PIRATESHIP DOWN Snippet Wednesday!

Pirateship Down

What? A Wednesday snippet? Yes…to celebrate PIRATESHIP DOWN being up for preorder. Yay!

The paperback version will be available on pub date–currently, I haven’t found a way to put print on preorder.

And now….a snippet. In this scene, DJ and Rene have been trying to get Jean away from the LSU research vessel whose crew is exploring the wreck of Jean’s sunken ship Le Diligent, which has been found off the coast of Louisiana. They almost have him under control, convincing the academics that Jean is just a man who’s mentally unstable, when the LSU Professor makes an unfortunate observation:

“There is actually something quite funny about this situation.” Dr. Patterson nodded his encouragement as Rene tugged Jean toward the side rail closest to The Golden Girl. The mer might not be a big man, but Rene’s shifter strength would allow him to toss the pirate to the other boat’s deck with ease should that become necessary.

“Funny how?” I saw absolutely nothing humorous about this turn of events.

“One of my ancestors was Commodore Daniel Patterson—he wiped out a big chunk of Jean Lafitte’s fleet and cleaned out his pirate den back in 1814 in Barataria.” The professor shrugged, ignoring my frown and subtle head-shaking—he needed a big dose of shut-the-hell-up. “Of course, he wasn’t able to keep the ships he captured but he kept all the pirate’s money. It’s a favorite family story.”

Before I could warn Rene that he needed to hold Jean in a death grip, the merman tackled me to the deck. A split-second later, the world exploded with a deafening boom, and the acrid odor of burning gunpowder filled the air. I looked up at the sight of Jean, dark-cobalt eyes ablaze, aiming his bigass pistol straight at the professor. His shot had gone over the bow, taking the hearing from my left ear with it.

“If your tale is true, Monsieur Patterson”—Jean spit out the words as he reloaded his pistol—“then Jean Lafitte shall take your ship in return for the commodore’s crimes, as well as the ship that lies below the water. I shall allot you five minutes for yourself and your crew to embark on the lifeboat, or else you will be forced over the rail. You might swim ashore, but I doubt it is within your ability to do so.”


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  1. Just pre-ordered. Thanks for the unexpected snippet, I always like them. Really looking forward to Pirateship Down.