Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners and…Stuff

Happy Sunday! I’m sad that my holiday break is coming to an end, but the bronchitis struck again so it wasn’t as if I got much accomplished.

Things ARE progressing, however. As I await edits on BELLE CHASSE (which was turned in a year ago and I barely remember what happened in it!), I’ve gone through promo copywriting, audiobook pronunciation guide, and copyedits on WILD MAN’S CURSE. I had hoped to get PENTON 5 done in November and early December but day job and illness took care of that, so next up: WILDS OF THE BAYOU #2, which doesn’t yet have a title but is due to my agent by Feb. 1 and to my editor on March 1. That will be here before you know it.

Standalone-CHRISTMAS IN DOGTOWNIn the meantime, ’tis the season for Christmas planning (my new neighbors are in the running for Tackiest Yard of the Decade, I think), so don’t forget to check out my standalone digital short CHRISTMAS IN DOGTOWN if you haven’t read it. It’s still one of my favorite shorts and I’d like to revisit St. James Parish one of these days. (The Amazon link is on the title. The Nook version is here.)

I’m also working on my business plan for 2016, which will include the first two WILDS OF THE BAYOU book, at least one new Sentinels collection with “The Consort” as well as an expanded version of “Jackson Square,” the long-awaited BELLE CHASSE (yay!) and, yes, PENTON #5 or PENTON WARS #1. A new proposal for an urban fantasy/time-travel series I’ve been noodling around with. A busy year ahead, I think, which means this bronchitis crap HAS TO GO.

How about a scene-snippet from WILD MAN’S CURSE?

In this scene, the heroine Ceelie (short for Celestine) is riding with hero Gentry’s partner, Jena Sinclair, in Jena’s Wildlife and Fisheries truck. They’re headed to Southern Terrebonne parish to talk to an old friend of Ceelie’s murdered aunt, having decided it was too dangerous for Ceelie to go alone….

  “You’re a really good singer/songwriter,” Jena said, glancing in the rearview mirror. “I talked to Mac Griffin yesterday—the agent I was telling you about who likes music?”

  “You mean the agent who listens to music while he picks up chicks,” Ceelie corrected.

            “Well, yeah. But he’s going to talk to some…damn, that’s weird.” Jena flicked her gaze to the rearview mirror again.

            Ceelie looked out her side mirror at a silver sedan driving a few car lengths behind them. “What’s weird about it?”

            “That car was behind us before we stopped for gas so it should’ve passed us instead of still being behind us.”

            Ceelie looked at it again. “Maybe they stopped too.”

            “Maybe.” Jena shrugged and sped up. “We’ll outrun them. We’re on official state business, right?”

            Ceelie laughed. “Right.”

She started strumming the chords to her still-unfinished song about Whiskey Bayou, but lost her rhythm when the SUV lurched.

            “Son of a bitch.” Jena reached up and flipped a switch, and in the reflection on the truck hood, Ceelie saw the blue bar of lights atop the vehicle begin flashing. “He butted me from behind.”
            Ceelie twisted to look back and gasped. “He’s coming at you again.” The sedan bumped the truck with a jolt, and Jena jerked the truck into a quick left, blocking the roadway so the car was coming at the driver’s side door of the truck at a ninety-degree angle. It slowed to a stop.

            Everything slowed to a stop.

            “Shouldn’t we try to outrun him?” Ceelie hated the quiver in her voice, but every nerve in her body screamed Run.

            “Hell, no. I’m going to arrest the son of a bitch.” Jena unholstered her pistol and waited. The driver’s-side door of the sedan opened. Looking across Jena, Ceelie couldn’t see the driver’s face, but she recognized the silhouette of a weapon before he got out. “Jena, he’s got a gun!”
            “Shit. Get in the back, behind the seat. Now. And stay down.”

Jena called out the window as she drew her pistol. “State agent! Stop where you are and put down the gun.”

            A blast shattered the driver’s side mirror and left it hanging off the truck.


And now for some weekly winners. I’ll be announcing my monthly newsletter winner next week, so if you haven’t entered the newsletter-only giveaway, the clock is ticking! You know the drill; if you see your name here, contact me via the contact tab at the top of this page, or email

JANIE M won a five-book TBR bonanza box for bringing 7-Up Salad to DJ’s potluck dinner. And, really, can you have Thanksgiving without some version of this? The one I make is called Buttermilk Salad; my BFF brings Watergate Salad. They’re all similar 🙂

SANDY won a TBR book for sharing her Thanksgiving plans on TBR Tuesday–hope you had a great one!

GAMISTRESS66 won this week’s Readers Choice giveaway, and selected Feel the Burn (Dragon Kin #8) by G.A. Aiken.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Readers Choice giveaway!


4 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners and…Stuff

  1. Really like the scene snippet Sunday. Looking forward to reading Wild Man’s Curse. Congrats to all the winners. Thanks Suzanne.

  2. thank you a lot for teh snippet and what a year you have ahead of you! ( more pleasure for us) just remember to think of you as well that will help fight teh bronchitis^^