TBR Tuesday: Mixed Media Edition

Thanks to “bronchial pneumonia,” I have had some time to do mindless things, which means ugly artwork. Okay, some is ugly; some I like. But since I shut down my art blog for a while until I can figure out something useful to do with it (any ideas?), I thought I could share bits of it here. This is my hobby, my creative outlet. It might sound funny that an author, who has to be creative in telling stories, needs a creative outlet. But writing is, while fun and fulfilling and sheer awesomeness, also a business. Art is play for me. I have no illusions that it will become any more than what it is.

AND I sure need to get rid of more TBR Books! To enter, just tell me what your hobby is. Maybe you’re a dedicated runner, or cook, or crafter. Share for a book from my TBR pile πŸ™‚

Here’s what I’m calling the “pneumonia diaries.” I think good old WordPress is truncating the right edge off some of them. Clicking on them doesn’t seem to help, so I’m running them smaller.

I actually really like this piece–you can tell by the fold in the middle that it went into my art journal. It’s primarily acrylics and watercolor and india ink, from a free tutorial by Tamara Laporte, which you can find here should you want to try it or see her (much, much better) original. Lots of layers. I was just starting to get sick.

Luna in the Sky

Then I started really feeling sucky and went abstract, although I like this piece, which was from a tutorial by French artist Mimi Bondi. It’s all acrylic, also done in my 9×12 journal, but has about a million layers on it. Maybe a million and one. I don’t normally like abstracts, but I think my fever identified with the chaos of it.


Then I got REALLY sick. I hate going to doctors so the fact that I dragged my carcass to the doctor’s office goes a lot toward explaining this bit of hideousness. It’s in my art journal so I’m not going to tear it up. It was from a tutorial by artist Felicia Borges, and from what little I remember of the tutorial through the fog of illness, I don’t think it was supposed to be pretty. Which is a damn good thing. I call it “Creepfest.”







Then I got sicker, and this atrocity to the art world resulted, with apologies to artist Wyanne Thompson, whose art I butchered…partly with intention because I didn’t like the process and was just trying to get through it and move on. Yeah, I think the fever was about 102 at the time too. It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. To add insult to illness, it took about four days to do because it has a bazillion layers on it.

Elephant Paths

Finally, I started feeling better and went outside my journal for this piece, from a tutorial by German artist Andrea Gomoll, whose work I really enjoy although it’s not my normal style. I like this one, and actually–except for the sharp pain in my left lung whenever I inhale–enjoyed working on it. I must be recovering!


So what creative things have you been up to?

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19 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday: Mixed Media Edition

  1. Of course reading is my hobby, but I also love doing counted cross-stitch and I’m a fanatical hockey fan (Pittsburgh Penguins).

    • I’m an SEC football fan, which is sort of like hockey without pucks :-). There are some beautiful cross-stitch patterns out there–I’ve been tempted to give it a try. Maybe AFTER I retire from the day job!

  2. Reading and the collecting of books has to be my #1 hobby. Mostly Urban Fantasy. I do a little creative doodling with the Zentangles. I also have my model trains to mess with. N scale with N-TRAK modules and a small home layout. And of course woodworking. This year I made a King size bed, a Queen size frame, two wardrobes, a pantry shelf unit, and two bookcases.

    • You are too modest to call your Zentangle work creative doodling–it’s amazing! And woodworking! Something I’d have no talent at, but I do admire it. You’ve done some big projects this year! One of my most valued treasures is a walnut bookcase my dad built.

  3. Other than reading I love to write poetry, draw, and do pretty much anything creative.
    P.s. I really love your new piece. Although I may be bias since owls and the moon are two of my favorite things πŸ˜‰

    • Sounds like you’re an all-around creative! You should check out that link to Tamara Laporte’s free tutorial that I put in the blog post. She walks you through how to do that whole moon and owl project and hers is a WHOLE lot better than mine πŸ™‚

  4. At times I try to write, but mostly I stick to running, reading and gaming πŸ™‚

    • I admire your dedication to running! Gaming is something I avoid because I just know I would get sucked into it like a vacuum. Better to never know πŸ™‚

  5. I can’t paint or draw (yours are great btw) .I used to do alot of crafting and do love ❀ to cook basic stuff. But what I’m majorly hooked on now is reading! Paranormal adult urban fantasy ., I read every chance I get

    • Crafting is one of those things I get on kicks with–I’ll get obsessed with it for a while, then put it away. I don’t like to cook; the freezer aisle is my friend–LOL. And reading NEVER grows old πŸ™‚

  6. Holy crap those are actually pretty good! Well, a lot of famous artists tend to dope themselves out to sink themselves in their creative zones. But I like how happy and full of potential the last one is (wide open spaces and stuff). For me, I’m in architecture school so drawing’s the main think for me, but I love to render/shade drawings in my black pen, and maybe sometimes mixing colors with color pencils. But my heart will always lie with my books. πŸ˜‰

    • Architecture school! I have a university day job and we occasionally have interns from the architecture school–they can do amazing drawings, as you say mostly in black ink and shading but also colored pencils. Like you, my heart will always lie with my books as well. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for sharing your art. A feverish mind sees the world differently! Reading is my main hobby, but I also scrapbook and do genealogy.

  8. What an interesting progression of your illness. πŸ˜€ I spend a lot of time on my computer messing around, and I enjoy making birthday cards for all the folks in my department at work all through the year. I try to make them different, so no ones gets the same. I also love to crochet and quilt, although I haven’t been doing much of either one lately.

  9. hum crafting i gues scross stitching mostly but learning knitting and crochet so i hope to get better at it one day ( and sewing)
    those come after reading though