What? Huh? Scene Snippet Thursday!

gb-Dark SecretsWhy am I running a scene snippet on a Thursday? Well, because I didn’t run one last Sunday and I have a special guest planned for this coming Sunday. What happened last Sunday? For the first time in three years last weekend, I went three days without turning on my computer. Yikes!

The world didn’t end. At least I don’t think it did. I didn’t hear the news for three days either, but surely I’d have known if the apocalypse had occurred. And I might never catch up with losing a weekend of work.

Which means I also missed Scene-Snippet Sunday, so I’ll roll all my winners into next Sunday’s post. I’m behind on mailings…again…since before Authors After Dark, so bear with me as I get caught up.

In the meantime, yes, Dark Secrets: A Paranormal Noir Anthology is up for preorder for only 99 cents–a bargain!. The print book will be available before the release date of Sept. 29, I think, so patience, print grasshoppers. In the meantime, in addition to my scene snippet below, you can check out a snippet from Megan Hart’s novella from the anthology here at her blog. She’s blogging about it all week.

You can order, so far, from Amazon: Dark Secrets: A Paranormal Noir Anthology, Google Play, All Romance Ebooks, and Kobo. Still working on B&N/Nook.

I’ll have a more substantial excerpt the week of Sept. 14, but in the meantime, here we go, from THE CONSORT (DARK SECRETS ANTHOLOGY):

The door clicked with the sound of the handy tool Romy had developed to break into hotel rooms, a skill they seemed to use often. He came back in and stretched out on the bed next to Faulk, who moved farther away.

            “Do you mind? I’m healing.”

            “Yeah, about that.” Romy rolled to his side and propped on one elbow. “Vanoli’s gone, so now you can ’fess up. How’d you end up with a letter opener in the back? Who did it?”
            Faulk considered lying. He could say he’d been surprised by one of his enemies while searching the room. He could say a human had taken him by surprise in the hallway. New Orleans was rife with human criminals.

            He and Romy had never lied to each other, however. If there was one person on either side of the veil he could trust, this was the one. He wouldn’t cheapen that trust.

            “Liandra did it,” he said.

            Romy’s mouth twitched. “Liandra. The metalworker’s daughter who’s never set foot outside of Faerie. Stabbed the Captain of the Fae Hunters in the back with a letter opener.”

            “Yes.” Faulk stared at the ceiling, an unfamiliar hot sensation creeping across his face. “She sneaked up on me.”

            “Bulltripe. And what were you so busy doing that the fair maiden was able to slip up behind you and stab the vicious weapon into your back?”

            Faulk closed his eyes. “I might have been kissing her at the time.”

Heh. Yeah, he sure was.

So, as I continue to unload TBR books, here’s a question for today to be entered for the giveaway of a mystery book or two. One of the holidays this week is National Park Service Day–what’s your favorite park (doesn’t have to be a national park)? On Sunday, I spent part of the day at Chewacla State Park, which is near where I live. There are pretty waterfalls and steep cliffs, as we are on the very southern tip of the Appalachians. So I’ll say it’s my favorite, currently. What’s yours?


14 thoughts on “What? Huh? Scene Snippet Thursday!

  1. I really like Muir Woods with the Redwood trees. Seeing all the National Parks is on my bucket list. Enjoyed the snippet!

  2. Starved Rock State Part, Utica, Illinois. We do picnics there. Thanks for the Snippet.

  3. I loved the Grand Canyon. I did the Grand Canyon RR, which goes from Williams AZ up to the South Rim. I got to spend the night at the Grand Canyon South Rim. Saw sunset, looked at the stars that night and got up early to see the sunrise. Amazing!! The train is a great way to get to the Canyon, since there isn’t as much parking as there are cars. More eco-friendly, too.

  4. not really a big park here in mean in comparaison to yours but i’m tempting to visit yellowstone one day i show a show on it and it was wonderful

  5. I’ve not actually been to a national park. I would love to visit Yosemite or the Redwoods 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s been fun to read about everybody’s favorite parks! I have not been to Yosemite, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon…but I hope to visit one of these days! Also the Red Rocks!

  7. My favorite of the ones I’ve been to is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina.

  8. I love all of the National Parks that I’ve been to (about half of them). It would be really hard to pick a favorite, but my top picks are Zion in Utah, the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and Yosemite.