A look at FEMME FATALE by Cynthia Eden

gb-Dark SecretsIt’s my week to talk about the DARK SECRETS paranormal noir anthology, so I’m spending each day looking at one of the six novellas in the collection. On Sunday, I had an excerpt from my novella, THE CONSORT. Yesterday, I looked at MARION, MISSING by Rachel Caine.

Today, I’m featuring FEMME FATALE by Cynthia Eden. I love the blend of noir with the blazing chemistry between the hero, a human private detective, and the heroine, a vampire. I know from experience how hard it is to build a human hero strong enough to hold his own with the paranormal characters, and Cynthia does an amazing job with Mick. You’re gonna love this one!


Here’s the blurb for FEMME FATALE: P.I. Mick Swayne has seen it all—his clients have included liars, thieves, and even killers. He thinks he can handle anything and anyone. Then she walks into his office. Savannah Moreau is beautiful, seductive, and…a vampire? The gorgeous vamp hires Mick to help her track down a killer who is hunting in Chicago, but as Mick slips deeper into Savannah’s paranormal world, he wonders if he can really trust his new client…

Okay, and I have to do the hard-sell: If you haven’t already preordered, grab the ebook at the early-release price of 99 cents. It will be released on September 29.

And you won’t want to miss the blog tomorrow. Not only will I be talking about Megan Hart’s sexy addition to the anthology but I’ll be debuting the video we all did. It makes me giggle. Yeah, we’re silly authors.

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