Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! I had a hard day-job week culminating in a six-hour meeting on Friday, so I was exhausted yesterday. Today, much better!

It’s release week for the DARK SECRETS anthology! I’ll be doing a two-week release tour with separate giveaways at most stops, so check back here each day for links.

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In the meantime, here’s a snippet not from SECRETS, but from PIRATESHIP DOWN, which should be out in early November. Everything’s done now except the cover, and it’s in the works. I think you’re gonna like it–a Jean Lafitte cover to set the novella/story collections apart from the regular Sentinels novels with DJ on the cover. This will be more like the illustration that was done for JACKSON SQUARE if you recall that. And yes, that story will be expanded and will appear in the next collection, probably in February or March, depending on when I can get PENTON 5 done.

I’ve moved my target release date for PIRATESHIP DOWN up to November 3, so stay tuned for a preorder link as soon as the cover is ready! And a very special “merci” to Miki for checking Jean’s French. 🙂

In this snippet, Jean, Rene, and DJ have arrived in Cocodrie, the southernmost populated area in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana:

An hour later, we had a two-bedroom cabin for the next three nights and the use of a 30-foot fishing boat that met with Rene’s approval but looked as big as a house. Not to mention it cost a fortune. I made a mental note to start a tab for the pirate; I was by far the poorest person on this little outing.

            “Couldn’t we do with something smaller?” I watched Rene hook the boat trailer to the back of his truck.

            “Babe, we’re going in open water at least thirty miles offshore. Jean, he can swim good. You know I ain’t gonna drown. Think of this boat as your life insurance policy.”

            Well, when he put it that way. “Does it have life jackets on board?” I eyed a black cloud building ominously on the southern horizon.

            Rene ignored me. “We gonna stay here tonight and go out early in the morning. Me and Jean, we gotta look at the maps first and, anyway, there’s a storm blowing in.”

            “Oui, one does not set sail late in the day.” Jean joined us. “This is a time for making plans, for enjoying good wine, and for eating a fine meal prepared by the hands of a beautiful woman.”

            They both looked at me and I mimicked Jean’s pirate stance.

            “Yeah, well, we better find a restaurant,” Rene said, turning back toward the truck.

Poor DJ.

Now…did you win a book this week? You’ll be happy to know that I have finally accepted that I cannot keep up with my mailings while holding down two full-time jobs, so I’m working out a way for my uber-efficient friend Stephen to handle the blog mailings. Since we live in different states, there’s some juggling involved (as in, moving chunks of my TBR mountain across state lines), so hopefully soon…

In the meantime, if you see your name here, please email me at the address on the contact tab on this web page or at Please let me know what you won as well as your mailing info, which will make the catch-up process easier.

FAITH won a TBR book for commenting on the shrimp blog–if you’re getting rubbery shrimp it means they’re overcooked :-).

ROGER, you get a TBR book for having consumed 78 shrimp! LOL. I am impressed.

TRACY MC won a TBR mystery book for commenting on the “gators got back taste” meme.

JANIE won a TBR mystery book for commenting on the Jean-bullriding meme.

CHRISTINA MARCH won this week’s Readers Choice giveaway and chose Blood and Salt.

See you tomorrow for Readers Choice. We also have some special guests and new memes this week…and giveaways for DARK SECRETS!

3 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. “Yeah, well, we better find a restaurant,” just laughed out load over that. Pirateship Down, November 3rd, can’t wait. Very excited to re-read older stories to see how they may have changed and read the new ones. Got to admit most were small shrimp, the biggest from the salad bar. Congrats to all the winners.

  2. Congrats to all winners ( and especially you Roger;))
    It was a pleasure to help Suzanne try to relax a little more if you can you deservbe it after such a long meeting