Pirates, Game Wardens, and Elderberry Syrup

FullSizeRenderSorry I’ve been absent most of the week. I’m on day-job deadline, in final proofs for PIRATESHIP DOWN, and in edits on WILD MAN’S BLUFF (oh, I do so love this book)–and I have the most miserable case of bronchitis ever. I don’t have time to be sick!

Anyway, thought you might enjoy a glimpse at the one and only existing copy of PIRATESHIP DOWN in print. It’s actually a print proof that I’m marking mistakes in and deciding if they’re worth going into the PDf document and making changes. Mostly formatting tics so far.

Hope you have a chance to preorder the ebook, which is only $2.99; if you’re waiting on print, it should be available for order on or a couple of days before the release date of November 2. Amazon won’t let me put it up for preorder, so I’m having to wait to hit the “publish” button until about five days before release.

Now it’s off for some elderberry syrup and back to bed for me!

6 thoughts on “Pirates, Game Wardens, and Elderberry Syrup

  1. Do go to bed soon and rest as much as you can your body needs it and we need you to listen to it^^

    Wild’s man bluff will be more than fabulous i’m sure and pirateshipdown in print looks so tempting too ( i’m sure there aren’t that many errors/ mistakes)

    so in resume: relax!

  2. Kelley Armstrong on her web site has a tab, “Mea culpa page. Writers make mistakes. Here are some of mine”. Kind of a fun read. I enjoy finding mistakes and talking to the author about them. I found three of Suzanne’s, one has been fixed in a revision, the other two seem to have past through without upsetting anyone. Have Pirateship Down pre-ordered. Soon, soon ….. November not that far away now.

  3. A kindred spirit! I’ve been fighting what I thought was a terrible case of bronchitis for almost 2 weeks and taking Elderberry and Clear Lungs and wrapping my feet up with Vicks everynight… Finally went to the Dr yesterday and found out I have pneumonia. Hopefully, both of us will start feeling better!