New Releases September 5—September 11 and Readers Choice Contest

This week will have the least amount of new releases for the month of September. Still, there are over twenty new books on the list this week.

What do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too.

robertsonBlackout (Breakers #8), by Edward W. Robertson, (September 6, CreateSpace)
The final book in the post-apocalyptic BREAKERS series.

crowderA Nearer Moon, by Melanie Crowder, (September 8, Antheneum BYR)
Along a lively river, in a village raised on stilts, lives a girl named Luna. All her life she has heard tales of the time before the dam appeared, when sprites danced in the currents and no one got the mysterious wasting illness from a mouthful of river water. These are just stories, though, no sensible person would believe in such things. Beneath the waves is someone who might disagree. Perdita is a young water sprite, delighting in the wet splash and sparkle, and sad about the day her people will finally finish building their door to another world, in search of a place that humans have not yet discovered. But when Luna’s little sister falls ill with the river sickness, everyone knows she has only three weeks to live. Luna is determined to find a cure for her beloved sister, no matter what it takes. Even if that means believing in magic.

bartolDarken the Stars (Kricket #3), by Amy A. Bartol, (September 8, 47North)
Kyon Ensin finally has what he’s always wanted: possession of Kricket Hollowell, the priestess who foresees the future. Their combined power will be unrivaled. Kricket doesn’t crave the crown of Ethar, she has a desire to live life on her own terms, a life that she wants to share with her love, Trey Allairis. As conspiracies rage in the war for Ethar, Kricket’s so-called allies want to use her as a spy. Even those held closest cannot be trusted, including Astrid, her sister, and Giffen, a member of a mysterious order with a hidden agenda. Kricket’s resolve will not allow her to be used as anyone’s pawn, even as the Brotherhood sharpens its plans to cut out her heart. As the destiny prophesied by her mother approaches, Kricket will backtrack through her future to reshape it. She knows one thing above all else: the only person she can count on is herself.

kulperDrift & Dagger, by Kendall Kulper, (September 8, Little, Brown BYR)
In Mal’s world, magic is everything. But Mal is a “blank,” the anti-magic. Blanks can’t be hexed or cursed or saved or killed by magic. And everyone is afraid of them, even Mal himself. So Mal hides what he is, except from Essie Roe, a witch and his best friend. On the day Essie reveals his secret and casts him out from the only home he’s ever known, Mal experiences the true shock of betrayal. Now Mal travels the world in search of rare, illegal magical relics. When his partner in crime, Boone, hears rumors of a legendary dagger that can steal a witch’s power, Mal knows he’s finally found his means of revenge. But as the chase for the fabled knife takes them from Boston to Paris to Constantinople, Mal realizes there are secrets afoot that he’s only beginning to understand, and all the while the blank monster inside him threatens to escape.

edwardsEarth Flight (Earth Girl #3), by Janet Edwards, (September 8, Pyr)
Jarra never wanted to be a celebrity. All she ever wanted was to gain some respect for the people left on Earth: the unlucky few whose immune system prevents them from portaling to other planets. Except now she’s the most famous Earth girl in the universe, but not everyone in the universe is happy about it, nor the fact that she has found love with a norm. Jarra’s actions have repercussions that spread further than she ever could have imagined, and political unrest threatens to tear apart the delicate balance of peace between humanity’s worlds. The first alien artifact ever discovered appears to be waiting for Jarra to reveal its secrets. To do so, she must find a way to leave Earth, or else the alien artifact will be lost forever. Is there a way for Jarra to travel to another planet? Or is her destiny only to look to the stars, but never to reach them? (U.S. Release)

diazEvolution (Extraction #3), by Stephanie Diaz, (September 8, St. Martin’s Griffin)
Clementine and Logan’s world is on the brink of destruction. An army of aliens from the planet Marden has arrived with a massive fleet of battleships, intent on putting an end to an age-old war. With the Alliance headquarters reduced to rubble and one of the rebel leaders close to death, Clementine and her friends have no choice but to retreat to the Core to escape the alien ships attacking the Surface. Safety in the Core means forming a temporary alliance with their sworn enemy. Striking a bargain with him, his pardon in exchange for their help defeating the Mardenites, seems the only way the rebels might survive. They soon find out that Marden’s force is more powerful than anyone anticipated, with weapons and technologies never before seen on Kiel. Unless old feuds can be set aside long enough for a diplomatic solution to be found, all of Kiel’s people will be destroyed, and all of Clementine’s sacrifices will mean nothing.

schmatzLizard Radio, by Pat Schmatz, (September 8, Candlewick Press)
Fifteen-year-old bender Kivali has had a rough time in a gender-rigid culture. Abandoned as a baby and raised by Sheila, an ardent nonconformist, Kivali has always been surrounded by uncertainty. Is it true what Sheila says, that she was deposited on Earth by the mysterious saurians? What are you? people ask, and Kivali isn’t sure. Boy/girl? Human/lizard? Both/neither? Now she’s in CropCamp, with all of its schedules and regs, and the first real friends she’s ever had. Strange occurrences and complicated relationships raise questions Kivali has never before had to consider. But she has a gift, the power to enter a trancelike state to harness the “knowings” inside her. She has Lizard Radio. Will it be enough to save her?

monahanMary: Unleashed (Bloody Mary #2), by Hillary Monahan, (September 8, Disney-Hyperion)
Mary lurks in the emptiness, in the darkness, in the reflection. That is, until Jess unleashes her into the world. Now Mary Worth is out and her haunting is deadlier than ever. No one is safe. Shauna, Kitty, and Jess must band together to unearth the truth about Mary’s death to put her soul to rest for good. Their search leads them back to where it all began, to Solomon’s Folly, a place as dangerous as the ghost who died there a century and a half ago. Quick sand, hidden traps and a phantom fog are the least of their worries. They need to follow a dark string of clues and piece together a gruesome mystery that spans generations. But time is running out. As chilling facts come to light, Mary inches ever closer to her prey. Can Jess, Shauna, and Kitty break Mary’s curse before it’s too late? Or will history repeat itself until there is no one left to call her name?

haddixRedeemed (The Missing #8), by Margaret Peterson Haddix, (September 8, Simon & Schuster BYR)
After traveling through history multiple times and finding out his original identity, Jonah thought he’d fixed everything. But some of his actions left unexpected consequences. His parents, and many other adults, are still stuck as teenagers. And now Jonah has a new sibling, an identical twin brother named Jordan. As odd as all this is for Jonah, it’s beyond confusing for Jordan. How does everyone in his family have memories of Jonah when he doesn’t? How can his annoying kid sister Katherine speak so expertly about time travel, and have people from the future treating her with respect? A few rash moves by Jordan send them all into the future, and into danger. What if he’s also the only one who can get them back to safety, once and for all?

ponSerpentine (Kingdom of Xia), by Cindy Pon, (September 8, Month9Books)
Inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythology, this sweeping fantasy is set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and tells the coming of age story of Skybright, a young girl who worries about her growing otherness. As she turns 16, Skybright notices troubling changes. By day, she is a companion and handmaid to the youngest daughter of a very wealthy family. But nighttime brings with it a darkness that not even daybreak can quell. When her plight can no longer be denied, Skybright learns that despite a dark destiny, she must struggle to retain her sense of self, even as she falls in love for the first time.

butlerThe Case of the Devil’s Interval (The Drollery Letters #1), by Emily Butler, (September 8, EgmontUSA)
Josephine Drollery is a very disgruntled new ghost. She, her parents, her future fiancé and many other dinner guests have been murdered, although only Josephine’s spirit still lingers. It was at that ill-fated dinner party that Josephine first met Mr. Edmund Serious, billing himself as The Great Montesquieu, Prophet of the Mystic River, and two other entertainers, Mr. Coffin and his harpist Mr. Cank, whose performance of a tune, “The Devil’s Interval”, terrifies ladies and is forbidden in proper society. Now Josephine must team up with Serious to find the murderer, uncover more plots, and outwit two industrious ghost-hunters hot on Josephine’s ghostly trail.

jacksonThe Girl in the Maze, by R.K. Jackson, (September 8, Alibi)
When Martha Covington moves to Amberleen, Georgia, after her release from a psychiatric ward, she thinks her breakdown is behind her. Taking a summer internship with the local historical society, Martha is tasked with gathering the stories of the Geechee residents of nearby Shell Heap Island. As Martha delves into her work, the voices she thought she left behind start whispering again. When a grisly murder occurs, Martha finds herself at the center of a perfect storm, and she’s the perfect suspect. Martha disappears into the wilderness, battling the pull of madness and struggling to piece together a supernatural puzzle of age-old resentments, broken promises, and cold-blooded murder. She finds an unexpected ally in a young man fighting his own battles. Martha journeys through a terrifying labyrinth, to find the truth and clear her name, if she can survive to tell the tale. (ebook only)

baldacciThe Keeper (Vega Jane #2), by David Baldacci, (September 8, Scholastic Press)
Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood. She was told there was nothing outside but the Quag, a wilderness filled with danger and death. And she believed it, until the night she stumbled across a secret that proved that everything she knew was a lie. Now just one thing stands between Vega Jane and freedom, the Quag. In order to leave Wormwood and discover the truth about her world, Vega and her best friend Delph must find a way to make it across a terrifying land of bloodthirsty creatures and sinister magic. The Quag is worse than Vega Jane’s darkest imagining. It’s a living, breathing prison designed to keep enemies out and the villagers of Wormwood in. The Quag will throw everything at Vega Jane. It will try to break her. It will try to kill her. Survival might come at a price not even Vega Jane is willing to pay.

tassiThe Last Exodus (The Earthborn Trilogy #1), by Paul Tassi, (September 8, Talos)
The Earth lies in ruins in the aftermath of an extraterrestrial invasion. The seas are drying up while the atmosphere corrodes and slowly cooks any life remaining on the now desolate rock. Food is scarce, trust even more so, and the only people left alive all have done horrific things to stay that way. Among the few survivors is Lucas, an ordinary man hardened by the last few years after the world’s end. He’s fought off bandits, murderers, and stranded creatures on his long trek across the country in search of his family. What he finds instead is hope, something thought to be lost in the world. There’s a ship buried in a crater wall. One of theirs. One that works. To fly it, Lucas must join forces with a traitorous alien scientist and a captured, merciless raider named Asha. But unless they find common ground, all will die, stranded on a ruined Earth.

oatesThe Lost Landscape: A Writer’s Coming of Age, by Joyce Carol Oates, (September 8, Ecco)
In this exceptionally candid, moving, and richly reflective account, Oates explores the world through the eyes of her younger self, an imaginative girl eager to tell stories about the world and the people she meets. While reading Alice in Wonderland changed a young Joyce forever and inspired her to view life as a series of endless adventures, growing up on a farm taught her harsh lessons about sacrifice, hard work, and loss. With searing detail and an acutely perceptive eye, Oates renders her memories and emotions with exquisite precision, transporting us to a forgotten place and time, the lost landscape of her youth, reminding us of the forgotten landscapes of our own earliest lives.

dees_flippinThe Sleeping King, by Cindy Dees and Bill Flippin, (September 8, Tor)
The first in an epic fantasy series, featuring the best of the genre: near immortal imperial overlords, a prophecy of a sleeping elven king who’s said to be the savior of the races, and two young people who are set on a path to save the day.

horowitzTrigger Mortis (James Bond—Extended Series #39), by Anthony Horowitz, (September 8, HarperCollins)
The world’s most famous spy, James Bond, has just returned victorious from his showdown with Auric Goldfinger in Fort Knox. The struggle for superiority between the Soviet Union and the West is escalating. In an attempt to demonstrate Soviet strength, SMERSH plans to sabotage an international Grand Prix in West Germany. Bond must play a high-speed game of cat and mouse to stop them, but when he observes a secretive meeting between SMERSH’s driver and a notorious Korean millionaire, it becomes clear that this is just the infamous organization’s opening move. An orphan of the Korean War, he has a personal reason for wanting to bring America to its knees. He’s helping SMERSH decisively end the white-hot space race, but how? With the help of an American female agent, Bond uncovers a plan that leads first to Florida and then to New York City, where a heart-stopping face-off will determine the fate of the West.

meehanTrue Dark (True Fire #2), by Gary Meehan, (September 8, Quercus)
With the help of her two companions-, Eleanor, an eccentric aristocrat and skilled swordswoman, and Damon, a strong-willed charmer with a dark past, and armed just with her wits and determination, teenaged Megan now faces a world of danger with a newborn infant on her hip. The unstoppable witch army is growing in strength as it strives to seize absolute power, but a prophecy hints that their aims are connected to the fate of a child, Megan’s newborn daughter. Hordes of witches are closing in on the small group of adventurers, but they may have underestimated the lengths to which the newly empowered Megan will go to protect her child. (U.S. Release)

rushdieTwo Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eighth Nights, by Salman Rushdie, (September 8, Random House)
In the near future, after a storm strikes New York City, the strangenesses begin. A gardener finds that his feet no longer touch the ground. A graphic novelist awakens in his bedroom to a mysterious entity that resembles his own sub–Stan Lee creation. A baby identifies corruption with her mere presence, marking the guilty with blemishes and boils. A seductive gold digger is soon tapped to combat forces beyond imagining. They are all descended from creatures known as the jinn, who live in a world separated from ours by a veil. Centuries ago, Dunia, a princess of the jinn, fell in love with a mortal man of reason. Together they produced a number of children. Once the line between worlds is breached on a grand scale, Dunia’s children and others will play a role in an epic war between light and dark spanning a thousand and one nights, or two years, eight months, and twenty-eight nights. It is a time of enormous upheaval, where beliefs are challenged, words act like poison, silence is a disease, and a noise may contain a hidden curse.

hairUnholy War (Moontide Quartet #3), by David Hair, (September 8, Jo Fletcher)
Tensions are mounting after a devastating battle before the walls of Shaliyah, birthplace of the Prophet. The East is rising, bringing equal measures of hope and despair to the magical world of Urte. For some Salim’s victory is a call to arms, for others it is evidence of a world gone mad. While the armies of East and West clash in brutal conflict, emperors, inquisitors, Souldrinkers, and assassins all have their attention turned elsewhere as they hunt the Scytale of Corineus. The immensely powerful artifact is the key to ultimate power, and it’s in the hands of unlikely guardians: failed mage Alaron Mercer and market-girl Ramita Ankesharan, who carries the child of the world’s greatest mage. The fate of the world hinges on destruction should the artifact fall into the wrong hands. (U.S. Release)

cornellWitches of Lychford, by Paul Cornell, (September 8,
The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided. A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border. Some welcome the employment opportunities, while some object to the modernization of the local environment. Judith Mawson (local crank) knows the truth, that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds, and that the destruction of the border will open wide the gateways to malevolent beings beyond imagination. But if she is to have her voice heard, she’s going to need the assistance of some unlikely allies.

bridgemanAurora: Eden (Aurora #5), by Amanda Bridgeman, (September 10, Momentum)
In the wake of the tragic events in Centralis, Captain Saul Harris stands with the weight of the world on his shoulders. With the truth of UNFASP revealed, he realizes that he must embrace his ancestry if he is to survive the coming onslaught. How far will Harris go to protect the future? Will he sacrifice life as he knows it and become a Jumbo? Or can he face the future as a common man? Sergeant Carrie Welles has been left devastated by what has happened. Uncertain of the future ahead, and with her nemesis, Sharley, on the brink of control, she struggles to pick herself up. But she is left surprised when help comes from the unlikeliest of places. As her life veers off in a direction she never expected, Carrie soon understands that she is running a course with a destiny that lies far beyond her control. A destiny that is strangely aligned with her Captain’s. (ebook only)

cowanThe Machinery, by Gerrard Cowan, (September 10, Harper Voyager)
For ten millennia, the leaders of the Overland have been Selected by the Machinery, an omnipotent machine gifted to their world. The city has thrived in arts, science and war, crushing all enemies and expanding to encompass the entire Plateau. The Overland is not at ease, for the Machinery came with a prophecy: it will break in the 10,000th year, Selecting just one leader who will bring ruin to the world. With the death of Strategist Kane, a Selection is set to occur. For Apprentice Watcher Katrina Paprissi, the date has special significance. Life hasn’t been the same since she witnessed the kidnapping of her brother Alexander, the only person on the Plateau who knew the meaning of the prophecy. Katrina must travel into the depths of the Underland, the home of the Machinery, to confront the Operator and discover what makes the world work. (ebook only; print available March, 2016)

The small print: This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info.

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  1. The Case of the Devil’s Interval by Emily Butler would be my choice. Thank you for the chance!

  2. I think The Sleeping King, by Cindy Dees and Bill Flippin sound good! Please and thank you.

  3. If I can pick the second book in a series, I’m going for Cricket #2, otherwise count me in for the first book in the Earth Girl series.