Scene-Snippet Sunday–Pirateship Down (and Weekly Winners)

Happy Sunday! It’s still blazing hot here, well into the 90s, and I’m seriously ready for autumn to cool things down. Especially since football season has arrived and I’ll have to start working day-job for six hours on several Saturdays throughout the fall. Just ugh.

In the meantime, there’s stuff percolating along as the ARCs are going out to reviewers for the DARK SECRETS anthology. If you have a review site and would like to review for  your site as well as Amazon and Goodreads, email me.

PIRATESHIP DOWN is with an editor–this will be my first foray into indie publishing so it’s all very new to me–and as soon as revisions are done, it will get formatted and get a cover designed. Since I’m planning on two or three collections, if this one does well, all the covers will probably feature Our Favorite Pirate in some way.

Thanks to everyone who participated in DJ’s Happily Ever After poll this week! It surprised me that Jean Lafitte edged out Alex and that “someone new” beat out Rene. I’ll tell you now that the poll’s done that my friend and I were having our spirited debate over Rene as a potential HEA for DJ. I adore Rene. Love love love him so hard. But he and DJ are so fun as friends I don’t want to screw it up by getting them romantically involved. My friend points out that best friends make the best HEAs. I think that’s true in real life, but in fiction you need heat and friction. Rene is an enabler for DJ–his self-preservation instincts are as bad as hers, which is why they get along so well!  That’s not to say Alex is the right one either. We shall see.

In the meantime, here are our weekly winners! If you see your name please email me using the “contact” tab at the top of the page or by emailing me at

FAITH won a digital copy of Edward Ashton’s THREE DAYS IN APRIL. Let me know format and preferred email address. And most of us are not interested in being genetically altered–LOL. If you prefer a $5 Amazon GC, let me know.

TARA won a mystery book from my TBR for participating in the poll. Need a snail-mail address for

WALTER C won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway and picked Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

Now, how about a snippet?  In this scene, DJ and Rene realize they need to have some heavy-duty physical magic done underwater and she’s afraid if they do another power share (as in River Road), she’ll end up too weak to help Jean out of his mess.

            I saw one major issue, and turned to look at my backpack, which I’d set on the kitchen counter. Charlie was a two-foot stick of carved wood in anyone’s hand but mine. Would Rene have enough power to run a transport underwater if he could only draw on my pathetic physical magic? I doubted it.

            Rene’s gaze followed mine and understanding dawned. “That thing ain’t gonna work for me, D.J.”

            “It might.” Charlie had responded to my vocal commands before, but I’d never tried to get him to work for another person.

            Rene walked to the counter, retrieved the elven staff, and aimed it at a chair like Zorro brandishing a sword. “Burn, baby. Show your daddy some flames.”

            Nothing happened.

            “Charlie, follow Rene’s commands.” At my words, a few sparks few off the end, Rene yelped, and the staff rattled to the floor.

            “That damn thing burned me.” He held up his right hand, which had turned bright red. He might have blisters. “That ain’t gonna work, babe, which means there’s only one other solution if we’re gonna do this.”

            I had a sinking feeling—as in, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. “What?”

            “You’re gonna have to dive.”

            Oh. My. God.

Needless to say, there are…er….complications.

Have a great day and, Labor Day or Labor Day, tomorrow will be our usual Monday Readers Choice!

6 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday–Pirateship Down (and Weekly Winners)

  1. Thanks for the snippet, and Charlie, somebody needs to find his instruction manual. Pre-ordered Dark Secrets. Congrats to all the book winners.

  2. ^^ Charlie doesn’t need a manual he needs a translator he is strong minded for an artifact^^

    i would happily review if you want^^