Scene-Snippet Sunday–and $50 Amazon GC Up for Grabs

Only one more week to snap up a copy of PIRATESHIP DOWN and enter to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card. There will also be a second giveaway that you can enter. If you’re outside the U.S., you can substitute an equivalent order from Book Depository, which doesn’t have gift cards available.

Here’s the deal. Anytime between now at midnight on November 1, you can purchase PIRATESHIP DOWN. Currently, the Kindle version is available here; the print version should be up by Wednesday or Thursday (I’ll let you know).


Then, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here:

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And you’re entered! Once Rafflecopter picks a winner on Nov. 2, only then do you need to show proof of purchase. Note that if you’re buying a print version and get it before Nov. 2, you can still enter. Amazon won’t let me coordinate the print and digital release dates, so the print will likely be available a few days earlier.

THEN, I’ll be doing a blog tour the first two weeks of November and there will be another $50 gift card giveaway. So you can enter both. Who knows…you might win both!

In the meantime, we’ll have a snippet from one of the stories in the book, “Alex, the Pig.” This story was originally written for Sullivan McPig and the blog Pearls Cast Before a McPig. Alex has come to DJ asking for a favor:

“I’ve gotta apprehend this young wizard out in Grammercy and take her to a hearing. Elders are deciding whether or not to strip her powers. She was on track to test for Blue Congress in the next year or two.”

“Good grief, what’d she do?” Blue Congress wizards had cool skills in illusion and creation. “And what does it have to do with me?”

“She cursed a leprechaun for making a pass at her; they’re a protected species, you know. I need you to, uh, pet-sit for a couple of hours while I’m gone.”

I processed this, trying to fill in what he wasn’t telling me. A lot. For one thing, Alex didn’t have a pet.

“If you won’t tell me the truth, find some other sucker to help.” I shrugged and walked into the kitchen. I’m really not that bitchy; I just know what works.

Less than a minute passed before he followed me, but not before I heard the front door open, and then close again. I had been pulling out leftover Chinese and dumping it into a bowl to microwave for dinner, but turned when my cat Sebastian, a cranky chocolate Siamese, turned into a Halloween cliché, arching his back, baring his pointy teeth, and bulging his crossed blue eyes.

Alex stood in the kitchen doorway. He wore a black muscle shirt, black running pants, black boots, and held a black leash. With a pig on the end. The pig was more of a charcoal than pure black.

Intelligent words escaped me. “You have a pig.”

“Well, it’s actually a cursed leprechaun. He’s, uh, not cooperating, so we need to keep an eye on him until he changes back. His name’s Seamus.”

“Sure it is.” I exchanged uneasy glances with the porcine leprechaun. This was no cute little micro teacup pig. He was black with a tuft of red hair that sprung at a ninety-degree angle off the top of his head, positioned between his floppy pig ears. He could feed a family of ten for a week, from bacon breakfasts to pork steak dinners. “What do you mean he isn’t cooperating?”

As if on cue, Seamus lowered his head, fixed me with a piggy glare, and turned. I heard his hooves clatter across my living room floor and then stop.

I ran to stop him before he reached my sofa. “No pigs on the couch!”

Seamus had no aspirations to sofa-jumping, as it turned out. He methodically pulled each upholstered seat cushion into the floor, rooted them around with his snout, and flopped onto his side right in the middle of my custom fleur de lis upholstery, releasing a big, hoglike sigh.

“The pig can’t stay here,” I hissed, turning to face my empty kitchen. My back door stood ajar. Out the front window, I saw Alex’s SUV turn the corner from my house and race down Magazine Street toward downtown.

He was so going to pay for this.

And a special thanks to Miki, who reviewed an advance of PIRATESHIP DOWN on her blog Lecture toute une Aventure!

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    • Or better yet Turbo Dog. I really enjoy finding the differences, found one in the snippet, thanks again Suzanne.

      • You have such a good eye–you’ll be able to catch them all! I edit “by ear”–sometimes a different word just sounds better to me, so some of them will be really subtle. 🙂

  1. Not too much longer to wait. Looking forward to the release. Hope you are kicking the sickness! Best wishes!!

  2. It was a pleasure and so much fun!
    and i do have an additional giveaway as well so let spread the word if we reach 400 pre order i will make a little something for one of those who will have pre ordered this book ^^