Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Send DJ a Sign and #Giveaway

Happy Wednesday. TGIHD (thank God it’s hump day!).

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having a very spirited, and sometimes heated, debate with a friend about DJ and her love life. The Sentinels story arc that’s been building since Elysian Fields has from two to three books left to go, and by the end of this phase of the series (because I plan to do other books set in the Sentinels world), I want DJ’s relationship status resolved. Unlike that Sookie person, DJ doesn’t sleep around. She FLIRTS around, but she’s been trying to make it work with Alex.

Here’s the issue: Is Alex the right guy for DJ? They have some huge philosophical differences. My friend thinks Alex is selfish and that those around him enable him–LOL. (As an author, it’s: A) fun to hear how others perceive our characters; and B) Fun to realize you’ve just held an hourlong conversation about the social lives of people who, well, don’t really exist. I absolutely love that!

Anyway, I thought I’d conduct a poll today. I won’t tell you who my friend is advocating as a final HEA mate for DJ, or who I’m leaning toward. It might be Alex; it might not. So weigh in…who’s the best fit to give DJ her HEA? Fill out the poll, and enter to win a mystery TBR book by commenting on why you voted the way you did!

Who's the best Happily-Ever-After match for DJ?

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57 thoughts on “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Send DJ a Sign and #Giveaway

  1. I have only read book one so far so my opinion may change later, but for now I’m team Alex 🙂 I will hopefully catch up on some reviews soon and be able to catch up on the series. It sounds like I may have a love triangle to look forward to?

    • Not really a love triangle, but there are eligible bachelors floating around DJ’s universe that, over the years, people have become fond of–Jean and Rene, primarily. I would be SHOCKED (shocked, I say) if anyone votes for Rand!!

  2. Alex…because Jean is MINE!! LOL. Seriously a relationship that’s worth having is one you work to keep.

  3. Although I think her ending up with Jean would be interesting it wouldn’t be very realistic so I voted for Rene.

  4. Although I love Jean, I don’t see a HEA for DJ with him. And I’m not sure that the differences between Alex and DJ can be over come. I think Rene and DJ can never be more than best buddies.I think she has yet to meet her HEA who will sweep her off her feet!

    • Hm….interesting. I’m biting my tongue to keep from agreeing or disagreeing here today–LOL. I’m trying to think of what type of person would sweep DJ off her feet: We need Rene’s practicality and loyalty, Alex’s chemistry, and Jean’s certain “je ne sais quoi”. (I note that no one is considering Rand a viable candidate!)

  5. Even if I’m team Jean, I think Alex is the best match for her. Where will be the fun in a relation if everything will be without a fight,right?

  6. I haven’t voted yet and hopefully after this I will have decided. I believe Alex has changed some, but would need to change more to be DJ’s HEA. Rene has been there for DJ without any questions asked and doesn’t judge her, but I don’t think they are HEA material. Jean would be wonderful if he was not an undead-I think he ALWAYS thinks first of DJ and her needs. Abso-stinkin-lutely NO for Rand and Jake is already happily spoken for. So Alex after he grows up!

  7. I liked Alex at first, but he’s too black and white; too “by-the-rules.” DJ needs a man who is basically good but knows how to be morally flexible when the circmstances call for it and appreciates DJ’s strength instead of constantly trying to protect her. Right now that’s Jean. And they have major chemistry. *fans self*

  8. I have no reason except I like Alex and DJ together. I think he’s a good man with good intentions and that he’s come to understand the situation… finally… in your last book. I can’t see her hooking up with Jean though their scenes are fun.

  9. Although Voodoo Bride and me love Rene, he needs another woman than DJ. Alex and DJ click imo, he will just have to shape up.

    And Voodoo Bride is willing to console Rene if needed 😉

  10. arfffffffff so hard… i LOVE Jean i absolutely love him but ..;HEA not so surehe can become a very good friend keep flirting but HEA, he is undead….( no fear i will console him)
    Rene that could be so interesting and it could shift slowly from friendship to something deeper… or someone else ( not human though but a certain fearie would make me laugh)
    Alex no, really no Jean has more chance at a HEA than Alex even if he change and start to adapt he will still need stabibility, rules order…. DJ can’t live with all that, a light dose yes but she is impulsive, loyal and explosive she need someone that can accept her as she is

    … we raelly could talk about the pro and co for a lot more than 1h

    • We could debate this forever! I think that’s the big question for Alex; he can come around on certain issues. But what would it take to change the core of his personality, and is it fair to ask him to change that much? There is a short story I did called “Rivalry” that I think explains a lot about Alex, about how he reacted to being a shifter, and maybe what it took for him to feel as if he’s in control of his world. It ran on my blog quite a while ago and is in the new collection coming out with PIRATESHIP DOWN.

  11. I think she needs to meet someone who grounds her and completes her, but in an happily ever after way. She is independent and scattered. Too many men after her makes her too confused because they all have an agenda that includes her.

  12. I love all the characters but I think there’s someone out there that we all haven’t met yet……ummmm

  13. Jean. I am totally for Jean. He’s been there for her every step of the way and, even though he has had his moments of trying to kill her, once they got past that, he has had her back completely. AND without really pressuring her to do anything she doesn’t want on the romantic front. I like how he’s patient in waiting for her to realize he’e the man for her 🙂 (after all, he has forever, right?) and he backs her in her schemes- trusting they will be okay with a little help from him on occasion. And who doesn’t love a sexy pirate?

    As for RAND!! He needs to be strung up by the balls, the betraying jerk. I’d call him a B****rd but this may be a PG blog. LOL – Jillian Chantal

  14. If Alex can change and adapt, maybe. Otherwise, I’d say someone we haven’t met, yet.

    • We’ll see who pops up in the upcoming books. I don’t want to create a character just as a love interest for DJ, so we’ll just have to see if she “clicks” with anyone brought in for plot purposes.

  15. Voted for someone else or Rand if he can find some redeeming qualities. I just don’t see her with the others and definitely not Alex, no matter how purty he is. When he sold her out to Z, a red haze descended. Thanks for creating DJ’s world!

  16. Ok so you know I’m all team Jake… But!!! Jake is taken now so I can’t have that though I would still love that, so I vote the lovely pirate because…. I like Alex but I still think he wants Dj to fit in a box and she’s just not going to. I don’t know that they could have the HEA because he wants something Dj can’t give, which is for it all to be black and white with no grey in between 🙂 that’s just me lol

  17. I love Jean (and I’d take him in a heartbeat) but I don’t see DJ ever going that route. Her hormones are all over him, but her brain is not. As for Alex, initially I thought he was perfect for her, but the more we learn about him the less I think they are right together. I’m not going to vote for an as yet unknown person because I feel like that’s an easy out, so that leaves Rene. I know there doesn’t seem to be a spark there, but they are just so much fun together. He accepts her as she is, he’s up for anything just like she is, and he never tries to hold her back or control her (hmm – maybe that’s not such a good thing?)

  18. I think Jean is the better guy for her. Alex and DJ have chemistry but don’t share the same respect for the rules. Jean seems to.

  19. I’m a bit late getting in on this, but for me it’s all about Alex.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jean, but he’s just a bit of fun; he’s not end game for DJ, nor a serious contender for her heart.
    (I love Jean so much that during our holiday to the US (from Europe) later this week, I have informed everyone that we will be visiting the Jean Lafitte historical park & preserve – and that visit is 100% due to the Sentinels of New Orleans series!)

    Alex and DJ have their obstacles that they need to overcome, but so do all couples – real and fictional – no matter how long they’ve been together.
    Alex does need to grow, but it’s been hinted that he has a good amount of growth coming in the next book, so I have high hopes for him.
    You have to work hard on relationships. You’ll never find someone who is perfect for you in every way; there will always be disagreements, shouting matches, and heated arguments. But at the end of the day, if you both care deeply for each other, then it’s worth it.
    The way that I’ve built up the characters in my own mind, that’s what’s between Alex and DJ. I adore them as a couple. 🙂

    Plus Sebastian likes him. The superior intelligence of the feline companion cannot be overlooked.