Mixed-Media Wednesday

Between the lingering effects of pneumonia and day-job deadlines, not much art has been done this week, but one kind of gives me the creeps so I’ll share 🙂

First up is part of a workshop with German artist Andrea Gomoll that I’m doing called Furry Friends; this is watercolor with the finishing work in india ink.


And so is this one. I had been listening to the Passenger song “All the Little Lights,” and did this rough ink sketch filled in loosely with watercolor. The lyrics of the chorus are “We’re born with millions of little lights shining in the dark to show us the way. One lights up every time we feel love in our hearts, and one dies when it goes away….But they’ll all burn out one day.”

To Cathy

The same day I finished this, I learned that an old friend had died under less-than-normal circumstances. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but in my mind she’ll always look as she did when we were growing up from first grade through college: long, bright red hair and a huge spirit. A big light went out in the world this week. Coincidence or karma? I don’t know.

And here’s the song:

That’s it for today. Don’t forget that you can click on the “preorder giveaway” tab at the top of the page and enter for the $50 gift card by preordering PIRATESHIP DOWN using the links provided. LATER, GATORS!

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5 thoughts on “Mixed-Media Wednesday

  1. once again i’m sorry for your lost… perhaps in a way you were sensing, feeling it and you put it in your art without knowing because your drawing that fits her description so well
    i’m sure real friendship never disappear so she will be looking out for you


  2. So sorry for your loss. Friends are so hard to let go. Memories are still with us. Thanks for sharing your drawings.

  3. Thanks, guys. I almost drew that girl with fire-engine red hair and changed to pink at the last minute. Otherwise, she would have looked a lot like Cathy last time I saw her. Memories are good even after the light has gone out.

  4. It so hard to lose a friend. Your drawing s a nice tribute to her. Hope you can get some rest.