Review and #Giveaway: Three Days in April by Edward Ashton

three days aprilHappy Thursday! Only one more day and then a three-day weekend. I might sleep 72 hours straight. If you haven’t done so, remember to visit yesterday’s post to vote on DJ’s ultimate perfect guy. Last time I checked, Alex and Jean Lafitte were tied for the lead, with Rene falling into third place. Funny, Rand STILL had no votes. Ha!

PIRATESHIP DOWN has flown off to an editor, which means it’s finally done…yay! Once editing is completed and I can get a final page count, then I can get a cover done for that bad boy and get it ready for sale both for Kindle and in print. It should be up for sale in late October or by the first of November, at the latest. Stay tuned!

Today, I thought I’d share my latest read with you, THREE DAYS IN APRIL by debut author Edward Ashton. I ended up liking this book very much although it took me a while to get into the rhythm of it and process some heavy worldbuilding. I’m not sure how to categorize it. Technically, it’s science fiction but more cyberpunk dystopian, if I had to put a name to it.

First, the general info:

ABOUT THE BOOK: Anders Jensen is having a bad month. His roommate is a data thief, his girlfriend picks fights in bars, and his best friend is a cyborg … and a lousy tipper. When everything is spiraling out of control, though, maybe those are exactly the kind of friends you need….In a world divided between the genetically engineered elite and the unmodified masses, Anders is an anomaly: engineered, but still broke and living next to a crack house. All he wants is to land a tenure-track faculty position, and maybe meet someone who’s not technically a criminal—but when a nightmare plague rips through Hagerstown, Maryland, Anders finds himself dodging kinetic energy weapons and government assassins as Baltimore slips into chaos. His friends aren’t as helpless as they seem, though, and his girlfriend’s street-magician brother-in-law might be a pretentious hipster—or might hold the secret to saving them all….Frenetic and audacious, Three Days in April is a speculative thriller that raises an important question: once humanity goes down the rabbit hole, can it ever find its way back?

 MY THOUGHTS: This ended up being a fun book to read once I accepted that these were not warm or friendly characters that I’d like to have as my own friends. They’re not particularly likeable–but they are root-for-able, if that makes any sense–because the world is going to hell around them and they’re trying to figure out how and why.

It’s the worldbuilding, not necessarily the emotional depth of character, that stars in this book, and it’s a fascinating world filled with the genetically Altered and the Unaltered. With Neanderthals and Pretties and Cyborgs and Killbots and the anomaly (and pleasantly geeky) Anders, who has some mouse genome mixed with his, we go spinning through a fast-paced view of a society where humans have grown too smart for their own good and played with too many things they shouldn’t have. The book is written in first-person multiple points of view, so take that into account if you have POV preferences.

All in all, THREE DAYS IN APRIL was a fun ride and, in its sheer audacity, reminded me a bit of the Nightside world Simon R. Green created for his series of the same name, one of my favorite urban fantasy series. I’m not sure Anders is as endearing as John Taylor of Nightside, but the supporting cast is equally offbeat and the fun of the read comes in having no earthly idea what the author might next pull out of his magician’s hat.

To win a digital copy of THREE DAYS IN APRIL, tell me this: If you could be genetically altered in some way to be prettier, smarter, immortal, or part mouse (or whatever), would you do it? And what “supertrait” would you have? I’d probably be an Unaltered for fear something would go wrong.

9 thoughts on “Review and #Giveaway: Three Days in April by Edward Ashton

  1. No to genetically altered, would have a very specialized supertrait though. I would shift, shift through time in the live worlds of the books I read. Just think I could visit with Jean and D.J..

  2. I wouldn’t get genetically altered. Unless maybe they could get rid of hay fever without changing anything else.

  3. i wouldn’t want it, too risky and simply it’s already hard to accept ourselves as we are so if we start changing it would be endless better stay as we are with our advantages and weakness

  4. Ooh. If I could have wings, I’d have wings. I want to be able to fly! Would make my commute a lot easier, and a lot more fun.

  5. Immortality. The ultimate.. but, only if our body quits aging around twenty eight or so. Without some of the biological issues.. I would not want a bazillion years of.. well..