful lot of leaning at the time.) I’d probably go with Han Solo as well – he was my first love – but seems you’ve nabbed him, I’ll have Captain Mal!

  2. Ok both of mine have been taken! Lol can we share?! I fell in love with Han Solo when I saw Star Wars at the age of 9. And I fell in love & lust with Captain Mal about 10 years ago. I’m waiting for someone to come along that compares, but so far he hasn’t come along. I’m very interested in this series and will definitely check it out! 🙂

    • Good choice! When I didn’t want to be Han Solo’s love interest I wanted to be the Doctor’s assistant. And David Tennant is my favorite Dr Who.

  3. Movie character would have to be Han Solo. Book character would have to be Trelon from S.E.Smith’s Capturing Cara. He is part dragon too!

  4. thanks for the great review! I’d have to say Star Lord for Movies and Kate Daniels for books 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  5. Spock, Ripley, Sarah Connor, Miles Vorkosigan, Chewbacca, Breq…please don’t make me choose just one *sniffle*.

    • You don’t have to choose you can have all of them…except maybe Ripley and Sarah Connor (Aliens and Terminator are probably my two favorite films!)

  6. Ok, my mind is kind of a Blank but I will have to go with Spock. There are so many, which is why my mind is a blank. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Is gini koch book is sci fiction (alien series) because i love jeffrey martin 🙂

  8. I love Yoda, he’s so darn cute! But “hunk” wise I’m gonna have to jump in and steal Han Solo from you ladies!

  9. Another vote for Han Solo here. I was a young teen when Star Wars was first released and wow, did he ever make my impressionable heart beat faster.