TBR Giveaway: Pick Your Meme!

Although PIRATESHIP DOWN isn’t up for preorder yet, I’ve been doing a few memes to put up on Facebook in October once the book IS available for preorder, so I thought I’d have a “pick the meme” week. Same as yesterday: tell me which one is your favorite today to be entered for a mystery book from my TBR pile. I’ll have a new set of memes each day. (And you can see the listing on Goodreads, although there isn’t much there yet.)

Okay, here we go….if you can’t read the memes, the first one says:

“I gave Jean a brief version of the plan, and got two raised eyebrows at the whole DJ-might-go-diving part.

“But you cannot swim, Jolie. You will sink to the bottom of the sea, and I shall miss you.”

How touching.









And the second one says:

“We have to figure out how to make Jean cooperate. He wants that damned ship. He’s like a dog with a bone. A gator with a…” I had no idea what gators fixated on.

“A gator with a rotten carcass,” Rene said. “Gators got bad taste.”





28 thoughts on “TBR Giveaway: Pick Your Meme!

  1. I like the “DJ-might-go-diving”, remember her almost drowning once before. Almost lost Charlie also.