When Authors Produce Videos…Chaos! Rebellion! Silliness!

It’s DARK SECRETS week here on the blog! There is a video! (Oh, no….)

So, here’s the story as I heard it. There was a DARK SECRETS anthology meeting at the RT Booklovers Conference this year. Since neither Cynthia Eden nor I made it to that conference, we can be held totally unaccountable for this, well, rather brilliant plan.

In discussing how to promote the anthology, someone suggested maybe we could have a Facebook party. But, you know, Facebook parties are so OVERDONE, right? (Never mind I just agreed to be in someone else’s next week.) And not all folks are on Facebook. So someone–and I shall name no names–came up with the idea of a video on why we couldn’t possibly have a Facebook party. Each of us recorded a little video snippet, and the brilliant Rachel Caine put it together and, well, it’s pretty darn funny.

The only thing I can say in my own defense is that I was on a frantic deadline, I had run out of Advil and Diet Coke, and I hadn’t slept much in the previous week. I might have lost my hairbrush. I also recorded one where I was rightside-up, but it just wasn’t as funny 🙂


7 thoughts on “When Authors Produce Videos…Chaos! Rebellion! Silliness!

  1. I’m guessing no facebook party, Right??? I have had Dark Secrets pre-ordered. Now I wait, not too long now. What fun this is going to be. Thanks guys…..