Penton 5, and When a Bluff is a Curse–TBR Thursday

Time for another TBR book giveaway!

And a few updates. I’m shooting to get Penton #5 done by the end of the year. It will be Nik’s story, technically, but also bring together the whole crew. This will be the last book in the Penton series per se since the publisher has decided not to continue it. If there’s enough reader interest, I will go back and pick up the Omega Force series idea, which the Penton characters can play a role in. I think Mirren Kincaid would be a great anti-terrorist agent, don’t you?

Anyway, revisions are all done on what has been retitled WILD MAN’S CURSE, book one in the series now being called WILDS OF THE BAYOU. Still no release date, but I should know something pretty soon and it’s about time to start working on the cover. Can’t wait to see what my publisher comes up with!

Thanks for sharing all your hobbies with me on Tuesday–since Roger does woodworking, I thought I’d share a gift I recently received from Jean Lafitte…well, okay, my friends Debbie & JL. JL built the trunk (which is HUGE, although you might not be able to tell from the photo), while Debbie lettered the top and picked out the hardware. After much debate, I decided to put a first edition of each of my books inside. There’s still a lot more room so guess I have to write a lot more books!

Lafitte Chest

Finally, here are a few photos of the real PENTON, which I visited on a recent afternoon drive. And since it’s National Nut Day, tell me your favorite nut (or if you’re allergic to nuts, you can tell me that) to be entered for the TBR giveaway. Nuts can include people, by the way, in my opinion. I have worked for quite a few of them in my day.

Here’s the Penton Church of God, which I turned into a Baptist church and I believe I blew it up in Omega 🙂

Penton Church











Love the tin roof on the old Penton Garage. I don’t think it’s in business any longer.

Penton Garage












Entrance to the Penton Raceway, a dirt-track traceway down a dirt road. I think it’s Penton’s claim to fame.

entrance to races











Penton has a restaurant! This has opened since my last foray into Penton.

Penton Grill











And yeah, we got lost trying to find Penton and had to stop at a convenience store (probably the one Mark got stabbed outside in Redemption) and get directions. I think getting lost trying to find Penton qualifies me as a nut. So what’s your favorite nut (actually, mine are pecans).

Getting Lost

18 thoughts on “Penton 5, and When a Bluff is a Curse–TBR Thursday

  1. Pecans & Brazil nuts are my favorites. One of my favorite treats is to go to the Nut Hut and get 1 lb of their salted pecans and 1 lb of Brazil nuts. I can make those 2 lbs last for a long time!

  2. I’m allergic to nuts. Penton looks like the perfect location for a classical movie. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. What a wonderful trunk. Great place to put your first editions in. Go ahead, fill it up. My favorite nut would be beer nuts. Or maybe cashews. Or maybe Spanish peanuts. Also have a walnut tree in the back yard, the squirrels get those.

  4. Brazil nuts! Those are the yummiest. But I also love pecans, hazelnuts, macademia nuts and almonds.

  5. Pecans are my favorite nuts! I have a pecan tree but the squirrels get most of them. 🙁

  6. Yay for all you nut lovers–Dawn Cavanee, praline pecans are to die for, right? I also love macadamias. Sorry Miki :-(. Although I’m with you in wanting to avoid human-type nuts!

    In fact I had what my mom calls a “Smith Episode” at the day job today. I am VERY slow to lose my temper and while laser-focused on work, I’m pretty laid back with other people…until I get pushed far enough to have a “Smith Episode.” The Smith side of my family is not known for its patience. So I turned into a snarling, finger-pointing person who told a coworker “do not EVER speak to me in that tone again.” In other words, I turned into a nut. I’m blaming the fact that I’m trying to work through pneumonia.

    • don’t worry we all have our limits and since you have to work while sick it can only be forgiven, no nut episode for you 😉